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ThermoPlus Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

ThermoPlus is a weight loss pill made with herbal ingredients for appetite suppression and metabolism enhancement. It also claims to help turn fat into an effective energy source.

The company lists a few points about this brand such as it being made with trace amounts of caffeine, and with thermogenic ingredients. This brand seems unique on the surface for a stimulant formula, but is it safe? What kinds of results are possible and is weight loss assured? This ThermoPlus review has everything you need to know to make an informed opinion.

ThermoPlus Ingredients

Thiamine HCL Niacinamide Sage Extract Oolong Tea Extract
Guarana Extract Gelatin Rice Flour Magnesium Stearate

 Thiamine HCL: A form of vitamin B1 which helps protect the nerves and heart. Web MD has this to say:

“Most people who eat a normal diet do not need extra vitamin B1”

It’s often only needed in people who have deficiencies.  The makers of ThermoPlus do not mention why this is added to their formula.

Niacinamide: Vitamin B2 extract used to prevent niacin deficiency. Web MD adds that use of this:

“does not help blood fat levels and cannot be substituted foe niacin”

It’s often only given to people with bad diets, or those with medical conditions. Still, it’s not as effective as other forms of niacin already found in foods. Its reduction of blood fat is not seen in the form of niacin added to this supplement.

Sage Extract: Herb used as a medicine to promote well-being and a positive mood. Though the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health mentions how this plant had only:

“Two small studies”

Therefore, more research has to be done to ensure it’s truly useful. It can also lead to side effects particularly when it’s used for a long period:

  • Seizure.
  • Liver and nervous system damage.
  • Toxic effects.

It’s also known to have somewhat similar effects to caffeine.

Oolong Tea Extract: A variety of tea that comes from camellia sinensis, the same strain that makes black and green tea. This form of tea contains levels of caffeine believed to promote weight loss and energy. It can lead to side effects that include:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea.
  • Heartburn
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Convulsions
  • Irregular heartbeat

Since it’s processed in a way that dries it out, it’s known to have less antioxidants than other teas.

The issue with taking this caffeinated tea is that its effects are not long lasting. The body creates a tolerance to caffeine that reduces it to just sleep loss, which may not be wanted by all.

Guarana Extract: This seed contains more caffeine than coffee beans. It’s used as a way to increase metabolism and further burn calories. It may produce side effects that include:

  • Rapid heart rate
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Diarrhea
  • Anxiety, paranoia, and difficulty concentrating.
  • Headaches, nausea, and vertigo. also adds that:

Guarana is not a fat burning compound.”

Therefore, the only effect it truly has is a stimulant energy increase, not for weight loss though. Still, this effect can lead to unwanted side effects similar to caffeine.

ThermoPlus Quality Of Ingredients

The added B vitamins aren’t really needed, and websites like and Web MD confirm they’re only required in rare cases of deficiencies.

This leaves guarana and oolong tea, which are both caffeine sources. Though this might have minor effects on appetite and on metabolism, they’re not full-fledged weight loss solutions.

Also added is sage, which is only effective for mood boosting which has not been shown in many large studies. Overall, though these ingredients are natural, they’re not potent enough to cause any weight loss benefits that any other caffeine source wouldn’t be able to achieve.

The Price and Quality of ThermoPlus

One 90 capsule bottle retails for $31.95, and information on how much is needed isn’t expressed.

The company mentions that 1 pill before a meal is recommended. This could mean 3 pills a day or less. Assuming this is so, a $31.95 bottle lasts 30 days.

This averages to a daily price of $1.06. Though inexpensive, the quality of ingredients is poor. It’s essentially full of either unnecessary ingredients, unproven additives, or just plain caffeine sources which can be substituted with things like coffee or tea.

The added b vitamins are unnecessary unless one is deficient, which most people aren’t unless they’re malnourished.

Uncertain Dosing Requirements

Nowhere on the official website or anywhere online is there any mention as to the total safe amount one can take.

This is potentially harmful since this product contains caffeine. Their product page does mention that:

“This product contains herbal sources of caffeine equivalent to approximately 40-50mg”

However, it’s never mentioned if this is per serving, or in the full recommended serving. In either case, it’s still unknown what a proper dosage strength is.

The company adds how:

“Take one capsule daily 30 minutes before a meal”

Still, many distributors mention conflicting things. According to one seller, 2 pills a day can lead to a 300-calorie reduction.

They never post where they came up with this figure, so it’s unknown if this is true. With so many conflicting reports, it’s unknown what a daily dose truly is.

Business of ThermoPlus

AdvoCare makes this brand; you can reach them via the following:

Phone Number: (800) 542- 4800

Address: 2801 Summit Avenue

Piano, Texas 75074

The company follows a multilevel marketing strategy, which takes what they call distributors to sell and market their brands.

