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Xenadrine Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

Xenadrine is a weight loss pill intended to help reduce 7 times the amount of weight you would from dieting and exercise alone.  It’s made up of a thermogenic formula that the company claims is backed by clinical studies.

The company provides a mixture of natural ingredients and caffeine which is meant to increase the amount of weight you lose alongside diet and exercise. It’s advised to slowly take this brand in order to prevent the likelihood of side effects. Is this brand at all useful for weight loss? What kind of an effect does it have and can it cause side effects? This full review has all the details you need to know about Xenadrine.

Xenadrine Ingredients

Ascorbic Acid 12% Calcium 7% Green Coffee Bean Extract 400 mg Garcinia Fruit Extract 200 mg Caffeine Anhydrous 200 mg
Raspberry Ketone 100 mg Frauenmantle Leaf Extract Wild Olive Leaf Extract Cormino Seed Extract Horsemint Leaf Extract
Gelatin Titanium Dioxide Magnesium Stearate Silicon Dioxide Tricalcium Phosphate


Green Coffee Bean Extract: Unroasted form of coffee beans which are used to reduce the intake of carbohydrates. By not adding heat it retains more chlorogenic acid. Studies show the only weight loss benefit is likely due to the added caffeine, and not though any special compounds in Green Coffee Bean.  As far as producing weight loss Web MD mentions:

research so far is preliminary and poor quality”

Since it contains caffeine it’s known to potentially cause side effects.

Caffeine Anhydrous: Dehydrated caffeine added in the amount of 200 mg. It’s advised to limit oneself to 6 capsules which provide 600 mg of caffeine. It’s recommended by the FDA to limit oneself to only 400 mg of caffeine a day. This is roughly the same amount of caffeine you would get from about 6 cups of coffee. This can potentially lead to:

  • Rapid heart rate, increase blood pressure, and cardiovascular damage.
  • Anxiety and feelings of paranoia.
  • Restlessness and insomnia.
  • Twitching and jitters.
  • Risk for seizures and involuntary muscle spasms.
  • Dehydration, gastrointestinal issues, diarrhea, and increased bowel movements.

Frauenmantle Leaf Extract: Herb most commonly used as a treatment to diarrhea. It’s been shown to potentially lead to liver damage.

Cormino Seed Extract: Another name for cumin which is a spice.  It’s said to improve overall digestion and relieve diarrhea. Web MD adds:

It’s not known how cumin might work.”

side effects of cumin are not known.”

Not enough information exists on whether or not this ingredient would be safe or effective.

Horsemint Leaf Extract:  Used as a digestive aid, stimulant, and as a spice.  Web MD mentions it’s unknown if this is safe to use or what the:

“possible side effects might be.”

The company fails to add any proof that this ingredient has any benefit as well.

Xenadrine Quality of Ingredients

Cormino Seed Extract, Horsemint Leaf Extract, Frauenmantle Leaf Extract, and 5 other inactive ingredients are not used for weight loss. The first 3 active additives are not yet proven to be effective or safe according to most current studies.

Other ingredients which do work for weight loss as Green Coffee Bean and Caffeine Anhydrous, both of which are used to promote a heavy dose of caffeine.

With 600 mg of caffeine per one full serving, this brand is exceptionally high in caffeine. This passes the recommended daily limit set forth by the FDA. Overall, there are many unproven ingredients and some of which are potentially harmful.

The Price and Quality of Xenadrine

Online retailers carry this brand including Amazon which sells a 120 capsule bottle for $34.20. This means the daily price at 6 capsules a day equals to:

$34.20/20= $1.71 for one full daily serving.

The main thing this brand offers is a high amount of caffeine which surpasses the advised daily limit by 200 mg. This means you’re getting roughly an additional 2 cups worth of caffeine more than what’s recommended for safe effects. Caffeine also has an effect on tolerance, which prevents it from being a long term solution for weight loss.

Flawed Clinical Study

The brand claims to be clinically backed by research which shows it’s effective for weight loss in comparison to placebo.

The study they cite was for a patented form of Green Coffee Bean which is called Svetol.

This study showed that when supplementing for 60 days, 50 people who participated in the study had reduced more weight than a placebo.

The study concluded:

“Svetol could be used to aid the dietetics… in a useful and positive manner”

This study was performed on just 200 mg of Green Coffee Bean; Xenadrine offers 400 mg in one serving, 1200 mg in a full daily serving.

This is 6 times more than the advised limit set in the study, its unknown what kind of an effect this high amount can lead to.

Also, this study is flawed since it was performed around the 90’s. Currently more up to date and less biased studies show a difference result from Green Coffee Bean.  Recent studies outlined by mention that the:

degree of weight reduction seems quite unreliable”

It’s likely that the only effect on weight loss is due to the caffeine, which in this brand is exceptionally high.

Increased Risk from Caffeine

A full daily serving provided 600 mg of caffeine. According to the Mayo Clinic:

500 to 600 mg a day — may cause side effects”

That’s why the FDA has established that 400 mg a day is the daily limit for the average person. Some people are advised to intake much less.

