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Isagenix Review


Tired to see many diets shakes advertisements? Have difficulty finding the best meal replacement shake for you? Perhaps, we have something for you. Let us introduce you the Isagenix program, which aims at quick weight loss. Interested? Let’s discuss reviews about Isagenix in details.

What is Isagenix?

2 apples for weight loss

Isagenix is such a meal replacement shake that can provide you with results regarding losing extra pounds fast. If you want to order this supplement, you are able to do it in seven countries. One of the targets of weight loss program by Isagenix is to cleanse your body. As a result, that will lead to not only weight loss, but also good mood and feeling.
The Isagenix brand offers a number of the weight loss elements such as the shakes, herbal supplements, and also bars. You can order this product from a consultant or become a consultant yourself if you wish to have the additional discount. So there are two pluses for you: the weight loss and also earning money.
Summary: Isagenix shakes reviews state that you are able to buy this diet shake worldwide. It not only leads to the weight loss but also cleanses the body. What is more, after a certain period of using it your well-being will be improved. If you are interested, you may buy this product from a consultant or become a consultant yourself.

How does Isagenix work?

Dieting with Isagenix supposes having cleansing days and also shake days. During the shakes days, the users are to replace a couple of meals with a meal replacement shake. The third meal on this day should consist from 400 to 600 calories. Besides, during shakes days people can have snack bars by Isagenix too. The diet also supposes having a single day of the week as cleanse day. During such a day, the dieters can drink the Cleanse for Life drink four times and eat snacks such as IsaDelight Chocolates. The whole dieting cycle supposes 30 days. At the end of this period, you can either continue to have the similar cycle or begin one more.
After 6 weeks of the Isagenix program, the dieters lose up to 6% of their fat weight. Meaning, the average dieter can get rid of 14 lbs in a month and a half.
Summary: There are several periods of the dieting with Isagenix, according to Isagenix weight loss reviews. First of all, you might have shake days and cleanse days. During shake days you are to consume one or two portions of the shake while during cleansing days you are supposed to drink a Cleanse of Life drink and eat snacks. As a result, you will lose a significant amount of pounds and cleanse your organism.


IngredientsThe Isagenix products include rather dangerous ingredients. Among the synthetic vitamins, which are in it, there is folic acid. This is such an acid, which is able to lead to cancer.
One of the ingredients of the Isagenix is canola oil. It is regarded as rather a dangerous component because it might lead to inflammation. Especially, it can cause such symptoms if used on a regular basis.
Soybean oil, which is another ingredient, may lead to 50% lower sperm count among men who use it regularly. Also, it may cause even cancer.
It is worth mentioning that fructose can be dangerous for your body too. It can lead to problems with the liver, to be more precise.
The sunflower oil, which is another ingredient of Isagenix, is very inflammatory oil.
Maltodextrin is an ingredient taken from corn. Isagenix manufacturers do not specify whether corn is GMO or natural.
Summary: Reviews of Isagenix state that not all the ingredients of this product are healthy. Moreover, some of them might even lead to serious health issues such as inflammation, toxication, and even cancer. Therefore, you are to really be cautious and careful when using the Isagenix products. Consequently, a consultation with a doctor is a must.

Nutrition facts

If you utilize Isagenix products regularly, you will have your metabolism balanced, good bacteria levels in the gut corrected, and a healthier digestive system promoted.
If you are a sweet tooth, you can also enjoy the process of dieting because one of the Isagenix snacks includes Chocolate.
What is more, the results of following this diet will be obvious even after 7 days of usage. So can you imagine what kind of results will be there after 30 days of Isagenix consumption?
Furthermore, people that kept Isagenix diet claim that they have not only slimmed down but also experience fewer mood swings and feel more nourished.
To add more, a regular consumption of the Isagenix products leads to shrinking of the stomach size and reduction of the food cravings. So after you stop following the diet, you will feel you need less food to feel full.
Summary: Reviews on Isagenix claim that the products have a great positive effect on the overall health of the consumer. For instance, it balances the metabolism, promotes a healthier digestive system, boosts energy, reduces food cravings, which leads to shrinking of the stomach size. As a result, after you finish using the Isagenix products, you will find yourself eager to eat less than you have done before.

What is the quality of the ingredients?

The good ingredientsOne of the downsides of the Isagenix diet is that it is made with the highly processed foods.
For instance, while it is perfect to eat whole foods, the Isagenix manufacturers chose another way when inventing the Isagenix program. Therefore, Isagenix products are made with the herbs and synthetic vitamins and also minerals to fulfill the lack of the natural ingredients in your organism.
It is questionable whether Isagenix ingredients are GMO-free or contain modified elements. For example, some countries like Australia and New Zealand claim Isagenix does not include GMO ingredients while in the USA Isagenix products it is not quite clear.
Summary: Isagenix product reviews insist on the fact that the ingredients are healthy. However, if you search the net, you will find out that some of the ingredients might be genetically modified, which of course is a serious downside of the product.

What is the price of Isagenix?

There are several cleansing programs of Isagenix. So the cost depends on which kind of program you choose. For instance, a 9-day cleansing program, aiming at boosting of energy and cleansing the body, costs $260. However, a thirty-day program will be $490. Besides, you may also try various products on sale for only $29 per pack. Moreover, you may order a “Presidents Pak” for $783, which is a combination of the most proven products. Besides, you can also have an “auto-ship” arrangement, helping to get a discount. So there are several ways to slim down and save money with Isagenix.
Summary: Isagenix customer review states that the price of this product is affordable. What is more, there are times of sales when you are able to get a huge discount for the Isagenix products. Besides, if you become a consultant yourself, you will have a discount constantly. Hence, you may not only thin down, but also save money.

What are the customers’ opinions?

If you surf the net to find the feedback about Isagenix, you might be confused. This is due to the fact there are many opinions regarding the effectiveness of this product. Some people claim they like it while others hate it. Let’s review some of these comments:

  • “After I began to use this shake I got rid of nine extra kilos, inflammation, and arthritic pain. What is more, now I feel several times healthier. I tried a variety of shakes of other companies and can say that it tastes not horrible. This is because there are a number of flavors of Isagenix so you will have difficulty getting sick of it.”
  • “I am very disappointed with this product. I thought I would have lost more with a help of Isagenix. I think this program is not for everyone. When I called the contact center telling of my dissatisfaction, they agreed that the program was not for everyone. So now I found myself out of $400 and unhappy. What a horrible coincidence!”
  • “I have been utilizing the Isagenix program for thirty days. The shake tastes horrible, even though I tried various flavors. It really does not eliminate food cravings as it is stated in the advertisement because I felt hungry all the time. Also, I experienced nausea and headaches. What a terrible product!.”

Summary: According to reviews on Isagenix shakes, the opinions regarding the quality, effectiveness, and taste of the product divided. Some people really enjoyed the program, whereas the others totally hated all the time they used it. Therefore, it might be concluded that definitely, the program is not for everyone. Meaning, you would rather visit a doctor before you buy a shake.


A variety of Isagenix reviews for the weight loss claim sometimes completely opposite things. Some of them praise the product while the others criticize it. However, in general, people tend to reveal that they are more satisfied with it rather than not. Anyway, proper consultation with a physician is a must before spending your money on this dieting program.


Welcome to the world of reviews about Isagenix! The products under this brand are well-known for their efficiency, taste, and quality. However, there are aspects you might not have known about Isagenix. Want to know which?

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