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Viritenz is a male performance pill made with all-natural ingredients made to help increase the intensity of erections, help make it easier to satisfy your sexual partner, and help one last longer in the bedroom. In it are clinically studied ingredients that can boost overall sexual health without any added artificial or cheap additives.

This was rated as being the number one best over the counter pill for boosting sexual vitality. By looking at user reviews and by studying their formula it revealed that the creators have crafted a truly effective solution for overall sexual vigor. Discover more about Viritenz by visiting the official website provided here.

Viritenz Ingredients

The full ingredients included in Viritenz are:

Tongkat Ali Maca L-Arginine Ginseng Blend Sarsaparilla Herb Powder
Pumpkin Seed Powder Muira Puama Powder Oat Straw Herb Powder Nettle Herb Powder Cayenne Pepper
Astragalus Catuba Bark Powder Licorice Tribulus Terestris Orchic
Oyster Extract Boron Amino Acid Chelate      

No artificial ingredients are used, and each additive has research online showcasing how it works, and how they all have the ability to help enhance sexual performance, durability, and other important measurement towards all around sexual health.

They also do not provide any stimulants or short lasting ingredients which need to be cycled. The entire formula is also provided in a proper dosage amount, that when mixed together can help aid male sexuality.

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Quality of Viritenz

All the ingredients in this formula are effective and have the ability to provide real, functional, and noticeable changes. Some ingredients in particular which are effective include:

Oyster Extract: This seafood contains levels of zinc which are bioactive, meaning the human body can use it to great effect. This has been shown in studies to help support healthy sperm, aid the ability for one to have children, and provide other health benefits from the mineral zinc. A study by the Central Research Institute in Japan concluded in their studies:

“effects of oyster extracts on… embryonic development… sperm maturation… were examined”

“oyster extract is a useful supplement”

It can also help raise testosterone, libido, and overall physical performance. This provides a healthy amount of Zinc, and Oyster in particular has been shown to contain a rich amount of this mineral.

To discover more information about the benefits provided by Viritenz, click the link here.

Maca Root: Plant sourced from the Andes mountains in Peru. Because of its amino acids and fatty acids, it has been shown effective for improving physical endurance, fertility, and has aphrodisiac qualities to enhance sexual vigor. This has a long historical use as an effective way to aid sexual vigor and excitement.

Tribulus Terrestris: Plant that creates fruit with chemicals in it which can raise testosterone. It has also been shown to be effective at aiding physical endurance. It has also been sown effective at aiding sexual health without having a direct impact on testosterone.

It was originally used in Ayurvedic practices, where it was known to aid overall virility.

Boron Amino Acid Chelate: Mineral which provides magnesium which is mixed with amino acids. It can help aid normal function of the overall body. A great benefit is its abilities top help regulate healthy hormones, and raising testosterone.

Astragalus: Herb that is used to increase blood flow and help support the immune system. Has had a long tradition of use in Chinese medicine.

The Viritenz formula is broken down in the official website provided via the link.

The Price and Quality of Viritenz.

Clinical studies are available online from many different sources which showcase how effective each additive in Viritenz is. The company currently offers discounts on multiple bottle purchases:

  • A 3 month supply sells for $49.98 per bottle.
  • 5 months retail for $39.99 per bottle.

One month supplies are also offered for $66.95, and this is all backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. By examining what is added and how there are no artificial additives, stimulants, or cheap ingredients, this is priced fair for the amounts of effects possible. They ensure overall quality as well by making sure to produce the entire formula in a 3rd party inspected, GMP approved facility.

This ensures there are routine inspections and safety measures to ensure each bottle has exactly each ingredient in the dosage strength stated, and that there is no fear of unwanted contaminations. To get Viritenz at a discounted rate, click the link here to be redirected for a discount.

Viritenz Intended benefits

Their official website mentions the main intended positives this brand provides such as:

  • Aid in endurance to last longer in the bedroom.
  • Promote sexual satisfaction in your partner.
  • Increase the strength of erections.
  • Give noticeable changes.
  • Providing safe results which are noticeable.

This is all made possible by the added natural plant extracts, minerals, and wholesome ingredients which can provide better blood flow, increase testosterone, reduce stress, and give the body the ability to perform. All these physical changes are documented via studies and even customer testimonials.

These effects all do seem to be true in looking over clinical studies on the entire formula. They can affect the body when used in the amounts provided, and especially when all of the ingredients are combined into one pill. Gain access to a savings deal off Viritenz by clicking the link provided here.

The Viritenz Business

The company that makes Viritenz is known as Beauty Blast Inc.; they provide easy to understand company policies as well as relevant contact information:

Their address is: 8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd Los Angeles, California 90045

Their phone number is: (310) 256-2605

No issues of scam like activities are found online, and the company is said to be easy to contact. Their official websites explains how they operate in a clear and informed manner. They also back all purchases with a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked.

Reviews are available from customers who were satisfied with the way the company treated them.

Customer Opinions

There are only positive reviews online about the effects and potency of Viritenz. Listed are a few user reviews:

“Really grateful for what it’s been able to do”

“Satisfied I feel like I’m experiencing greater effects”

“It truly works to help get rid of my ED”

“Feel so much younger it works quite well”

The common consensus is that when taking Viritenz it promoted noticeable changes without any side effects. People added how they were reinvigorated, and were able to have sex as if they were much younger. There was also the common explanation as to how it outperformed previously used pills.

Learn about what users had to say via testimonials by visiting their official website found here.


Because Viritenz contains a great combination of healthy extracts, this can help provide noticeable benefits. This was rated as being the most effective male sexual performance aid due to its studied formula and great user reviews. The main benefits can be summarized as:

  • Contains only natural ingredients: Instead of relying on harsh stimulants or extracts which require cycling and the high risk of side effects, all the ingredients used in Viritenz are effective at promoting great potential changes. This makes it easier to use this pill as a solution for whenever sex is needed, as opposed to something which can be harsh, or requires strict maintained.
  • Users have provided great reviews: Testimonials and user reviews can be found from people who noticed great changes. People added how it reinvigorated their sex lives, and how it provided noticeable improvements in all around sexual vigor. It gave people an increased ability and desire to act with confidence in the bedroom. Testimonials and positive reviews are found from many satisfied people.
  • It’s sold at a great cost: For all the proven ingredients used, the formula is priced fairly. There is a money back guarantee offered as well, which reduces the risk of losing money. Other brands will often have some of these extracts, but never in the same dosage strength with only pure extracts used. They also ensure that their formula is well-rounded enough to target all aspects which can have an effect on sexual ability.
  • The company is reputable: No issues are found online against the company, and they do not provide any potentially risky auto-shipment plans. Discounts are offered on larger bulk purchase, and they are clear in their intentions and policies. They also provide all their contact information and up to date details on policies. A money back guarantee is offered and it is backed by a GMP certification, ensuring routine 3rd party inspections.

This top ranked male enhancement and male performance pill outperformed other similar pills because it has a potent, lasting, and customer approved formula. The company is also reputable, and there is clear information anyone can read about. To get a hold of Viritenz at a reduced price, follow this link here to be redirected.

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