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OsoLean shake Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

OsoLean shake is a protein powder that claims it has unique protein added to help you lose weight. They even boast clinical studies that show it’s effective for helping people lose pure body fat.

The product creates this effect by supposedly preventing hunger, and by providing nutrients the body needs to properly function. They boast that by supplementing with this drink, you’ll gain benefits to help your body with the most effective sources of nutrients. It is recommended to add both exercise and a 500 calorie reduction in order to become lean. So are the clinical studies provided actually truthful? How useful is this brand? To determine the truth about OsoLean shake, continue reading this full review.

OsoLean Ingredients

There’s just one shake provided with the following ingredients:

Partially Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate Whey Mineral Complex Salic Acid Soy Lecithin

Here’s a description of a few of the ingredients:

Salic Acid: Simple sugar found naturally in the body and in animals.  In additional supplement form this ingredient has been reviewed by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition who mentions it’s:

still not fully understood.”

The company behind OsoLean also fails to provide any evidence or even explanation as to the benefit of this ingredient.

Soy Lecithin: Fatty substance extracted from soy that’s used to add texture, and to prevent ingredients from sticking together.

Macronutrients and Calories

Calories 45 Cholesterol <5mg, <1% Total Carbohydrate <1g, <1% Protein 10g, 20%
Calcium 22% Sodium 5%


Extremely low in calories and there’s no fat provided by this protein powder. This makes it a poor offering for a meal replacement since fats are essential in order for the body to function properly.  Not only are fats needed for energy, but according to the Mckinley Health Center, it’s used for:

Normal growth and development


No form of sweeteners is added besides Salic Acid, which is a simple sugar that that is considered more of a carbohydrate, since it adds no grams of sugar.

It’s unknown what kind of taste this brand has; no reviews were available which judged the taste. Usually protein powders add some sort of sweetener in order to make the shake more palatable, and easier to swallow.


No form of fiber is provided; this means any appetite suppressing properties are left to the protein. Fiber is also important for improving overall digestion, and to help support proper bowel movements.

The Quality of OsoLean’s protein

2 different proteins are added at 10 grams total:

Partially Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate: A more expensive form of whey protein that is pre-digested, the benefit of this is that it’s mean to be digested by the body better.  According to a clinical study, this process:

doesn’t increase its ability to stimulate protein synthesis.”

Another review on this ingredient showed it to contain:

“denatured proteins that have become less effective during the manufacturing process”

So it ends up being a more expensive and unnecessary alternative to simple whey protein.  Some companies sell this brand for an increased price up to 300% more expensive than plain whey protein. This might explain the $65 price tag for OsoLean.

Whey Mineral Complex: Extracted minerals taken from whey. The only minerals taken added to OsoLean are 5% of daily sodium per serving, and 22% calcium per serving.

The company cites 2 studies which are used to showcase how much more effective their protein is at helping people lose body fat.

There are 2 major flaws with both of the studies. One study was for the peptides, which are the specific proteins added to this mix. This study was for another company who uses similar peptides to OsoLean. With an added 500 calorie deficit, equaling about 1,700 calories a day.  There are 2 issues with this study:

  • The study was funded and run by the company who makes the ingredient- Due to this there’s a potential for bias.
  • The people reduced calories to 1,700 calories a day: This guarantees weight loss since it’s recommended to get just 2,000 calories for the average sedentary person according to the USDA. Also, the same study showed that the peptides were compared to a drink with had:


lower calcium and lower protein content.”

Lower amounts of protein can’t be compared to the protein found in OsoLean, since it’s known already that higher protein helps one lose weight. Before going into the study it was obvious that the results were going to favor the company.

Another study published is also greatly flawed.  It was funded by the company who makes OsoLean, and it also was admitted that the:

study’s uncontrolled, open-label methodology”

“ability to draw definitive conclusions is limited”

The test subjects also failed to report how many calories they reduced. So this makes it impossible to know if their lifestyle changes in diet and exercise were the reason for weight loss. The same study admits that another study is necessary in order to truly figure out if there’s any benefit to this shake.

Both studies have admitted how flawed they are, and they are also doing not prove that OsoLean is a useful shake.

The Price and Quality of OsoLean

The company has distributors you have to find and purchase this shake powder from. However, it is available on for a full tub worth 30 servings at $65.00, these amounts to a price for 2 a day at:

$65.00/15= $4.33 per 3 shakes a day.

Typically this high price is for a full meal replacement. This brand does have a decent amount of protein, but it fails to add many nutrients, and the clinical studies provided are also flawed. For these reasons and more, this product is highly overpriced in comparison to other meal replacements.

No full mixture of added Nutrients

OsoLean does not qualify as a legitimate meal replacement since it fails to provide enough nutrients. According to Web MD, a proper meal replacement needs to provide at least 1/3rd of the daily required vitamins and minerals.

