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Forskolin Fuel Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

Forskolin Fuel is a weight loss pill made with one active ingredient that’s claimed to increase fat metabolism. It’s even made with what they believe to be the most potent dosage for their key active ingredient.

There’s no added colors or preservatives, and it’s made to work alongside a diet and exercise plan. Finding information about this company is difficult, as several websites claim to offer this product, yet they’re unrelated and operated by different groups. What can Forskolin Fuel actually do? Is the one active ingredient strong enough to help one lose weight? The truth about this supplement is featured in this review.

Forskolin Fuel Ingredients

Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract, 20% Forskohlin Maltodextrin Gelatin Magnesium Stearate


Coleus Forskohlii: Herb used in traditional Asian medicine as a cure all. The key active ingredient is Forskolin, which some claim is useful for fat loss and increased testosterone. When processed by the body it increases heart rate and widens blood vessels.

There isn’t enough information available on whether or not it reduces weight. adds:

“further research is needed”

This is due to a lack of human studies, since most have been done in laboratory settings with cells.  The same website mentions that this ingredient:

“may act different in the body”

Though the makers of Forskolin Fuel claim to have the most optimum level of Coleus Forskohlii, there is mention by that:

“further research is needed to determine the optimal (dose)”

Since the manufacturers of this brand fail to provide research as to why their dosage strength is best, they haven’t proven themselves to have the correct ingredient amount.

A study by Baylor University showed that this Coleus Forskohlii

“does not appear to promote weight loss”

They used 250 mg of this sole key active ingredient twice a day at 500 mg, while Forskolin Fuel only provides 125 mg, 375 mg less than the study, which still saw no weight loss. This study was performed over a 12-week period with daily supplementation and a tracking of weight.

The most up to date research shows that this ingredient has failed to produce any weight loss benefits, it’s also not known what kind of potential side effects it may have.

Maltodextrin: Artificial sugar extracted from starch. It has a high glycemic index at 85 to 105, which can raise blood sugar drastically. Possible side effects may include:

  • Allergic reactions.
  • Stomach bloating.
  • Difficulty breathing.

Live also adds that clinical studies show it:

“damaged the intestine and increased the risk for inflammatory disease”

This is due to its raising of unhealthy gut Bacteria, which an also lead to immune system issues.

Forskolin Fuel Quality Of Ingredients

The formula has just one active ingredient, which a clinical study showed that higher amounts of Coleus Forskohlin than what’s in Forskolin Fuel still failed to produce weight loss.

The other 3 inactive ingredients are stabilizers and thickeners.

Overall, until more information is revealed about the potential for Coleus Forskohlii, it’s unknown if it is safe or effective. Studies have also shown it has no weight loss properties.

Maltodextrin may also pose a threat as an allergen and destroyer of healthy gut bacteria.

The Price and Quality of Forskolin Fuel

One major issue with pricing is that there’s no mention of it until after you submit your personal information including address, phone number, email, and full name.

Websites that sell this product fail to list pricing until after you give them your contact information.

After inputting that information, one website sells this brand for $6.95 shipping and a months supply at $48. This averages to a daily price of:

$54.95/30= $1.83 per daily serving.

Considering the lack of research from the company and through unbiased studies published elsewhere, it doesn’t seem that the key active ingredient has shown successful weight loss.

The Money Back Return

One common thing cited on all websites that sell this brand is the claim that it’s backed by a 90-day return policy.

This only applies for unopened products however. Also, one still has to pay a $10 restocking fee and the shipping to and from.

So overall, one has to pay $23.90 for the right to return an unopened product. This means you only get a return of $16.10 of the $40 paid per bottle.

It’s common for companies to offer returns for at least one opened bottle, and this is usually without a restocking fee.

This makes it impossible to make a purchase without first having to throw away a lot of money in case it doesn’t work. The lack of a quality return also raises questions as to the usefulness of the product. Usually if a brand has been shown to be successful, they’ll allow for a full money back return since it’s not likely one would request sending bottles back.

One customer also criticized this policy adding:

“you won’t get a dime back…Very deceitful advertising”

This was from a customer reviewing how the return policy is only for unopened bottles.

Business of Forskolin Fuel

Finding information about the company is difficult, since there’s many different business who operate their own website which claim to own his brand.

Adding to the confusion is the product being run in the UK, yet it’s claimed to be made in the USA.

The address they provide on the label links to 3 other supplements, and these other companies fail to provide a company name.

The most popular website is owned by Pacific 298 ltd, and they are based out of New Zealand, which goes against what’s cited on the nutritional label.

Though each site claims to offer a free 90 day return, it’s unknown if it’s actually useful or it it’s a scam.

