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10 Vitamins and Minerals to Help You Sleep Better

Do you have difficulty falling asleep? Want to find a way out? There is a solution for you. What is more, it does not suppose using pills. You only need to take vitamins and minerals. Ready to get to know?
10 vitamins

1. Vitamin D

This vitamin modifies both the quantity and quality of the sleep. It helps with disrupted sleep and improves overall sleep. Fairly, this vitamin is called “the vitamin of sunshine”. It is produced when the skin is under the sun. Also, you may get vitamin D from egg yolks, oily fish, and fortified foods.

2. Vitamin C

The study has proven that people who had a low quantity of vitamin C in their food, were more likely to have sleep issues. If you want to get these nutrients directly from the food you eat, you would rather purchase citrus fruits, bell peppers, kiwi, mangoes, and Brussel sprouts. Besides, you may get a necessary portion of vitamin C from the gummy.

3. Potassium

Potassium is a great nutrient to help you fall asleep. Many people think that the only source of potassium is in bananas. However, it is not a complete truth. You may also find this nutrient in leafy greens, beans, avocados, and baked potatoes. Besides, you may consume potassium in a pill form, but you would rather have a healthy diet than taking pills.

4. Melatonin

People who work at night are more likely to undergo sleep troubles. This is because they do not get the normal amount of melatonin, which is produced when the skin is exposed to daily light. If you have difficulty spending some time of the day under the sun, you may get melatonin in tablets. Hence, your body will absorb this hormone directly.

5. Iron

If your organism consumes not enough amount of iron, it might lead to restless leg syndrome. This is a syndrome when your legs continue to move when you want to fall asleep. Therefore, in order to improve your health, you may get iron from tablets.

6. Magnesium

Magnesium is well-known as a nutrient, which relaxes the nervous system. The doctors recommend consuming at least 600 mg of Magnesium with water. Just sip a lass of it throughout a day, and you will fall asleep shortly. However, if you have a slow heart rate or kidney failure, you would rather get this nutrient directly from food such as spirulina, pumpkin sesame seeds, and also Brazil nuts.

7. L-theanine

You may find this compound in green tea. It is well-known for the effect of calming the brain. Besides, it gets to your brain fast, affecting serotonin and also neurotransmitters. L-theanine is found in capsules and tablets.

8. Calcium

Calcium is famous for its impact on bones, but this is not its only function. For instance, it assists your brain to utilize tryptophan amino acid in order to produce melatonin, helping fall asleep. Therefore, if you drink the glass of the warm milk or other dairy products, you would fall asleep quicker.

9. Vitamin B12

This is such a vitamin, which boosts your energy. The doctors say that if you have vitamin B12 deficiency, it might lead to sleep issues, numbness, neurological complaints, and mood swings. Therefore, it is recommended to consume 250 to 500 mcg of it every day to improve your health.

10. Vitamin E

This is such a vitamin that also helps to treat restless leg syndrome. It makes it much easier to fall asleep. The studies have proven that it not only helps improve the sleep quality but also relieve night sweats for the menopausal women.

Note that before you purchase a supplement, tablets or pills, you would rather discuss it with your doctor. Wish you were healthy. Have a nice sleep and sweet dreams!

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