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Healthe Trim Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

Healthe Trim is a weight loss pill intended to promote healthy metabolism via all natural ingredients. Other intended benefits include increased energy, as well as coaches offered with every bottle purchased.

The company claims to have sold over a million bottles, and they offer written customer reviews on their official website. Not much information exists about the formula, though they do give some background of the ingredients added. Most of the descriptions of the ingredients have more to do about their history and geographic locations, instead of their weight loss benefits. Is this brand likely to produce results? What can Healthe Trim do, and does it produce safe weight loss benefits? The answer to these questions and much more is revealed in this full review.

Healthe Trim Ingredients

Nowhere on the official website or anywhere else is there any proof of a supplements facts list, so it’s unknown how much of each ingredient is added, or if there’s additional ingredients beyond what’s described by the company. One customer asked for a full listing of the ingredients, the company instead mentioned how it’s safe to use without listing the additives. Here’s what the manufacturers did choose to list:

Hoodia Gordonii Green Tea Leaf Extract Hydroxycitric Acid Resveratrol Caralluma Fimbriata
Coix Seed


Hoodia Gordonii: A shrub that’s used to suppress appetite and relieve hunger. Research has shown this ingredient to be ineffective for weight loss. adds that there’s been:

“failures of hoodia to suppress appetite it may also be mildly toxic”

They also mention that it’s likely to be useless as a supplement for any purpose.  Its potential toxic effects have also been shown in the limited studies performed.

Coix Seed: Grass grown in tropical areas, it’s claimed to help reduce body fat and cholesterol. Web MD has reviewed this ingredient and according to them:

“Isn’t enough information to know…. if taking… in pills as a supplement is safe”

“most research… is in animals and test tubes”

It’s also known as Job’s tears.

Resveratrol: Molecule that’s an antioxidant often found in wine, studies have shown it does not increase lifespan, although it’s often suggested it does.

Green Tea Leaf Extract: Taken from one of the most antioxidant rich teas, this ingredient is said to improve immune function, increase fat loss, and increase energy.

It’s also been shown to potentially increase pro-oxidant effects, which leads to DNA damage. Other possible side effects include:

  • Headaches.
  • Rapid heart rate.
  • Jitters, muscle cramps, and twitches.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Liver failure.

Without knowing the full amount it’s unknown what kind of an effect it may have.  It’s especially important to know the full quantity since it often has caffeine.

Caralluma Fimbriata: Cactus native to India, which is used as an appetite suppressant. A lack of long term studies make it impossible to know if it’s safe with repeat use. Studies also show it can potentially lead to side effects including:

  • Upset stomach and gas.
  • Constipation and stomach pain.
  • Indigestion.

Healthe Trim Quality Of Ingredients

Since the company fails to provide a detailed supplements facts list, it’s unknown what the amounts of each ingredients is.

This is important since taking more than what a standardized dose is for many of these ingredients can increase the rate of side effects.

Some of these ingredients including caralluma fimbriata, coix seed, and hoodia gordonii, all of which haven’t been well studied enough in long-term studies.

Green tea leaf extract can also cause DNA damage in large doses. Without much more information about these ingredients, it’s unknown what kind of an effect they may have.

No clinical studies are offered by the company either to show if it’s safe to take or effective for weight loss.

The Price and Quality of Healthe Trim

Purchases made from the manufacturer cost $49.95 for a 60-day supply to start with. However, this is based off a short trial, which then extends to $84.95 for 60 days worth of product after the 2nd auto shipment. This averages to a daily cost of:

$84.95/60= $1.41 for a daily serving.

 The manufactures make this auto shipment program sneaky, as they only give an explanation after you select the original $49.95 for 60 days option. They then explain that this is a trial offer only for first time purchases.

Without knowing the full ingredients it’s impossible to know whether or not this is a fair price. Judging from the ingredients listed, this purchase price is still far too expensive.

Auto-Renewal Plan

When purchasing direct from the manufacturers, a offer is brought up which mentions that the first shipment is $49.95, and that after the first 30 days a automatic monthly plan will start at an increased cost of $84.95 with shipping and handling of $9.95.

It’s mentioned that:

“do nothing and we will send you a 60-day supply”

Although they make it sound convenient, this practice has largely been criticized since it automatically charges one’s credit card.  Often scams operate this way since it’s technically a legal way to lure people into a contract.

Every site that provides reviews has several customer complaints about this practice.  Here are some direct quotes from customers:

“company should be shut down due to unfair practices”

“so disappointed in their deceiving marketing tactics”

“refuses to cancel auto delivery”

There are far too many complaints about people being unable to cancel this auto-renewal plan. Many have tried leaving calls, and those that did reach customer service mention how unhelpful they were. Often they wouldn’t allow people to speak to people higher up to help settle these issues.

