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SlimQuick Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

SlimQuick is a series of weight loss supplements made to burn fat in women. Their formula is made with natural additives such as antioxidants, a patented form of green tea, and minerals.

They mention that this brand is made specifically to help women lose up to 3 times the weight one would from dieting alone in 13 weeks. It’s made to help hormones, remove excess water and appetite, increase metabolism, and reduce stress. So are all these claimed benefits actually possible? What kind of an effect does it have and is it safe? To determine the full possibilities of this brand you can now read this full review.

SlimQuick Ingredients

Here are the SlimQuick Pure ingredients:

Green Tea Extract Leaf, 95% Polyphenols, 70% Catechins. 45% EGCG Caffeine Anhydrous BioPure Green Tea Phosphatidylcholine
Rhodiola Extract Root Chaste Tea Extract Microcrystalline Cellulose Maltodextrin
Croscarmellose Sodium Hypromellose Hydroxypropyl Cellulose Titanium Dioxide
Propylene Glycol Polyethylene Glycol Acesulfame Potassium Stearic Acid
Magnesium Stearate Silicon Dioxide

Some ingredients to consider:

Caffeine Anhydrous: Dehydrated caffeine in the form of 200 mg in one serving. Caffeine has stimulant effects which increase energy and metabolism. However, it’s only a short term use ingredient since its benefits are lost after long term use. Possible side effects can include:

  • Insomnia.
  • Headaches.
  • Mood swings.
  • Anxiety and paranoia.
  • Rapid heart rate and muscle twitching.
  • Insomnia and restlessness.

Phosphatidylcholine: A soy extract used to as a cell signaling ingredient. In supplement form this additive has shown to promote cardiovascular disease in mice.

Rhodiola Extract Root: A plant used to protect cells from damage. According to Web MD:

none of these effects have been studied in humans”

“The potential side effects of rhodiola are not known.”

There aren’t enough studies done to determine if it’s safe in humans.

Phytonadione: Vitamin K1 which can promote bleeding and bruising.

Cholecalciferol: Vitamin D3 used to kill rodents. In rodents it produces soft tissue damage, cardiac changes, hypertension, and renal failure.

Acesulfame Potassium: Artificial sweetener that has been criticized as being understudied and full of potential side effects. A study by PLOS One showed it could lead to a preference for sweetness in nursing children. It has also been linked to tumors in mice.

Nutrition Facts

Calcium 15% Vitamin D 50% Vitamin B6 200% Folic Acid 50%
Vitamin K 50% Vitamin B12 15%


Though it has a high amount of vitamin B6, most of it is filtered out through urine.

SlimQuick Quality of Ingredients

The formula is mostly dependent of green tea and caffeine. The rest of the active ingredients have not been proven to be effective in humans.

The high amount of caffeine and green tea can be found elsewhere for much cheaper. Having to pay full market price for what you can get through regular green tea isn’t necessary. There’s also lots of filler ingredients made to make the pill preserve and swallow better.

The added minerals can also be found in whole foods for much cheaper.

Heavy stimulant supplements only produce short lived results, and they can produce several unwanted side effects.

The Price and Quality of SlimQuick

Most online retailers sell a 60 capsule bottle for $24.99. This means that at the recommended dose of 3 a day, you get a 20 day supply that costs:

$24.99/20= $1.24 per daily serving.

Since its green tea with caffeine, added ingredients which haven’t been proven, and extra minerals, this brand is expensive for what you’re getting.

A similar substitute can come from green tea, and it likely wouldn’t come with the increased possible side effects some of these ingredients may have.

Some of the ingredients are added as filers and as ways to make the pill easier to swallow, so there’s no nutritional benefit to them.

Flawed Clinical Studies

It’s mentioned on the official website that this product produces 3 times more weight loss than diet and exercise alone.

The study they performed was showed on women on a 1,350 calorie limit. In this study people lost 25 pounds in 13 weeks.

According to their study the placebo group lost 10.1 pounds. A key ingredient found in SlimQuick it lead to 30.5 pounds. Therefore there was a 20.4 additional pounds lost according to their study.

However, this is just for one ingredient they never mention. It’s unknown what this ingredient is, and they also never publish the study, only the findings. This prevents people from having expectations for the brand, and it’s unknown if this is a cheap ingredient.

The problem with this is that you can’t accurately determine if this is a long term effect. If the key ingredient is caffeine then it’s only known to produce short term effects. Caffeine loses its fat loss powers after long term use; the only benefit that remains is its anti-sleep effect. mentions that heavy caffeine use:

“leads to tolerance, which dulls several of caffeine’s effects”

Also, this study was done on an extreme reduction of calories at 1,350. It’s advised to get an average of 2,000 calories.  Reducing calories by an additional 650 calories is a lot. Maintaining this reduction of calories can lead to hunger pains and it’s incredibly hard to maintain. A study featured in the Future of Aging showed that this kind of calorie restriction could lead to:

decreased bone mineral density, reduced reproductive activity and libido in males.”

This same study revealed that the long term effects of calorie restrictions are not known. It may be potentially harmful to the body.  It’s also hard to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals when you’re reducing calories significantly.

