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Yoli Shake’s YES is a meal replacement that’s made to help people lose weight by burning fat. It has 2 patented ingredients which the company claims is key to the shakes success.

It comes in both chocolate and vanilla, and it has only grass fed whey protein.  The real question worth answering is will it help you lose weight? Read on to discover the truth about Yoli Shake. View the top 5 weight loss shakes to begin your fat loss journey via the link here.

Yoli Shakes Ingredients

Below is the ingredient list for the vanilla, the only difference to the chocolate is the added cocoa powder:

Purawhey Native Whey Protein Inulin Natural Flavors Xylitol
Guar Gum Stevia Extract Luo Han Guo Pomegranate
Carrot Olive Leaf Grape Seed Extract Cissus
Irvingia Acai Alfalfa Maqui
Spinach Moringa Broccoli Bacillus Coagulans

Sweeteners added

Luo Han Guo is a sweetener that is 300 times sweeter than regular sugar. According to Drugs.com, there have been no studies performed that shows what a proper dose is. This raises the potential for side effects; since you won’t know what high amounts might do to the body.

Another sweetener added is Xylitol, this additive has been shown to cause potential laxative effects.

Inulin meanwhile is a starch that is not digested; it instead goes directly to gut bacteria. This prevents the ability for the body to make fats, which can be potentially bad. It’s also been shown to cause stomach problems such as flatulence, diahrrea, and bloating.

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Micronutrients and Calories

Below is the nutritional profile of the vanilla:

Calories 80 Calories From Fat 10 Total Fat 1g, 2% Saturated Fat .5g, 3%
Cholesterol 15mg, 5% Carbohydrates 9g, 3% Dietary Fiber 4g, 16% Sugars 2g
Protein 12g Vitamin A <1% Vitamin C 2mg, 4% Calcium 64mg, 6%
Iron Omg, 2% Magnesium 0mg, 1% Sodium 55mg, 2% Potassium 80mg, 2%


Their patented LeanImmune Blend is a mixture of several of the ingredients, it contains: Pomegranate, carrot, olive leaf, cissus, irvinga, grape seed extract, acai, alfalfa, maqui, spinach, moringa, and broccoli.

Judging from the low nutrient percentages, these ingredients have lost their potency. Take for example a nutritional facts list for a small spear of broccoli at 31 grams. It provides 46% vitamin C; this brand only offers 6% vitamin C per full dose.

The powdered mixture of ingredients sounds like a good addition, but since it’s been dehydrated and treated; you end up losing the nutritional value. This also means you end up paying more for ingredients which aren’t as beneficial as whole foods.

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Quality of Yoli Shakes protein

There’s 12 grams of the companies patented Purawhey native whey protein in each serving.

The company describes this patented form of protein as the:

finest, biologically active, non-denatured, and minimally processed whey protein”

The confusing thing is the definition for something that is non-denatured means it’s not changed in any way. So it’s impossible for their whey to be “minimally processed”, yet also non- denatured.

Also, their whey protein is from non GMO, grass fed cows. Though grass fed is a nice touch, it’s actually unnecessary in protein powder form. The reason being is that the healthy fats which are higher in grass fed cows are reduced once you process it down to whey powder.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica:

“whey has its fats removed”

So what ends up happening is the consumer has to pay extra for no reason.

Whey is a good form of protein, but it’s best to get whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate mixed together. This ensures you get slow acting protein for longer term muscle growth, and short term bursts for post workouts.  It’s also balanced enough to provide a healthy source of amino acids. Click here for an easy to rad top 5 lists which goes over the best weight loss shakes of the year. 

The amount of protein

According to health websites like Exrx.net, the protein amount you should get daily is:

For Females: 40 grams for sedentary people.

For Males: 55 to 70 also for sedentary people.

So assuming you replace the recommended 2 meals a day with Yoli Shake, you end up getting 24 grams of total protein. For women you would have to get an additional 16 grams, for men it would be at least 31 additional grams via actual whole foods.

They also claim that their whey helps promote Glutathione, an antioxidant that gets rid of free radicals in the body.  They never provide proof to show how their protein helps support to increase this antioxidant.

Also, according to ImmuneHealthScience.com:

Most of the dietary Glutathione…gets broken down in the digestive tract and cannot effectively raise cellular glutathione levels”

This means you can’t expect to raise these antioxidants effects solely by eating foods. A lot of it is lost. Luckily, only in rare cases is there a low level of Glutothione, it’s usually only an issue with people who have autoimmune diseases.

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Yoli Shake price and quality

In order to see their official prices you have to do a lot of research. There’s one section where they talk about all their products, and in this PDF they mention their official costs.

After doing some research I found out that one month’s worth of supply purchased through regular retail is:

$80.00 for 30 servings. So at 2 shakes a day you get 15 days’ worth of shake.

80 divided by 15= $5.33 a day. Considering there aren’t many vitamins and minerals added it’s not a very good price.

As mentioned before the quality of this shake is questionable since you end up paying more for benefits which you won’t gain:

The grass fed myth: Grass fed milk is beneficial because of the extra fats; whey on the other hand isn’t because the processing removes most of the fats.