One major problem with this renewal plan is that one is automatically locked in if one does not immediately ask for it o be cancelled. However, enrolment is automatic with any purchases made, so one has to go out of their way to try and cancel.

Since many customers have mentioned how they couldn’t get a hold of a customer service representative, it’s unknown if cancelling is even an option.

Business of Healthe Trim

The company that owns this brand HealthyLife Sciences, LLC can be found through the following:

Phone Number: (877) 650-4003

Address: 1450 S. Johnson Ferry Rd. NE Suite 100

Atlanta, Georgia 30319

Email: [email protected]

The company has had serious issues and settlements with the FTC:

  • The FTC revealed that the company made false claims about the benefits of Healthe Trim including all of their weight loss promises. They added how the company “deceived customers”, and that there was no proof this brand could burn fat, increase metabolism or suppress appetite. Since the company was fined for this, the CEO was banned from being involved with the company.

This is likely why the company mostly just explains where their ingredients came from, instead of providing more information about their purpose.

They’ve also received 62 complains and currently have a C rating on the Better Business Bureau website.  The majority of these complaints are against the auto-shipping program, which many customers claim is impossible to stop. Several add how they’ve been charged automatically each month for unwanted products.

People also mention that reaching the customer service department is difficult as they often don’t return messages and once on the phone, some customers have been hung up on.

Customer Opinions of Healthe Trim

Reviews on Healthe Trim are available on their official website, but the majority of outside reviews are much less positive:

“Lots of energy, no weight loss”


“waste of money”

“I never lost any weight”

The majority of people mentioned how not only did they fail to lose weight, but many also found it impossible to cancel the auto renewal program.

Another major concern was that this product did cause nausea after eating meals.


Though the information on Healthe Trim is limited, there are a few important considerations:

  • There’s no official ingredient listing available: Though the company offers a brief description of some of the additives, it’s unknown what the actual amount of each is, and there’s no way to verify if there are any other ingredients. On the FAQ section one repeat question is what the full ingredient listing is, instead of answering the question the company tries to assure customers that it’s safe to use. This insufficient information makes it impossible for one to judge whether or not this formula is safe. One of the ingredients is green tea leaf extract, which often contains caffeine unless it’s specially treated. Without knowing the full ingredients it’s impossible to determine if one may suffer from side effects. This also prevents one from doing a full analysis to judge whether or not the ingredients can promote weight loss.
  • The majority of reviews are negative: Most customers mention how they’ve failed to see any weight loss. Other common issues are due to the symptoms some felt that include nausea and jitters. People who had a negative interaction or lack of weight loss benefits feel strongly and often mention this product is a scam, or that it’s worthless and should be avoided. This comes from many customer who made sure to diet and exercise. You can read several negative reviews on their listing.
  • Many customers have companied about the automatic renewal plan: When researching Healthe Trim there’s many disgruntled customers who’ve complained that this product not only failed to produce results, but that the company forces an auto renewal plan which is impossible to escape. Customers allege that the program automatically charges people each month, and that trying to contact them is impossible. The common issue is of people spending the full $84.95 without being told that the original $49.95 would turn into a renewal plan. Another often reported issue is that reaching the customer service representatives is difficult, and that they sometimes hang up on people. To those that have tried cancelling one common issue is that even leaving voicemails and emails will often result in no communication.
  • An investigation by the FTC found the company guilty of lying about weight loss claims: A 2009 look into the company saw that they lied about having clinical studies. They often claimed to have clinical studies, which the FTC said was not truthful. This caused a banning of the CEO from being involved in any supplements. However, now that this has ended and the company was found guilty of all charges, it’s unknown if they’ve made any steps to change. Their official website is limited in information, and they still fail to add any information about their ingredients beyond simple descriptions. No clinical studies are offered and it’s unknown what kind of an effect this brand may have in the long term.
  • Several of the listed ingredients are flawed: Though only a few ingredients are mentioned, many of them have either been under researched, or they’ve yet to be proven to be effective for weight loss. Green tea leaf extract is one ingredient, which may cause side effects. Without knowing the full amount it’s unknown what kind of an effect it may have. Both caralluma fimbriata and hoodia gordonii have been under researched. Coix seed is also lacking much human studies, and it’s unknown if it’s safe with long-term use. The only proven weight loss ingredient is hydroxycitric acid, but since it only contains 10 mg per serving, this isn’t enough to promote any weight loss benefits.

Customers have largely criticized Healthe Trim, and many also had issue with the auto renewal program which some claim is impossible to escape from.

Other issues come from the lack of a supplements facts list. Without this key information, it’s impossible to verify the strength of ingredients, or if there are other additives beyond what the company has decided to offer.

Since the company was cited by the FTC for making fake weight loss claims, they’ve had to change how they market themselves, and now they offer very little information to what they offer. 

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