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Forskolin Fit Pro Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

Forskolin Fit Pro is a weight loss pill made to help get rid of any stored fat, while making sure it doesn’t come back. It contains just one ingredient in Forskolin, and the company mentions this brand has the most potent version of it.

It’s advised to take it for at least 2 to 3 months for optimal results.  They also say that this brand is safe to use, and that it’s been shown to increase metabolism better than just diet and exercise alone. The 4 ways it’s intended to do this is by activating fat burning messengers, breaking down fat, retaining lean muscle mass, and preventing fat from building up. Are all these claims actually true? What kinds of results are possible, if any? Featured in this Forskolin Fit Pro review is all the information needed to make an informed decision.

Forskolin Fit Pro Ingredients

No official supplements facts list is offered, but the company does mention there is just one active ingredient:

Forskolin (Coleus Forskohlii) 250 mg

 Forskolin (Coleus Forskohlii): Extract of the Coleus Forskohlii plant, it’s been used in India and parts of Asia as a medicine for treating heart disorders and respiratory issues.

It does have an effect of stimulating heartbeat and widening blood vessels, which shows a benefit for lowering overall blood pressure.

Web MD has mentioned that there’s insufficient evidence to show a positive effect towards obesity. has added that it’s:

“still being researched for its effects on testosterone and fat loss”

Therefore, not enough information is available to show whether or not it’s safe.  This brand also provides 250 mg, which equals 500 mg at twice a day. However, research into what’s a safe ineffective dose is unknown. also adds:

“Further research is needed to determine the optimal… dose”

A study by Baylor Universities Exercise & Sport Nutrition Laboratory was done on the same amount added to this formula. The analysis showed that:

“CF (Coleus Forskohlii) does not appear to promote weight loss”

It did show an effect for raising testosterone, but this effect is potentially dangerous, as unregulated hormones can lead to problems. Also, women who raise their testosterone can suffer from unwanted side effects such as balding, infertility, and ovarian syndrome.

Forskolin Fit Pro Quality Of Ingredients

Without seeing the supplements facts label it’s unknown if there’s potentially dangerous inactive ingredients. This can include binders, fillers, artificial ingredient, food coloring’s thickeners and much more.

Since there’s just one active ingredient in Forskolin, and the company fails to provide any clinical studies, one has to rely on scientific studies outside the manufacturers.

The available evidence has shown both no effect on reducing weight, and a potential increase in testosterone, which can be potentially damaging to both men and women. Without further information, it’s unknown if using this ingredient can lead to long-term negative effects.

The Price and Quality of Forskolin Fit Pro

Before being able to see the total price, the official website forces customers to list their sensitive contact information. This includes full name, email, address, and phone number.

After typing in that information there’s mention of a 50% discount applied to shipping, which drops it from $10 to $5. The company requires one to add their credit card information at this point.

This is all for what the company claims to be a free trial bottle. However, if one does not cancel their trial after 15 days, an automatic monthly enrollment plan is offered at $79.99 with added shipping.

This means one-month supply costs:

$79.99/30= $2.66 for a daily serving.

All purchases have to be made using their month-to-month payment plan. One cannot purchase this product without an automatic monthly credit card charge.

This practice has been criticized since it’s a way for companies to lock people into sometimes difficult to escape contracts. It’s also technically a legal way to make sure people don’t escape being charged. Some businesses will often have down phone lines, and unreceptive customer service agents, which are hard to deal with.

The high price of $79.99 for a month’s supply of one ingredient in Forskolin is incredibly high, especially since it has not been proven to be an effective weight loss ingredient.

Without any evidence provided by the makers of Forkolin Fit Pro, there’s no good reason to believe it’s actually useful for weight loss.

Auto Renewal Program

It isn’t until you offer your contact information that the company mentions it runs an auto renewal program.

This means that one is locked into a monthly contract that charges $79.99 for a bottle each month.

Their FAQ section offers a description but they never mention what it takes to use this program, they mention:

“easiest way for you to receive a regular monthly supply”

“guarantees that you receive a new 60-capsule bottle”

They make it seem as if one has an option to buy bottles outside the contract. However, they only offer an auto renewal plan instead of individual purchases. They claim that if you try their free trial program that you have to cancel within 15 days.

The problem with this is they also add that you should use it for:

“at least 2-3 months or optimal results”

So one has to decide within just 15 days whether or not they want to use this product any further, even though it can take upwards of 3 months to achieve optimal results. They never explain what these results will look like either. This large time frame will ensure people pay up to $239.97 in order to see what the benefits might be, which isn’t guaranteed.

