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Zantrex-3 Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

Zantrex-3 is a thermogenic weight loss pill that claims to be 546% more effective than Americans leading ephedra based pill. The company adds that caffeine plays a big role in making sure effects are felt.

The brand also suggests it can provide a high amount of energy. Diet and exercise are required, and they do mention that results may vary.  There isn’t much information provided by the manufactures as far as what can be gained. They do add that people taking this brand lost around 11.2 pounds without having to include diet and exercise. So is there actually any proof to all this? What kind of an effect does this stimulant heavy brand have? To determine what the truth is, you can read this comprehensive review of Zantrene-3.

Zantrex-3 Ingredients

Yerba Mate Leaf Extract Guarana Seed Extract Trimethylxanthine Damiana Leaf Extract
Green Tea Leaf Extract Kola Seed Extract Schizonepeta Flower Extract Black Pepper Extract
Rhodiola Crenulata Root Extract Asian Ginseng Root Extract Maca Root Extract Cacao Seed Extract
Black Tea Leaf Extract Gelatin Magnesium Stearate Stearic Acid
Rice Flour Microcrystalline Cellulose Silicon Dioxide Titanium Dioxide
Niacin FD&C Blue #1


Trimethylxanthine: The chemical name for caffeine. Zantrex-3 has 300 mg worth per serving. It’s recommended by medical sites to get just 400 mg a day for the average person to avoid potential extreme side effects. Caffeine in any amount can cause side effects in certain people that include:

  • Nausea and difficulty eating.
  • Headaches and throbbing head pains.
  • Mood swings, depression, and irritability.
  • Increase blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Digestive issues such as diarrhea.
  • Frequent urination and bowel movements.
  • Jitters and clammy skin.

Damiana Leaf: Leaves used as an aphrodisiac and physical aid. There’s not enough evidence to suggest if it’s actually useful.  It can cause serious side effects such as convulsions and symptoms similar to rabies.

No long term studies have gone into showing what kind of an effect is possible.

Yerba Mate Leaf: Plant brewed into a tea. It contains caffeine and other compounds.  It has the same kind of side effects that come from caffeine since it has a high amount, more so than other teas.

Schizonepeta Flower Extract: Herb used in Asian medicine as an anti-inflammatory.  It’s only been studied in vitro instead of in humans. It’s unknown if there’s any effect on humans.

Rhodiola Crenulata Root Extract: A plant used to improve learning and to protect cells from damage. It’s not been well studied and Web MD mentions there:

isn’t enough scientific evidence”

It has also not been tested in long term studies, so it’s unknown what kind of an effect it may have.

American Ginseng: Herb that is considered an endangered species in America. It’s claimed to help regulate blood sugar. Its only been tested for short periods, it may have long term negative health effects. Possible side effects can include:

  • Difficulty sleeping and restlessness.
  • Nervousness, anxiety, paranoia, and feelings of illness.
  • Increased blood pressure and rapid heart rate.
  • Vaginal bleeding.
  • Severe rash that can lead to hospitalization.
  • Liver damage.
  • Diarrhea and other digestive issues.

Maca: Plant grown in Peru that has many claimed effects such as being an aphrodisiac, providing energy, improving immune function, and much more. Due to it being a cash crop in Peru, many studies come from that region. Not enough studies have been performed to show if there’s any effect.

Some argue there’s a bias in these studies since they’re often published in Peru where it’s a large source of money.

FD&C Blue #1: Synthetic dye that has no nutritional value. It’s known to cause allergic reactions similar to asthma in certain people. The FDA sent a warning which mentioned that people who ate this dye suffered from side effects.  According to them, there have been:

several reports of toxicity, including death”

They also reported symptoms of discoloration in the stool and urine, ill patients and metabolic disorders.  People were hospitalized causing the FDA to take notice and send warning letters.

Zantrex-3 Quality of Ingredients

6 of the ingredients are caffeine sources, some of which are teas that can be purchased for cheaper such as Yerba Mate, Green tea, and Black tea.

The other additives have either been poorly tested, or they are known to cause potential side effects.

Overall, the nutritional value is lacking. 7 other ingredients are only added to provide texture, color, or to make the pill easier to swallow.  They offer no weight loss benefits. This brand has a lot of caffeine added to it which is known to produce unwanted side effects.

It relies heavily on caffeine which is where the thermogenic response and increase in energy are meant to come from. However, there are cheaper forms to get caffeine. Caffeine is also not long lasting; the body adapts and reduces any of the possible weight loss benefits.

The Price and Quality of Zantrex-3

An 84 capsule bottle is sold by the manufacturer for $29.99, and it’s advised to limit oneself to 6 capsules a day. Therefore the daily price provided in one bottle is:

$29.99/14= $2.14 for a daily serving.

It’s expensive for what’s essentially a mixture of different caffeine heavy ingredients with added unproven additives such as Maca, American Ginseng, and Schinozepeta.  These ingredients either fail to have any long term studies, they’ve not been tested in humans, or they have conflicting reports.

Proof for Zantrex-3

The company mentions that it outperforms the number 1 selling Ephedra based pill. Ephedra is banned in the US, although extracts are available which aren’t as powerful.