This brand only offers some sodium and calcium, there’s no added full range of nutrients. Without these ingredients, you have to pay extra in order to gain the daily required dose of vitamins and minerals. The brand is already incredibly expensive at $65 for one 30 serving tub, which is recommended to be taken twice day, dropping this shake to simply 15 servings.

Support for this Brand

Dr. Stephen Nugent is one person who is used to sell this brand. On the company videos and in advertising there are several interviews with this doctor, in which he claims how effective OsoLean is. The doctor earned his degree for naturopathy from a school which is:

Clayton School of Natural Healing, a diploma mill”

This means the school is not accredited and they do not give legitimate degrees.  Also, Dr. Stephen Nugent has a PHD in psychology, not in anything related to diet and nutrition. There are also many complaints against the company themselves.

According to Dr. William J. Tarvis, the company has:

no double-blind, placebo-controlled studies”

Another doctor who used to promote the companies brands would claim there was an effect for treating AIDS and other diseases. The company has since stopped using this doctor due to these controversial claims.


The company is known as Mannatech Inc, a multilevel marketing group that has been criticized for its alleged ties as a pyramid scheme. Their contact information for their US office is below:

Phone Number: (972) 471-7222

Address: 600 S. Royal Lane, Suite 200

Coppell, Texas 75019

They have been the subject of many serious controversies:

  • The Texas Attorney General ran an investigation on the company and cited them for being in violation of state law due to false marketing claims. The company paid a $4 million dollar fine.
  • A civil lawsuit was filed against the manufacturers for violating the Securities Exchange Act.
  • The group paid $11.25 million in order to settle a class action lawsuit for false marketing claims.
  • They used doctors who made bold claims about the benefits of using their products, benefits which included the treatment of diseases such as AIDS. The company was forced to pull the support from this doctor due to the unproven claims made. They also currently use a doctor who earned his degree from an illegitimate school.

Customer Opinions

Very few reviews are available online; there are multiple websites which claim this company is operating a scam. There aren’t many reviews on the OsoLean that are real. Many of the reviews are faked by retailers who want to push their affiliate link in order to gain a commission off sales.

Because of these reasons I couldn’t find a legitimate review for this protein powder due to numerous fake reviews.

It’s unknown what kind of taste this brand has, whether or not it mixes well, or what kind of changes it might have on the body. Also, no known weight loss benefits have been proven.


Some important things to notice about this brand:

  • It’s lacking in many important nutrients: There’s only sodium and calcium in terms of micronutrients. No form of added vitamin A, B, C, D E, K, or any other minerals is added. Though the product has protein, carbohydrates, calories, and cholesterol, without any important nutrients you miss out on what a proper meal replacement can offer. This brand also comes at a high price that only meal replacements often come in. Considering that the clinical studies offered are flawed, this brand is expensive for what you’re getting in return.
  • The clinical studies provided are flawed and unproven: 2 different clinical studies are provided that are biased. One’s funded by the company themselves, and the other is funded by a company who has an interest in seeing the peptide protein have a positive review. Also, within these clinical studies are 2 things which prove it isn’t as useful as it makes itself out to be. One study mentioned that it required more studies since it cannot be proven with what was offered. The other was flawed since people were fed low amounts of protein, which is already known as being a less useful source for weight loss.
  • There’s a high amount of expensive protein which has not benefit to regular whey: The hydrolyzed protein has been proven through clinical studies as not being anymore better than regular protein, it’s also considerably more expensive with it being usually 30% to 300% more expensive than regular protein, even though there’s no benefit. The other form of whey extract simply provides calcium and sodium. The company provides clinical studies which are supposed to be proof that it’s a superior whey source. However, as mentioned before these studies were flawed.
  • The claims made about this brand are made by proven illegitimate sources: One of the major proponents of this brand is a Dr. Steve Nugent, who received his degree from a non-accredited school who gives diplomas for alternative medicine. This school is not considered legitimate and does not provide real Doctor Certifications. His PHD was granted by a school not recognized in the US as being a legitimate source for medical degrees.
  • No real reviews are available: Due to there being many salesmen who sell this brand, there have been numerous affiliate links provided by people who claim to have benefited from this brand. Other websites are also available from people who claim the company is running a fraud, and that many of their clinical studies are biased. Without any real reviews from customers, it’s unknown if there’s any benefit to using this protein powder.

Judging from the ingredients, the numerous lawsuits against the company for making false marketing claims, and the flawed clinical studies, there doesn’t seem to be any benefit to using this protein powder over other brands. Its quality of protein isn’t any better than regular whey, and it’s still highly pricy. Also, it’s lacking in several key vitamins and minerals.

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