Usually several websites appear for a brand only after its been discontinued. This happens in the case of once popular brands that are no longer produced. This might be the case for this supplement since each website uses the exact same kinds of font and images, yet they all are on different websites.

Customer Opinions of Forskolin Fuel

Several reviews are available on, and the majority is negative. Here are summaries of some of the most telling reviews:

“I am very disappointed”

“Product had zero weight loss effect”

“Got no weight loss”

“upset my stomach”

Indigestion and no weight loss even with diet and exercise are the most common reviews left online. Many also claimed that they tried to schedule a return, but that it’s only allowed for unopened bottles and you have to complete one full bottle first. There’s also a $10 restocking fee for all bottles.


Many interesting points were revealed after researching Forskolin Fuel:

  • It’s unknown who makes Forskolin Fuel: Information about the company is scattered and confusing. This is due to the numerous websites who claim to offer the same product and with similar images; yet only one provides a company name. The bottles label does have a UK address for distribution, but this does not mean the distributors make it. The bottle also claims to be made in the US, yet the only website which shows a name is a New Zealand based group. It’s unknown exactly who makes it or why they’ve allowed for several copycat websites selling this brand. This makes it impossible to judge whether or not the product comes from a legitimate source, or if it’s backed by a company who is truly GMP certified. Usually when multiple companies claim to sell legitimate version of a brand, this is due to the original makers deciding not to make sell anymore product. It’s impossible to determine exactly who makes this or what kind of standards they set forth through the making of their ingredients.
  • Several websites claim to offer this product, making purchases unsafe: Trying to determine who sells the right brand is impossible, though only one website has an official company name. When researching the name there’s mo information other than the fact that it’s owned by a New Zealand group. The lack of information makes it impossible to make a safe purchase, since one has to hand over sensitive credit card information to an unknown website. There’s simply no way to know if you’re purchasing from a legitimate seller. Frauds can be hard to correct on the Internet, since as soon as an illegitimate source has your information they can charge monthly until a dispute is filed. This is seen in many illegitimate supplement companies who often enroll people into monthly programs that automatically charge ones credit card.
  • Many customers have failed to see any positive changes: The overwhelming majority of reviews are negative, and they’re often from those who either faces side effects, or a lack of weight loss. This was also an issue to those who added diet and exercise. The kinds of side effects some listed include bloating, nausea, gas, and stomach pains. Currently 65 negative reviews are available online and they’re all the same. It’s unknown why some people had difficult side effects. It could be due to a lack of safety handling by the manufacturers, or it could be due to the ingredients. The lack of studies on long-term safety of the active ingredient, coupled with the potential for issues with maltodextrin could be the reason for symptoms.
  • The return policy is under question: There were a handful of people who also mentioned how they tired to get a return, as websites selling this product offer a 90-day policy. Those that tried learned that this only applies if you finish one whole bottle, and return unopened bottles. So the policy only applies for those who bought more than one bottle, and you still have to pay an expensive $10 restocking fee, on top of the $6.95 they charge to send bottles. Usually return policies apply to opened bottles to allow customers who failed to see results a promise of a return. Without this guarantee, one has to pay a lot of money and still one isn’t guaranteed weight loss. This brand requires an investment of money and no guarantee of it actually being effective. It’s important to note that many customers warned against using this product, with some claiming it’s a scam and worthless even with months of daily supplementation.
  • The key active ingredient isn’t proven to be a weight loss solution: Research into Coleus Forskohlii has been limited, with a prominent 2005 study showing that high amounts of it do not lead to weight loss. This was seen in amounts 375 mg, which is more than what Forskolin Fuel provides. There’s also no guarantee of it being safe or effective in the short or long term. Since customers of this brand have mentioned side effects, its unknown if this is brought on by the maltodextrin, or it could be due to the active ingredient. Also, the lack of information makes this a potentially unsafe purchase. Certain ingredients can have different effects from person to person. With no quality study showing a guarantee of weight loss, its unknown if this product will actually be able to have any benefit. All websites that sell this brand claim that it’s useful for weight loss, and that it has the optimum amount of the active ingredient. Since none of them cite their sources and they all fail to provide any sort of proof, it’s unknown if their claims are true.

The only active ingredient added hasn’t been proven to reduce weight, and in fact all the information about it shows that it’s under researched.

Some studies have shown it has no weight loss effects even in higher doses than what Forskolin Fuel offers. Also, the majority of customer reviews are negative due to the side effects and lack of weight loss benefits.

Other major issues have to do with the lack of information about the company. This makes it impossible to know if you’re actually getting a legitimate product.

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