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Glucocil Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

Glucocil is a weight loss pill made with natural ingredients to regulate blood sugar and reduce the intake of carbohydrates and sugars.  The additional intended benefits are that it will promote healthy cardiovascular health and maintain healthy cholesterol as well as triglyceride levels.

It’s meant to work directly in the intestines, liver, and across cells. These soft gels are made to reduce blood sugar levels in the liver and intestines, while increasing sensitivity to insulin. The weight loss is said to come through a reduction of the calories found in carbohydrates, as well as a slower digestion of carbohydrates. Are all these claimed benefits actually real? What kind of an effect customers reported? This full breakdown has all the important information about Glucocil.

Glucocil Ingredients

Thiamine Hydrochloride, vitamin B1 266% Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, vitamin b6 200% Cyanocobalamin, vitamin b12 251% Cholecalciferol, Vitamin d3 50% Chromium Picolinate, 166%
Proprietary Mulberry Leaf Extract Cinnamon Bark Powder Gymnema Sylvestre Extract Insulina Leaf Extract Alpha Lipoic Acid
Phellodendron Bark Extract Cissus Quadrangularis Banaba Leaf Extract 18% Corosolic Acid Fish Oil 1200 mg Omega 3 Fatty Acids 350 mg
Gelatin Glycerin Purified Water Lecithin Yellow Beeswax
Silicon Dioxide Titanium Dioxide Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin Corn Oil


Proprietary Mulberry Blend Extract: A specific kind of mulberry with more of the active ingredients for reducing blood sugar.  A study was performed by 5 different organizations including the Department of Medicine at Nippon Medical School, it was shown to produce:

No significant changes in hematological or biochemical parameters”

Not many studies have been done but this larger analysis showed that its health benefits are greatly exaggerated. Changes were modest and not as pronounced as many claim it to be.

Insulina Leaf Extract: Plant used to regulate blood sugar. A study featured in the US National Library of Medicine declared it lead to:

no changes in any of the measured parameters”

This included regulation of blood sugar, carbohydrate absorption, and other anti-diabetic effects.  Since it was since as not being beneficial in these key areas, much of the reported benefits have yet to be replicated in clinical settings.

Phellendron Bark Extract: Used to reduce inflammation, blood sugar levels, and the risk for obesity. It hasn’t been studied much in the US, and it’s unknown if it’s safe in the long term. Possible side effects can include:

  • Fatigue.
  • Headaches.
  • Shaky hands.
  • Heartburn.
  • Thyroid issues.

Cissus Quadrangularis: Plant commonly used in Thailand for support to the joints and bones.  It’s understudied and according to

requires a great deal more evidence”

Side effects can include:

  • Dry mouth.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Insomnia.
  • Gas.

Its long term safety is unknown.

Banaba Leaf Extract: More commonly known as Crepe myrtle, this is used as a medicine for treating blood sugar and reducing weight. Web MD mentions:

long-term safety is unknown”

No safe or effective amount has been found in clinical studies. So it’s unknown what kind of an effect it may have in supplement form.

Glucocil Quality of Ingredients

Many of these ingredients including Banaba Leaf, Cissus Quadrangularis, Phellendon Bark Extract, and the Mulberry Blend extract haven’t been proven to be safe long term.

9 ingredients are inactive, and others are limited in their evidence. The studies provided by the company aren’t as reputable as the sources listed in this review.

The Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine reviewed Glucocil and they confirmed there was:

no (sic) sufficient evidence”

They reviewed its blood sugar claims and mentioned that it has not been proven.  The brand also hasn’t been tested as a whole, so it’s unknown what kind of a total impact it may have. This can be troublesome considering that some of these ingredients may cause side effects on their own. When combined together it’s unknown what kind of an impact it may have.

The Price and Quality of Glucocil

The company offers an interactive map to find the nearest location for Glucocil. Online 120 capsule bottles retail for $59.99.

Eventually dosing requires up to 4 capsules a day, so the price for daily intake is:

$59.99/30= $1.99 for a daily serving.

Not enough proof exists that all the ingredients in this formula are both safe and effective. Most current clinical studies show that the bulk of ingredients haven’t been proven to work efficiently in short or in long term studies.

Change of Claims

Originally batches of Glucocil were claimed to promote many benefit which the company never provided proof to back up their claims. The FDA sent them a warning letter forcing them to stop making these unverified promises.

Now the bottle comes with words like “specifically designed” and “formulated”. This means that it’ made to promote these benefits, but this does not mean it’s proven.

It can be confusing to read since the company does declare that this brand has clinically studied ingredients.

However, judging by the lack of clinical studies performed on Glucocil as a whole, it’s unknown what kind of a total effect it may have.  They also mention it was:

formulated to help with weight management,”

This does not mean it has been proven to work as a weight loss aid. The company has had to make big changes to their claims by not directly saying that any benefits are possible. There’s no proof provided to suggest Glucocil is at all effective. Only individual studies are provided, but the up to date consensus featured on health cites is that many of these ingredients haven’t been proven by legitimate studies.

