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Slendesta Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

Slendesta is a patented weight loss ingredient made to signal the stomach and brain that it’s no longer hungry. It’s an all-natural form of vegetable protein that is free of stimulants, and it’s claimed to be side effect free.

It’s also intended to prevent a heavy spike in blood sugar after meals. The company claims that it can help people reduce their hip and waist measurements as well. So are all these claimed benefits truly possible? What kind of an effect does this ingredient truly have? This full Slendesta review features all the important details you need to know.

Slendesta Ingredients

Slendesta (The amount varies on the supplement used)

 Slendesta: A patented ingredient made by Kemin Foods LC. It’s a potato extract that’s made to increase the release of CCK, or cholecystokinin. This hormone is released by the gastrointestinal system, and it helps properly digest foods, while keeping one from feeling hungry.

Slendesta is made without GMO’s, preservatives, allergens, and it’s made in a GMP certified facility.

The European Food Safety Authority reviewed this ingredient after the company requested for it to be labeled as an effective weight loss ingredient. According to them, this ingredient:

“did not show an effect on Slendesta Potato Extract on the reduction of body weight”

They made sure to thoroughly check all the clinical studies provided by the company:

“took into account all four human intervention studies”

The makers of Slendesta mention how over 500 people who’ve used this brand have lost weight. However, the European Food Safety Authority that is similar to the FDA read these reviews, and they concluded that it didn’t prove anything.

In these studies the same group mentioned that they were:

uncontrolled, and considers that no conclusions can be drawn from this study”

Therefore, the ingredient has not been verified using actually useful studies. It does not appear to be able to actually control appetite or reduce weight.

The company behind this ingredient sent out a rebuttal letter to suggest it’s truly effective. However, it still remains an unproven ingredient.

Slendesta Quality Of Ingredients

Slendesta is free of GMO’s, pesticides, stimulants, and it’s made in a clean facility. The problem is not that it might cause side effects, but that it won’t  have any effect at all.

This patented ingredient is lacking in anything useful for weight loss. Judging from the lack of quality clinical studies, it likely won’t be able to help one lose weight.

Though the idea of it helping suppress appetite is backed by what seems to be legitimate science, in reviewing these studies it’s clear that it was not performed under strict measurements.

As you’ll see in the “Customer Opinions of Slendesta” section, the results for this ingredient were not impressive.

The Price and Quality of Slendesta

The makers of this ingredient sell it to other companies so they can use it in their supplements.

Depending on the brand, some companies use it as a part of a larger mixture of weight loss ingredients. There was one brand by Swanson who sells this ingredient on its own.

They add a 15 mg serving of Slendesta as well as inactive ingredients for $22.35, a one-month supply on

This averages to a daily price of 74 cents.

Though this is extremely inexpensive, it’s likely due to the lack of weight loss benefits that people have experienced.

It’s also important to note that they’re the only one’s that make a pure Slendesta brand. They also do not feature it anymore on their website, it’s only available on, and it’s unknown if these batches are still fresh. This might also explain the cheap price.

Clinical Studies of Slendesta

All patented ingredients have to go through some sort of scientific review in order for them to be considered legitimate.

The makers of Slendesta have performed studies on over 500 different people of all age groups. In their reviews, they concluded that Slendesta has:

“Suggested Claims”

These claims include hunger management satiety, a lack of jitters, and reduced blood sugar after meals, better control on food choices, and reduction of waist and hip size.

However, one key thing to pay attention to is how they mention these is all suggested claims. This means that they have not proven that these effects are at all possible.

One other main issue is the lack of a full clinical study report. Usually in science there’s a clinical study published which has all the necessary information such as:

  • What kinds of restrictions were put in place in any?: The company fails to list whether or not people were reduced to a certain amount of calories, or if they introduced exercise. This is important as these changes can manipulate data. Also, it’s important to understand if those who took Slendesta and placebo users had the same standards to follow. Without it, it’s impossible to determine if weight loss is possible.
  • Did their weight return?: In some studies, ingredients only reduce water weight or they are shot term. It’s important to determine whether or not the users had any long-term benefits from using Slendesta.
  • Did all the people surveyed take it for 12 weeks: There’s not much information about exactly what the 500 people had to do. They don’t reveal if all the people that were studied had all the same demands. 12 weeks is standard for most clinical studies, but without knowing if all users followed the same schedule, it’s unknown if this brand is truly effective in the long term.

The makers of Slendesta simply added a quick summary of the results, without actually posting all the things that went into their findings. This makes it impossible for the average consumers to find out for themselves if this brand is right for them.

It’s also suspicious as one would expect the company to be proud of any science that shows their patented ingredient has effective results.

