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Intro: What is it?

Unjury shake is a meal replacement that claims to be of medical quality, and it’s supposedly offered in the top US hospitals.

It also claims to be useful for those with diabetes, cancer, recovering from weight loss surgeries, and even for pregnancy. A dietician is said to have come up with this formula, of which there are 6 different flavors. It can even be mixed alongside foods, or drank as a meal replacement. This brand claims to have major benefits, but does it deliver? To figure out the truth, feel free to read this thorough review.

Unjury Ingredients

Here are ingredients to the Vanilla:

Whey Protein Isolate Fructose Natural Flavors Artificial Flavors Soy Lecithin
Xanthan Gum Acesulfame Potassium Sucralose

Surprisingly, although this shake is intended to be used in a medical setting, it has many common ingredients used by other meal replacements:

Artificial Flavors: Used to provide flavor through different chemical reactions.  This can be taken from many different foods. Sometimes this can include common allergens like soy, wheat, corn, and dairy. Companies don’t have to disclose where they sourced their artificial flavors from.  It’s often added as a cheap substitute to other ingredients.

Xanthan Gum: Food thickener that’s made from fermented sugar.  Possible side effects include nausea, bloating, and constipation. It’s also often extracted from common allergens, and there are reports of people suffering from allergic reactions. Thickeners like these are often advised to be taken with plenty of water, in order to prevent any indigestion or choking.

Macronutrients and Calories

Calories 100 Sodium 55mg, 2% Potassium 95mg, 3% Total Carbohydrate 4g, 1%
Sugars 3g Protein 21g, 42% Vitamin C 15% Phosphorus 7%


Just 100 calories are provided per serving with none of it coming from fat.  Fat is an important macronutrient that the body needs in order to provide energy, and to keep healthy skin and hair.

With no fat in this meal replacement, it’s important to get a full meal with at least some fat, in order to provide the healthy aspects that fat offers.


No fiber is provided at all. There is a thickener used in Xanthan Gum which is often used as a cheap fiber source. However, it’s not used to provide any dietary fiber, instead it’s a small amount used to thicken the product.

With no fiber included this means that all the appetite suppressing qualities must come from the protein.


The 3 grams of sugar comes from 3 different sources:

Fructose: Fruit sugar that is extracted and less healthy than when it’s found naturally in fruits.  It’s been known to produce many side effects if over consumed. The American Journal of Nutrition has mentioned there’s:

no biological need for dietary fructose.”

They also ran studies which showed Fructose:

“did not suppress circulating ghrelin”

Ghrelin is a hormone the body releases to signal to the brain that it isn’t hungry. This means you can eat lots of Fructose and not feel satisfied. This increases the risk for obesity and cardiovascular disease. Studies have also shown that high Fructose diets can significantly impair health.

Acesulfame Potassium: Artificial sweetener that has no calories. Very little is needed since it’s 200 times sweeter than sucrose.  A study published by PLOS one showed side effects of:

altering fasting insulin and leptin levels”

So it can affect blood sugar as well as affecting hunger in a negative way.

The same study also showed it

“could affect cognitive functions”

It made male baby mice more likely to crave sweet foods when their mother was given this ingredient. It’s unknown what kind of influence this may have on future dietary preferences.

Sucralose: Artificial sweetener that is up to 1,000 times sweeter than Sucrose. There has been controversy over the possibility of it producing side effects.  One study published by the American Diabetes Association showed Sucralose:

affects the glycemic and insulin responses”

Another study published by Duke University also showed even greater issues:

reduction in beneficial fecal microflora”

“limit the bioavailability of orally administered drugs”

“increased fecal pH”

All this means it can negatively affect health, and increase weight. This artificial sweetener has also been criticized since it ends up in wastewater often.

Each of these sweeteners has the potential danger of increasing obesity. They’re also not used by the body in an efficient way. Limiting sweeteners is important since it has no beneficial biological role.

The Quality of Unjury’s protein

All 21 grams of protein per serving are offered from one ingredient:

Whey Protein Isolate: A fast digesting protein source extracted from the cheese making process.  It contains all the essential amino acids, and when combined with Concentrate, it helps give the body both slow and fast acting protein.

Whey Protein Isolate has been shown to be easy to take in, and there are benefits to its well rounded amino acid profile which is higher than most protein sources.

The only issue is that this brand fails to provide Whey Protein Concentrate, which is beneficial due to its longer lasting supply of amino acids.

The Price and Quality of Unjury

One 17 serving container costs $22.95. 2 shakes a day equals:

$22.95/17= 1.35 times 2= $2.70 a day per 2 shakes.

Considering there’s no added vitamins and minerals, some of the sweeteners may promote obesity, and the lack of other protein sources, this brand fails to provide a full meal replacement.

This will require customers of Unjury to have to further supplement with more meals to make up for the lack of nutrients.

PDCAA Score of 100

One the back of each container of Unsure is the assurance that it ranked as a 100 on the PDCAA score.