The potentially dangerous part of this auto renewal plan is that the company does not mention this is the only way you can purchase this product. This forces you to have to sign up for a contract with this unknown company in order to simply try their supplement.

Business of Forskolin Fit Pro

The company goes by the same name except shortened, ForskolinFitPro, they can be reached via phone only:

Phone Number: (888) 221-2554

After typing in their toll free number in an Internet search, it shows that the company also sells other supplements and even a facial cream.

None of these websites actually provide a company name. However, one company called Lifestyle Direct claims to offer customer support via email and phone, and this phone matches the same toll free number provided by the company.

It’s unknown why the company fails to provide a real name, and it’s unknown if the claimed ForskolinFitPro is actually the real manufacturers business name. This type of confusion is often intentional from manufacturers who want to avoid a buildup of negative customer reviews.

No further information is available about where the company operates.

Customer Opinions of Forskolin Fit Pro

There are a few testimonials offered, but no outside customer reviews on the quality are featured anywhere.

One website claims to offer a review to this brand, however, this site links right back to an order page that the company runs.

One website did have 3 reviews on the company itself however:

“I need to find out how to cancel this ‘order”

“It doesn’t work and they steal your money”

“These people are a scam. Buyer Beware!”

“was not able to get my money back”

It’s questionable whether or not the company is legitimate, due to there only being negative reviews about the auto renewal program, it’s unknown if this product is truly being sold legitimately.


A review of Forskolin Fit Pro showed it to have the following:

  • The company enrolls people into a costly monthly shipping program: There’s a tricky website that makes it so potential customers have to list their sensitive contact information before learning how much this supplement costs in total. Once you input your information, you’re then told that all you have to pay is $5 shipping for a free 15-day trial. If in this trial you forgot to call the company to cancel, you are then automatically enrolled into one bottle a month at the price of $79.99. This price is automatic and you’re not allowed to just buy individual bottles. Though the company claims that you can cancel at anytime, and that if you call to stop shipment within 15 days of the first bottle you get a return. However, this hasn’t been the experience for the only outside customer reviews of this product. It’s too much of a coincidence to think these 4 people all had a similar experience where they couldn’t cancel.
  • The supposed free trial is confusing: Though their trial has to be cancelled within 15 days, this does not allow enough time to know if it’s truly working. The official website mentions that one should wait a maximum of 3 months in order to see maximum results. 15 days is not enough to judge whether or not this product is effective for one’s needs. This short period is also questionable since often companies will require a return to reach them within this time frame. Also, if you do decide to make a return the shipping and handling costs have to be paid without reimbursement.
  • Information about the company is scattered and suspicious: The official website claims that they are run by ForskolinFitPro. They also only offer a toll free number; no email, address, or information about how they operate is offered. Without much information it’s impossible to determine if the company is being run through legitimate means. When researching where this number leads to, it’s shown to be used for many other website selling supplements and beauty products. Each website has the exact same layout and type of advertising, where, they claim to offer free products but only after you give up your sensitive contact information. One website did show a name that just lead to a website which has an email and the same toll free number. This practice is often upheld by businesses that wish to scam customers without having a buildup of negative reviews that could make them look bad.
  • The sole key active ingredient has not been proven to help people lose weight: Though the product claims to have science to back up their claims, clinical studies show that their sole active ingredient does not lead to weight loss. In fact, it may promote testosterone production, which can be harmful to both men and women. The official website does not list any actual studies, though they do offer a scientific explanation into how it’s intended to work. Without any sort of proof its unknown if it’s truly effective. All the research is preliminary with no proper dosage strength determined yet. This makes it impossible to know if it’s safe in long-term use. There’ also no information on whether or not it can cause issues due to its effects on increasing testosterone.
  • The company fails to cite any clinical studies: No form of evidence is offered. They do claim that people who’ve used this brand saw an increased metabolism and more weight loss than with diet and exercise alone. Without being able to look at actual figures and whether or not several people saw results, its unknown if the company is being truthful. They also suggest supplementing for a period of 2 to 3 months; once again they fail to mention what kinds of results are possible within this time frame. They even claim it’s safe to use, though this is never backed up by evidence. There’s no reason to believe this formula is anymore effective than the other clinically studied Forskolin extracts which showed no weight loss benefits.

There’s no positive customer reviews available that aren’t supplied by the owners themselves. Another issue is the lack of information about the company, since only a phone number is offered.

They also enroll people into an automatic contract of $79.99 for a months supply, and customers mention it’s impossible to escape this plan.


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