They mention that in 6 weeks people who took Zantrex-3 lost 11.2 pounds more than the placebo group. They also mention that this occurred:

“without having to follow and prescribed diet plan”

However, the link to this study is never published. It’s unknown exactly what went into this clinical review. Sometimes studies will be biased and it’s important to be able to look over this reported proof.

Without seeing the exact details of these studies its unknown if what they are saying is true.  It’s also not known if the company funded this study, this can also lead to a bias in positive claims.

Also, the high amount of caffeine included in Zantrex-3 is known to cause a possible change in metabolism. However, caffeine only lasts for a short period, and then it loses any of its positive effects except sleep deprivation. So it’s unknown what would happen with long term use of this brand.

Overall, since they fail to provide their clinical study, it cannot be trusted that it was unbiased or under ideal circumstances.

Clinical Study on Zantrex-3

A study published on the US National Library of Medicine was performed on a once healthy 38 year old woman.

She never had a history of seizures or past illnesses. Suddenly while taking this supplement she started experienced blurred vision, seizures, and other symptoms in just a month long intake of Zantrex-3.

After she stopped taking this pill she no longer had any seizures. She also had regular results on her MRI and EEG.

The study concluded that there was a:

“Potential toxicity of caffeine”

This all came through use of Zantrene-3. Similarly, customer opinions of this brand have been largely negative with some having to be hospitalized.

Business of Zantrex-3

The owners are Zoller Laboratories, LLC. They have customer service representatives available below:

Phone Number: (800) 898-5153

Address: 5742 West Harold Gatty Drive

Salt Lake City, Utah 84116

The company fails to provide much information about itself. There is an ongoing lawsuit from a person claiming to have suffered injuries from their supplements. The details of the case aren’t known however.

Customer Opinions of Zantrex-3

Most of the reviews available online are negative. Here’s what the average customer has to say:

“felt like my heart was going to explode”

“I had trouble with nausea and stomach discomfort”

“Didn’t lose any weight but it helped me poop a lot”

“this garbage has done nothing but put me in the hospital”

Overwhelmingly people have complained about serious side effects. A few people report being hospitalized as well as experiencing crippling anxiety and rapid heart rate.

Many mention they took just one pill and they still had difficult symptoms. People who were never sensitive to caffeine also reported that they couldn’t handle the rapid heart rate and feelings of anxiety.


Some key details that were discovered about Zantrex-3 include:

  • It relies on a heavy mixture of caffeine: The recommended 6 pills a day amounts to 900 mg of caffeine. This is 500 mg more than the recommended limit of 400 mg. Taking this much amount of caffeine can lead to dangerous side effects. Most of the customers who experienced negative symptoms mention that they started off with just one serving which offers 300 mg. So people who take more are susceptible to dangerous side effects. Taking this much caffeine can lead to hospitalization, rapid heart rate, anxiety, and cardiovascular problems. It’s also not known what a daily intake of this much caffeine might lead to in the long term.
  • Most of the reviews are extremely negative: Many customers mention that they faced serious side effects. People report feeling like they couldn’t breathe and that their hearts were beating so fast that they couldn’t relax. A few people were even hospitalized. The combination of ingredients has also not been studied in long term clinical reports. So it’s unknown what kind of long term impact it may have. Customers are largely unsupportive, and they often mention they wish they could take back ever purchasing this supplement.  The most common opinions come from people who mention these pills are too much to handle.
  • It compares itself to an illegal pill: The company mentions Zantrex-3 promotes 546% more weight loss than the leading Ephedra based pill. The problem with this statement is that Ephedra is banned in the US and in most countries. This is because Ephedra has been linked to cardiovascular damage and organ failure. Ephedra extracts are much weaker and don’t offer the same kind of positive results. It’s not known why the company would compare themselves to a weak substance that’s not as effective as its now banned counterpart. Also, the claims of it being 546% more efface for weight loss are not backed by a clinical study. They claim that people lost weight, but they never cite the study, nor do they mention who funded it or what kind of measurements was taken.
  • The company has been cited in a clinical study for leading to seizures: A once healthy woman took Zantrex-3 as advertised, and she ended up having seizures. She never had a history of seizures, nor did she have any other health complications. After she stopped taking it she recovered and went back to normal. The study concluded that it’s possible that this was the reason for her sudden seizures.
  • Some recommended not exercising with this much caffeine: The company advises to have a sensible diet and to include an exercise regimen.  When taking this much caffeine it’s likely that side effects are possible from this much of a stimulant. The increased heart rate provided by this heavy dose of caffeine can cause cardiovascular damage. There were customer reports from athletes who supplemented. According to these opinions, exercising while on Zantrex-3 is not only dangerous, but many couldn’t perform as well as they normally due. This increased heart rate can lead to unwanted side effects. It’s also not been advised since it’s unknown what kind of reaction it can have per person.

The vast majority of customers mention that they couldn’t deal with the tremendous side effects. Many warn customers to avoid this brand since it hospitalized some and caused other extreme issues.

The brand is also heavily featuring caffeine laden ingredients, many of which can be bought for much cheaper on their own. The brand also advises a limit of 6 pills which offers 900 mg of caffeine; this is more than double the advised daily limit.

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