Business of Slendesta

Kemin Health LC makes this product, and you can contact them via the following:

Phone Number: (800) 777-8307

Address: 2100 Maury Street

Des Moines, Iowa 50317

This contact information is for their North American headquarters, they also have other buildings in Asia, Europe, and South America.

Though the company conducts many of their own clinical studies, in particular Slendesta has been reviewed by the European version of the FDA with no success.

They also don’t handle returns; any and all transactions have to be done with the company that uses their patented ingredients.

It’s unknown if the companies who sell this brand all have legitimate money back return policies.

Customer Opinions of Slendesta

Here are some of the reviews for brands that feature Slendesta:

“I didn’t see that these do anything”

“Buyer beware”

“I will not reorder”

“effects are good for about 1-2 hours”

Results have been fairly unimpressive according to the multiple customer reviews. Many felt that they didn’t experience anything. One person who says they had their appetite suppressed for 1 to 2 hours also adds how they didn’t lose weight.

Overall, it doesn’t appear to be well reviewed by customers. Many didn’t see any change whatsoever.


 In reviewing Slendesta, it’s clear the following need to be considered:

  • A review into this ingredient showed it wasn’t effective for weight loss: The European Food Safety Authority ran a conclusive study into the clinical reviews offered by the company. In their full analysis, they found this ingredient to be ineffective for weight loss. Though the manufactures tried to change their minds by sending another letter, they kept their judgments exactly the same. This means that all over 500 different people that were studied, there was no conclusive proof that you can actually lose weight, hip and waist size, or for thee to be appetite suppression.

From the studies published, it’s clear that the clinical reviews do not support the claimed weight loss benefits. The reason why this report is so important to consider is because this governing board is very similar to the FDA. They make sure to use cutting edge science in order to make their determinations.

  • Customer reviews for this ingredient aren’t good: In reviewing all the supplements that use Slendesta, it’s clear that the customer support is non-existent. People have complained that they failed to see any benefits at all. This includes appetite suppression, weight loss, and any of the other intended benefits. Customers often felt that they were taking an unnecessary placebo, where there were absolutely no changes at all.

The major problem with this is that each company has their own standards for allowing or denying a return. You can’t deal with the makers of Slendesta directly, instead you have to file a complaint with the manufacturers that used this ingredient. This makes it impossible to trust this ingredient as companies can argue that it’s not their fault the brand didn’t help one lose weight.

  • No reliable proof is given: Already mentioned is the fact that the European equivalent to the FDA has not deemed this ingredient scientifically proven to help one lose weight. Another issue is in the quality of the clinical studies provided by the makers of Slendesta.

There were no control groups in their studies. This means that people were allowed to eat as much as they’d like. Only one study was done on a 1,500-calorie limit. The problem with this is that the company claimed one could benefit from this product without lifestyle changes.  For the people that were allowed unlimited food, this makes it impossible to determine whether or not they over consumed calories or not. Without a clear limit, it’s possible for one to overeat and gain weight.

  • No money back guarantee is offered directly from the makers: Though the company that patents Slendesta claims to back up their product, once they sell it to other companies, these groups are allowed to run their own return policies. This can lead to one using this ingredient without any benefits, and still being unable to make a return. This isn’t the proper way to use a supplement as there should always be some sort of guarantee as it shows the company is backing up their product.

Though technically once the company sells Slendesta, the suppliers of these supplements are in charge of what they add to their formulas. In either case, the official manufacturer of Slendesta does not offer money back returns. Judging from the numerous negative reviews and the lack of weight loss results, it would be best to have some sort of guarantee in place to ensure you won’t waste your money.

  • The clinical studies offered are flawed: There’s an online pamphlet that shows how people who took 600 mg of Slendesta had much better effects than the placebo, 300 mg, and 150 mg groups. They claim that people had less of an increase in blood sugar after a meal, an increased sense of feeling full ,and a significant reduction of their waistline. They also mention how over 500 people took part in these studies.

What the company also ads is that these are suggested claims. This means that what they have to say is not backed by any proven evidence.  They also add how this was done on a 15 to 30 mg dosing of Slendesta before two of the largest meals of the day. Manufactures who sell this brand don’t suggest this same amount and suggested feeding time.  Either way, the studies are never published in their full form like a real clinical study would. So it’s impossible to judge whether or not the data is accurate.

Though this ingredient is harmless, it’s also not been proven to be effective for any weight loss effects. Both customers and government review boards have shown that Slendesta has no effect at all on suppressing appetite, reducing blood sugar, or producing weight loss.

This brand had a lot of clinical studies performed, but they have not been shown to be performed under strict scientific standards. Therefore, this ingredient isn’t likely to help one lose weight. 

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