Possible side effect that the Mayo Clinic mentions are lack of sleep quality, this can lead to it:

“Disturb(ing) sic your daytime alertness and performance.”

Also, caffeine is not a long term solution for weight loss as its effects on metabolism diminish with heavy use.

Business of Xenadrine

Iovate Health Sciences International Inc. owns the Xenadrine brand, and they can be found below:

Phone Number: (888) 334-4448

Address: 381 North Service Road West

Oakville, Ontario L6M 2R7, Canada

They’ve been subject to lawsuits and issues with the FTC and FDA:

  • The FTC forced the company to pay $5.5 million for their role in lying about the weight loss benefits and health benefits of several of their brands. This same lawsuit resulted in refund checks to customers.
  • The FDA suggested a recall of several of the company’s weight loss products after it was shown to increase the risk for liver damage. The FDA also urged customers to stop using Hydroxycut in order to avoid possible side effects.
  • The Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition began receiving multiple claims of liver issues from the companies weight loss supplement. 23 total cases of confirmed liver damage were reported from use of these brands. It’s unknown why the company created a formula that could cause such side effects, or what steps were taken to ensure it wouldn’t happen again.

Customer Opinions of Xenadrine

There’s a few noted opinions left by customers on

“I was feeling so bad”

“I’ll never take them again”

“The only difference is more energy in the morning”

“it made me gassy”

Overall, the main complaints have to do about the lack of weigh loss and the side effects. People who experienced positive effects only added that they felt an increase in energy; no dramatic or noticeable weight loss was felt by these customers.

The added increase in energy is likely due to the high amounts of caffeine.


Xenadrine has some many important things to consider:

  • It contains a higher than recommended amount of daily caffeine: One full daily serving provides 600 mg which is 200 mg more than what’s a healthy safe dose. This high amount of caffeine can be exceptionally difficult on the heart, and it can lead to cardiovascular damage and serious side effects. This can potentially cause heart palpitations, increased blood pressure, nausea, headaches, withdrawal symptoms, insomnia, jitters, muscle twitches, and mood swings. It’s also not a successful tool for long term weight loss. This is because the body quickly adjusts to caffeine and limits the benefits to just sleeplessness. There’s no proof provided by the company that this brand offers a long term solution for weight loss.
  • Many of the ingredients have no proof to suggest they’re useful: 5 ingredients are inactive and 3 of them have no clinical studies which show they’re both safe and effective. Without knowing what kind of a long term impact this mixture might have, it’s important to look at what the company has to offer. They also fail to provide a proof which proves this brand is a safe and effective mixture. These unproven ingredients raise the risk for potential side effects, and it’s unknown what kind of an effect they have on weight loss. 3 of the ingredients haven’t been studied for weight loss and they’re just digestive aids. Still, by taking amounts of these ingredients it’s important to watch out for any possible side effects. This is especially concerning since the company has had to recall their brands and they’ve also been cited for lying about their benefits.
  • The clinical study the company uses is only on one ingredient and it’s biased: The Green Coffee Bean study offered was funded by a company that made a patented version of this ingredient. This 60 day study was performed on 50 people who restricted calories and also exercised. They also ended up using 200 mg of Green Coffee Bean; Xenadrine offers 1200 mg in one daily serving. This means that more studies should be performed in order to show whether or not it’s safe in this higher quantity. This one study has also not been recreated in the several other large scale studies. More recent evidence shows that this ingredient is likely to reduce weight due to its caffeine. They also fail to provide any other forms of proof to prove the other ingredients are useful.
  • The majority of customer reviews are negative: Many people who took these pills reported experiencing difficult side effects including restlessness, anxiety, rapid heart rate, and insomnia. These same people reported they couldn’t finish supplementing with Xenadrine since it made them very uncomfortable. The few people who reported positive effect mentioned it was due to the increased energy. Some people can handle larger amounts f caffeine than others, but it’s not a long term solution for weight loss. Almost all customers mentioned they felt some sort of side effect. I didn’t find one person who mentioned they had any significant weight loss changes.
  • There’s no evidence to suggest it’s both safe and effective: The company was subject to a critical clinical study which showed that one of their Xenadrine brands caused a heart attack in a once healthy young man. This clinical study concluded with the realization that it was a potentially dangerous stimulant. The company has since changed their formula and they offer this plain version of Xenadrine that isn’t explained in detail as to what kind of an effect it may have. No clinical studies are offered on the entire formula, and the company only briefly mentions to be careful of the intake of this high amount of caffeine. The caffeine alone can produce unwanted side effects; many of these ingredients are known to be potentially dangerous on their own. Therefore, it’s unknown what kind of an effect this brand may have all together in long term studies.

The manufacturers fail to provide any proof as to how they’ve changed their once recalled Xenadrine brands. They also provide flawed clinical study which was only performed on one ingredient and it was biased.

Most customers agree that the only change they noticed was side effects. This is likely due to the high amounts of stimulants added which surpass the advised daily limit. No evidence is offered to suggest this brand is either safe or effective, and most customers mention they couldn’t supplement t with Xenadrine for long due to fears of side effects.

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