Reports of Liver Failure

A woman who took SlimQuick for 3 months experienced liver failure. This was linked due to the high amounts of EGCG.  A study on the effects of EGCG was published in the World Journal of Hepatology showed that it lead to damage. They mentioned that people:

should avoid dietary supplements containing EGCG”

Another study into the liver damage case was reported by on the US National Library of Medicine, the woman:

developed severe hepatotoxicity requiring corticosteroid treatment”

She was otherwise healthy before she started experiencing these symptoms.

Although EGCG is used to promote antioxidant effects, the lawsuit alleges that the amounts featured in SlimQuick are too high and that it actually produces pro oxidative effects. .This means that it’s potentially damaging to healthy cells, causing their death and reducing overall body function.

The lawsuit also alleges that it’s possible to experience abnormal heart rhythms called an atrial fibrillation, as well as other risks.

They mention that if you experience any of the following that you’re likely to have experienced liver damage:

  • Brown urine.
  • Weakness.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Nausea and or vomiting.
  • Stomach or abdominal pain.

Some of these symptoms have been reported by users of SlimQuick. It’s unknown exactly how this case class action lawsuit will be resolved. The important thing to notice is that the majority of reviews from customers have been negative. Many mention that the side effects of SlimQuick were too much to handle.

Business of SlimQuick

SlimQuick Laboratories sells this brand and they have customer service representatives available below:

Phone Number: (877) 221-7546

Address: 1201 N. Orange Street Suite 741

Wilmington, Delaware 19801


They offer no money back return on their own products, if purchased through a 3rd party retailer the company advises to try and seek a return.

They’re also in the middle of a class action lawsuit:

  • The lawsuit claims that the high levels of EGCG that’s used as an antioxidant actually has pro-oxidant effects. They mention that studies show SlimQuick Pure Extra Strength has shown to cause severe liver damage, abnormal heart rhythm, and other serious health risks.

Customer Opinions of SlimQuick

There are several negative opinions about this brand; most of the reviews are very negative:

“my heart rate was going crazy”

“It made me sick”

“not worth it”

“Harmful to your liver”

The most common side effects are about harmful side effects. Customers have expressed concern over the hard to deal with symptoms. Even those that reported some weight loss mentioned that they felt terrible side effects.


There are many different important points to consider:

  • The clinical studies provided are flawed: The company mentions that just one key ingredient was studied in clinical analysis. It’s mentioned that the women who participated also reduced calories to 1,350, which is incredibly difficult to maintain. Also, the clinical study does not fail to mentions what ingredient was measured, nor do they cite the ingredient they reviewed. Without knowing these key details its unknown if there’s an actual benefit to this brand. There’s no reason to believe what they’re saying is true, since many customers have complained about a lack of benefits. Also, it’s not known what kind of an effect this extreme calorie reduction can do. In some studies it’s been shown to lead to a loss of bone minerals and reduced libido.
  • Majority of customers have complained about side effects: Hundreds of reviews are available form disgruntled customers who experienced harmful effects. People mention that they either didn’t lose weight, or that the side effects were too high to consider use. The common complaints are about experiencing anxiety, nausea, and rapid heart rate. Many people mention that it was far too extreme, and that they couldn’t stomach using any more of it. There is a current lawsuit claiming that the company sells a brand containing compounds which cause liver and heart damage. Due to the numerous reported side effects from customers, it’s important to watch out how this lawsuit develops.
  • There’s a high amount of stimulants added: One serving provides 200 mg of caffeine which is about 2 cups of coffee. There’s also added green tea in 3 different forms. The effects of caffeine at a high dose are known to cause severe side effects such has insomnia, rapid heart rate, anxiety, muscle twitches, and much more. Also, the positive effects are known to wear off with heavy use. When taking caffeine for long periods the only remaining benefit is through its ant sleep properties, which can lead to insomnia. Taking high amounts of stimulants can be a potentially harmful thing, and with the current lawsuit and customer complaints, it’s unknown if this effect will be felt in most.
  • The company is currently being investigated for organ damage: One current lawsuit is facing the company due to concerns over the amounts of their ingredients. According to 2 clinical studies, the high amounts of EGCG caused liver damage in one young woman. Another study showed that the same levels of EGCG found in this brand could lead to abnormal heart rhythms. The woman who experienced liver damage claims to have only been suing SlimQuick. This lawsuit is available statewide and anyone who purchased the brand can participate. Until this is settled, it’s unknown if the amounts of EGCG can be potentially damaging to the internal organs.
  • The only proven ingredients are green tea and caffeine: Though high amounts f caffeine and green tea can produce side effects, the other ingredients are either not studied enough, or they’ve yet to be proven to be beneficial. This means that the only proven an active ingredients are green tea and caffeine. This can be purchased for much cheaper through drink form. The brand does add some minerals, but it’s still overpriced for what you’re getting. Some of these minerals aren’t as beneficial as whole foods. Cholecalciferol for example has been used to kill rodents.  Other ingredients such as their artificial sweetener Acesulfame Potassium has been linked to tumors in mice. Overall, many of these ingredients have their own potential for side effects.

Due to the majority of customer complaints and lack of weight loss benefits reported, this brand fails to be one of the best weight loss supplements.

An ongoing lawsuit and study published showed that one person suffered liver failure. It’s also full of stimulants and the clinical studies provided are very flawed. The possible rate of side effects is also too high.

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