Non-denatured myth: All forms of protein are denatured in some way. Denatured simply means there’s additional processing done to an ingredient. Unless it’s raw milk, then it truly isn’t denatured. Non-denatured is a marketing term often used to confuse customers into thinking a product is better than it truly is.

Sweetened with stevia half-truth: Only on the ingredient listing does the company mention the 2 other sweeteners that are used. They instead proudly mention that it’s sweetened with stevia, which is true, but it makes it seem like it’s the only ingredient used. There are other additives such as Xylitol and Luo Han Guo.

Yoli Shake Doctor Recommendation

One of the videos featured on the Yoli website Dr. Mike Okouchi mentions the benefits of using these meal replacements. According to him, the two proprietary formulas are great for producing effective weight loss results.

The only problem is that he’s a chiropractor. His study of medicine does not extend to nutrition or information on ingredients for weight loss.  They never mention on the video what kind of doctor he is, though they dress him up in a doctor’s outfit complete with devices for checking heart rate.

A chiropractor doesn’t even use these instruments; they’re simply given to him to make the product seem more legitimate than they actually are.

His official website states that his business focuses on:

“the chiropractic principle that subluxations are the cause of all disease in mankind”

According to 8 internationally recognized and respected chiropractor schools, the study of subluxations is:

“Inappropriate and unnecessary”

So even what the doctor specializes in is not accepted as being real or necessary. Yet he’s giving out nutritional information. It’s common for some companies to hire chiropractors to support their brands in order to make them seem more useful than they actually are.

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The quality of the Milk

There’s a pamphlet offered which describes all the benefits of their hormone and antibiotic free cows.

The truth is that there are scientific studies which show that most cows aren’t given hormones, and that antibiotics are safe.

The World Organization for Animal Health mentions:

“the use of antibiotics is …essential”

The FDA also did a study which showed that less than 1% of cow’s milk had any traces of hormones. The most frequently added hormone is bovine growth hormone, which also goes by the name of bST.

This hormone is often naturally produced in a naturally safer form by cows in an effort to help baby calves grow faster.  When it’s found in natural amounts via milk it’s not known to cause any side effects in humans.  What ends up happening is that you’re once again paying more for something you won’t benefit from.

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The Yoli Business

The companies official company name is simply Yoli, LLC, they operate from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Their phone number is: (888) 295-9009

Email is: cs@yoli.com

The company runs a multilevel marketing business. Some have criticized this type of company because they rely on aggressive advertising from regular people who represent the company.  Customers have complained that representatives will leave positive reviews in order to make the products seem better than they are.

Customer opinions

Some customers mention that the some of the reviews are a scam; there are also people who commonly mention the following:

“This product is a scam.”

“The shakes are horribly sweet”

“It’s much like Atkins”

There were also a few positive reviews:

A great lifestyle change that requires discipline”

“easy to swallow”

The most common opinions I found are from people who complained about the sweetness. This is likely due to the Luo Han Guo; some people have mentioned it has a strong almost bitter taste. This is likely because this fruit is 300 times sweeter than sugar.

Other common complaints customers have is that there are potential side effects such as nausea, bloating, diarrhea, and gas.

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Yoli Shake relies on a lot of marketing in order to spread its popularity. It also comes at an expensive price tag considering the low amount of vitamins and minerals added.  There are other important things to consider about this meal replacement:

  • Their patented formula sounds like its high in vitamins, but it isn’t: The LeanImmune blend which has good foods such as broccoli, spinach, and carrot, doesn’t translate to a high amount of nutrients. The reason for this is because of the dehydrated forms of foods which aren’t as beneficial as whole foods. Take for example how much real vitamins you would get from just a few small portions of these ingredients. The low amount featured in the supplements facts isn’t impressive.
  • Customers have complained about the taste: Some feel it’s much too sweet even without adding any fruits. This is likely due to the sugar source which is 300 times sweeter than regular sugar. There are also some possible complications from xylitol which include stomach issues. The stevia added is good, but on their official page they highlight how great their alternative sweetener is, without mentioning Luo Han Guo and xylitol.
  • The probiotics added aren’t necessary: As documented in scientific studies, adding probiotics isn’t necessary unless your body can’t process its own. Usually only a sick person needs to use these enzymes, which would require a physician’s recommendation to get the proper amounts.
  • You’re paying more without a benefit: The addition of grass fed whey isn’t required, since the only benefit this has is added fats. During the processing of whey, there’s a natural decline in healthy fats. Also, the added probiotics, vegetables, and fruits aren’t expressed through a gain in nutrients. This all means that the consumer has to pay for more special treatments that sound good when marketed, but have no real applicable benefit.
  • Some report that the positive reviews aren’t real: Much like other multilevel marketing companies, sellers of these brands will aggressively post favorable reviews in order to make a commission. On places like Amazon.com, real customer reviews mention to not trust all the positive reports. This makes it impossible to know which of the positive reviews are real.

Yoli Shake claims to offer a lot of benefits, but it fails to be one of the best meal replacement shakes. You’re better off using other brands which are not only higher in protein, but that have even more vitamins and minerals added. 

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