When purchasing a brand from a distributor, one is given a 30-day money back return only on unopened products. This means that you have to deal with someone who may not decide to offer the return.

Customers have complained about this process by adding negative reviews online. Here’s what some have had to say:

“My credit card was fraudulently used”

“He yelled; hung up… I am hurt as to this screaming and interrupting”

“poor customer service skills, poor resolution skills”

“she basically asked me what my problem was and that I was a liar”

People frequently mention how the customer service is terrible when you deal with distributors. This can make it challenging if not impossible to get a return. Many customers mention how they were argued with, and how their calls were not returned.

The issue with letting random people deal with the customer service part of a business is that they’re not taught how to properly deal with customers. This can be seen with the numerous negative reviews available on the Better Business Bureau website. This lack of attention makes it so you have to spend countless hours trying to fight for a return, which should be standard company policy.

Customer Opinions of ThermoPlus

When finding reviews for any multilevel marketing company, you’ll often see several fake reviews from people looking to sell their brands.

Sometimes these reviews are obvious by adding an affiliate link that gives the person commission off sales, other times it’s less obvious.

However, there are still multiple negative reviews available online. Here’s a sample of some common complaints:

“I see no results at all”

“I was not impressed by the product”

“I didn’t notice anything when taking these”

“I felt this heaviness in my stomach”

Customers often add how they failed to see any changes at all. For many this brands was a placebo, it didn’t suppress appetite, increase energy, or reduce weight.

A few people mention how they could taste the product and all the herbs added. For some it was too harsh to swallow.


 After reviewing ThermoPlus there were several things about this supplement that need to be considered:

  • The formula isn’t anything special: The added b vitamins aren’t really needed since they’re only recommended in rare cases. Also, the added oolong, guarana, and sage show unremarkable effects. Oolong is only added for its caffeine, which is meant to increase energy and fat burning. Guarana is also added for the same reason, but it’s not known to burn fat. Also, oolong does provide caffeine that may temporarily cause fat burning, but it’s not in any significant or long-standing amounts. Sage may produce a good mood, but it’s not known to produce any weight loss benefits. Overall, this entire formula can be replaced with a similar caffeine heavy drink. Since the manufacturers fail to provide any clinical studies, it’s unlikely that this brand has been tested as a whole.
  • No proof is offered: The company mentions how science goes into the making their supplements. They add no studies to support the use of ThermoPlus. The brands page has mention that it can suppress appetite, that it’s innovative, meant to boost metabolism, and that it turns fat into a usable energy source. It’s not clear how they came up with this conclusion, since they fail to ever provide any sort of evidence. Without being able to see where they found these benefits, it’s impossible to take this brand seriously. It’s also important to see what kind of an effect this brand has due to its added caffeine. Caffeine often has dull effects after repeat use.
  • A money back return is notoriously difficult to deal with: Distributors that sell this brand that are essentially regular people who run their own small business and market as they see fit. Because they’re not active members of the company, they can run things the way the like. This has caused many issues with rude customer service and a lack of communication being often reported. Many negative reviews have been featured on the Better Business Bureau website, with people complaining that they couldn’t get a return and how the distributors were rude. Some customers were yelled at, others were ignored. The company fails to provide any sort of explanation or accountability for these actions. Although it’s not directly the manufacturers fault, it still should be corrected since a money back return is supposed to be offered on unopened items.
  • Many customers failed to see any changes: The average negative review is simply of people failing to see any weight loss benefits. Not only did people fail to see any changes in appetite or energy, but also they took a full bottle without any benefits. This lack of benefits has been described as disappointing by many. There were a few users who could taste the herbs and those that had stomach discomforts, but overall the complaints are about no weight loss benefits. As mentioned previously, the money back return isn’t guaranteed, as you have to deal with distributors that may not want to fulfill a return. The lack of benefits isn’t surprising however when you analyze the ingredients. It’s essentially a mixture of caffeine with a mood booster; no potent benefits have been shown with this kind of mixture.
  • You can find this brand for much cheaper: The only ingredients that are actually shown to produce a weight loss effect do this through the added caffeine. You can replace the added 40 to 50 mg of caffeine per serving by simply taking a cup of tea. The added ingredients including sage and b vitamins are not shown to lead to weight loss. Only oolong might have an effect due to its caffeine. Also, according to the added guarana has no fat burning properties. It’s for these reasons that this brand is unlikely to produce any weight loss changes. Overall, even though the brand is cheaper than other weight loss supplements, its quality of ingredients is poor and therefore it can be substituted with cheaper ingredients.

There’s a lack of weight loss benefits seen in the ingredients according to clinical studies. This is also confirmed by the several negative customer reviews. Unfortunately, many customers had issues with the company’s representatives as well.

This brand is simply far too ineffective to be considered a practical weight loss solution. There are far better options that don’t strictly rely on caffeine for al its benefits.  

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