Auto Renewal Plan

The company claims to offer a 15 day free sample.  This isn’t necessarily true as there is a $4.99 shipping and handling fee, and you have to submit your credit card information in order to get this short trial.

A form is offered where you only list your contact information including address, phone number, email, and full name. After you submit your information the company offers a page where you input your personal credit card information.

The company lists a small box in tiny font which claims you must

“cancel the auto ship program within 18 days after you place your order”

If you fail to cancel you’re automatically renewed for a bottle costing $59.99 for every month. This is guaranteed and you are meant to pay even if you only wanted the free trial.

Though the company has mentioned you can call anytime to cancel, many customers reported that this is either impossible or incredibly hard according to reviews on the Better Business Bureau site. Customers had this to say:

they would never answer”

“I was on hold for hours”

“I feel this is a scam”

“can’t reach them on the number given”

People who did reach the customer service division mention that it was unhelpful. Many times the same person would answer and they would start arguments with customers. People mention that the representative had said they would:

decide whether to call me”

There wasn’t a pleasurable experience with the company that was mentioned. Since it’s unknown if the company will ever pick up their phones, it’s unknown if people enrolled in their auto renewal plan will be able to escape it.

Certain people were automatically “blacklisted”, which means they can no longer make a purchase from the company. These customers mentioned that they preferred this since the customer service representatives were very rude and difficult to talk to.

Business of Glucocil

Neuliven Health Inc. can be found below:

Phone Number: (888) 406-7101

Address: 10171 Pacific Mesa Blvd Suite # 302

San Diego, California 92121

The company had customers complaining about an auto renewal program that automatically charges each month. They’ve also been subject to other controversies:

  • The company claimed this brand was effective for reducing blood sugar and they also made various other health claims. The FDA sent the, a warning letter to either provide proof or to cease making unproven claims. 27 different supposed benefits on Glucocil were reported, though none of them were proven. The FDA concluded by saying it was not generally recognized as being safe or effective. They were forced to stop making these types of claims without evidence.

Customer Opinions of Glucocil

Reviews are available from sites like

“just gave me gas and upset stomach”

“GI symptoms were intolerable!”

“caused Pancreatitis Episode”

“Waste of money and health”

There are a handful of opinions from customers who mentioned they had to be hospitalized. Many report that they experienced no change in blood sugar or weight loss, and this comes from people who went in to check their vitals checked at hospitals.

The majority of people who left complaints added that they would never recommend this supplement.


Many things should be considered about Glucocil:

  • The FDA has cited the company for making several untruthful claims: The Glucocil website made many claims about it being useful for treating many serious issues that diabetics have. The FDA declared it was misbranded, it wasn’t recognized as being generally safe or effective, and that immediate changes needed to be made. It’s unknown why the company would make so many specific claims without being able to provide proof. They’ve since changes the way they promote Glucocil. This can be seen with the company now adding that there’s “no guarantee of specific results”. Though the company did have very specific statistics to hand customers. Reports of there being a certain level of reduced blood sugar, and that people experienced a percentage loss of weight. It’s likely the company was lying since they failed to ever cite the studies which showcased these results.
  • Customers have reported experiencing dangerous side effects: People have listed pancreatic disorders and hospitalization as side effects. There are also many people who claim this brand did nothing at all to their blood sugar levels or weight. Side effects are commonly reported via a sensation of nausea, illness, and overall lack of comfort. On the Better Business Bureau website there are also reports that the company charged automatically each month, and that they offer no return.
  • Groups have reviewed the brand and showed it was ineffective: There’s review from respected health organizations including LECOM and previous batches were declared not proven to work by the FDA. LECOM added that there’s no evidence t suggest this brand will have any effect on blood sugar. Since regulating blood sugar also plays a role in weight loss, this means that neither benefit has been shown.
  • Customers mention how poor the customer service is: People who tried contacting the company after they failed to see any befits mention how difficult it is scheduling a return. There’s mention that the customer representatives will often hang up, or that they will start arguments. 3 customers mentioned they talked to a representative that “blacklisted” them from the company. The company also enrolls people into an enrollment plan if one accepts the free sample offered. Customers mention they were unaware of this and were suddenly charged for months.
  • Many clinical studies show some of the ingredients are either ineffective or potentially unsafe: There’s not enough evidence to show whether or not many of the ingredients will be useful or safe. According to research by Web MD,, and other clinical studies in Pub Med, at least 4 of the ingredients haven’t been proven. Some of these ingredients may cause unwanted side effects. This has been noted in the over 100 different negative reviews available online. People have reported serious symptoms including feelings of sickness. There’s no evidence that taking this formula will be effective or safe. The company does not list evidence to suggest the full formula in Glucocil will be useful.

Many customers have been hospitalized and others add that they experienced side effects. It’s also been poorly reviewed due to the sneaky auto renewal plan and the lack of customer satisfaction.

The ingredients don’t fare well either as many of them aren’t proven to be useful in the long term. Some of the additives can cause serious side effects, many of which customers of Glucocil did experience.

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