This stands for the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score, and it’s intended to show how much of the amino acids you’ll be able to properly digest.

Foods which offer an equal score include casein, soy, and eggs. This means that although this score is useful, it’s not unique to Unsure.

Any other meal replacement with added soy, casein, or whey will have the same 100 score.

However, according to LabDoor.com, this score doesn’t mean as much as:

age, activity level, and overall dietary intake”

So while this score is impressive, there are other factors that change the protein absorption. Also, since this brand fails to provide many nutrients, you are forced to use whole foods as a way to replace what this brand doesn’t offer.

Vitamins and minerals work together with macronutrients to supply the body with the reinforcement it needs to stay healthy. Getting just a high amount of protein isn’t enough for the body to work properly.

Claims of being Medical Quality

The company makes a bold claim that it’s the number 1 recommended protein shake offered in the top hospitals in the US.

I only saw one hospital which openly mentioned they use this brand, and they’re a Baptist church medical group that only deals with general practice.

They’re also not a top ranking hospital in the US. None of the major hospitals actually mentioned they recommend this brand.

This makes sense however, when you consider there’s nothing unique about this brand. In fact, some of the ingredients used might actually harm people who are in need of extra protein and nutrients. This brand has many artificial ingredients, and there’s also additives which may actually increase obesity.


The company behind this brand is Prosynthesis Laboratories, Inc, which was founded in 2006. They are available through their customer service representatives:

Phone Number: (800) 517- 5111

Email: Service@UNJURY.com

Address: 45975 Nokes Blvd Ste 170

Sterling, Virginia 20166

Not much information is available on how this company operates, which is strange since it’s been around since 2006.

The FDA did send a warning letter asking the company to stop making health claims over this shake. The company claimed their protein formula could help people recover from injuries, and that it was useful after exercise for rebuilding muscle.

Since they could not provide proof of this, the FDA asked them to resist making these unproven claims.

Customer Opinions

There are a couple of reviews available on Amazon.com

it tastes horrible”

“It did not create a full feeling”


“Many of the ingredients in this blend raise concerns”

The people who did their research realized that many of the ingredients are potentially harmful. This includes the artificial sweeteners and the use of artificial flavors.

There was also concern from some people who didn’t experience appetite suppression.  I couldn’t find one review which came from someone who was recommended Unjury from a hospital.


Unjury meal replacement has a lot of interesting claims; however, they fail to provide the best meal replacement:

  • There are many artificial ingredients: Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose, and Artificial Flavors are all additives which are artificial. They’re formulated in a lab and they all have their own potential side effects. It doesn’t make sense that a meal replacement which claims to be good for people recovering from surgery would have these unnecessary ingredients. These 3 additives are only added as cheap substitutes to make the product seem better. Overall, it degrades the quality since you’re getting unnatural substances. All these additives can also increase the risk for obesity, and they’ve been linked to serious long term potential damages.
  • Customers have complained about the price, quality, and effects: There are reports of people experiencing side effects, as well as not enjoying the flavors provided. Some have even suggested it’s hard to mix with, and that it clumps up. People who read the label also noted how there’s many ingredients added which are often used in processed foods. Cheap thickeners, artificial sweeteners, and lab created flavoring agents are used.  For many, they realized that although the marketing was strong for this brand, it failed to provide enough of a nutritional profile.
  • No proof is offered to suggest it’s medically recommended: Though each container of Unjury comes with a claim that it’s used in the top hospitals, no evidence of this is ever provided. I couldn’t find one hospital that recognized this brand as being useful that was a top ranking hospital. The company also fails to mention any hospitals which have recommended this brand. Reviews from customers never mention they were put on a diet of Unjury either. So it’s unknown exactly which top hospital has advised to take this meal replacement.
  • There are very few nutrients: Each serving only provides 15% vitamin C and 7% Phosphorus. It’s completely missing any vitamin A, D, E, K, b vitamins, and other important minerals. This will require customers to have to get the rest of their nutrients through whole foods. A proper meal replacement has all the necessary vitamins and minerals you would need for your body to function properly. This also further raises the cost. Instead of getting an all in one shake, Unjury requires further supplementation.
  • It’s very basic for the price: There have been customer complaints about the quality of ingredients. Considering that many of these additives are commonly found in most meal replacements, it’s unknown what special benefit this shake has. It’s fairly common to see artificial sweeteners and one source of whey in other shakes. These cheap additives do not reflect in the price however. This brand is expensive for what you’re getting in return. You have to further supplement with whole foods to get the full range of nutrients. There’s also no guarantee that this product is any better than other shakes.

Many of the ingredients in this brand aren’t unique to Unjury, and unfortunately there’s a high use of artificial ingredients. There are also problems with the lack of nutrient in this brand, and customers have also mentioned how they didn’t appreciate the taste.

It’s also unverified whether or not top ranking hospitals suggest this shake. Though the brand does have a good source of protein in Whey Protein Isolate, it fails to provide concentrates and there are several other issues as well.

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