Secure Meal Replacement shake Review: Does it work?

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Intro: What is it?

Secure Meal Replacement shake is a meal replacement that claims to be a healthy source of non GMO soy protein.  It’s available in 6 flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Peanut Butter, Peña Colada, Mixed Berry, and Coffee.

It’s also offered in different serving sizes from a 10, 30, 60, and 100 serving size.  There are claims it “might be the world’s lowest calorie meal replacement”. So what can it do in terms of weight loss? Is it priced well and does it have good quality ingredients? The answers to these questions and more are continued in this review.

Secure Meal Replacement Ingredients

Featured below are the ingredients to the Vanilla:

Non-GMO Soy Protein Isolate Fructose Non-dairy Vegetarian Creamer Maltodextrin Calcium Citrate
Natural Flavors Artificial Flavors Magnesium Oxide Calcium Ascorbate Natural Beta-Carotene
Acesulfame Potassium Sucralose d-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate Potassium Citrate Niacinamide
Calcium Pantothenate Cholecalciferol Zinc Citrate Folic Acid Selenium-Methionine Complex
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride Cyanocobalamin Thiamine Hydrochloride Riboflavin Chromium Nicotinate

Some of the ingredients have been shown to cause problems:

Niacinamide: Taking large amounts of this niacin extract can promote toxic side effects. It’s often advised to seek a physician’s recommendation before supplementing.

Cholicalciferol: Used as a poison to kill rodents. It can lead to soft tissue damage and renal failure.

Artificial Flavors: This additive can come from many different sources. It’s created in a laboratory where there are many different ways chemicals can be altered.  Essentially it’s a cheap source for natural ingredients which would are costlier. Since manufacturers don’t have to list exactly how they processed this ingredient, there’s a possibility for it being an extract of some sort of allergy causing substance.

Macronutrients and Calories

Calories 63 Calories From Fat 15 Total Fat 1.5g, 2% Sodium 60mg, 2% Potassium 100mg, 2%
Total Carbohydrate 7g, 2% Dietary Fiber 2g, 8% Sugars 5g Protein 7g, 14% Vitamin A 10%
Vitamin C 100% Calcium 20% Iron 4% Vitamin D3, 100% Vitamin E 50%
Vitamin B1 50% Vitamin B2 50% Niacin 50% Vitamin B6 50% Folic Acid 50%
Vitamin B12 200% Biotin 50% Pantothenic Acid 50% Phosphorus 6% Magnesium 25%
Zinc 10% Selenium 35% Copper 4% Chromium 50%


There’s 63 calories per serving, 15 of which are from fat.

To find out how much of this product is fat, you can perform a simple formula:

15 divided by 63; multiplied by 100=23% of this product comes from fat.

According to the FDA, anything above 20% fat is considered high. So one serving of this shake will provide you with 23% of your fat, or 46% of your daily fat if you’re substituting two meals a day.

Though 63 calories seems like a low amount of calories, it’s important to determine where the calories are coming from. The simple sugars and soy protein are what makes up the majority of this product, since it’s listed first. The FDA establishes standards for companies to follow. The first ingredients listed are what make up the majority of a product, so Fructose and soy protein make up the bulk of this shake.


There’s 5 grams of sugar added per serving which comes from fructose, a sugar source extracted from fruit. Though it seems wholesome, when extracted from fruit there’s a potential for side effects.

A study listed in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition ran studies which revealed the following:

fructose is poorly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract”

“no biological need for dietary fructose”

“did not suppress circulating ghrelin”

This means you can eat a lot of fructose and still not be satisfied. It’s also not well digested in the body.

The Quality of Secure Meal Replacements protein

7 grams of protein are offered in the following:

Non-GMO Soy Protein Isolate: Refined form of soy protein which is at least 90% protein.  It’s known to cause less gas than another forms of soy.

There are a few issues with soy since it contains:

Phytoestrogens: These estrogen forming additives have been shown in some studies to alter hormone production. A study published in the journal “Human Reproduction” showed it could reduce testosterone.  It also can potentially cause early onset puberty, prevent childbirth, and it could disrupt the healthy development of fetuses.

Scientific American released information about the dangers of soy, according to them it could lead to:

Long-term impacts on behavior and brain chemistry”

Goitrogenic effects: Soy has a lot of these compounds which prevent the proper absorption of iodine; this can lead to problems in the thyroid.  This can also lead to low energy, a weakened immune system, weight gain, and many other problems.

Protease Inhibitors: These are known as toxins which block healthy enzymes from digesting proteins.

Due to all the protein that comes from soy, Secure Meal Repalcement doesen’t offer the best soruce of protein avaialble in a shake.

The Price and Quality of Secure Meal Replacement

If you purchase directly from the manufacturer, the price at a month’s supply is $59.90.  The company offers an auto ship program as well, but it doesn’t appear to save you any money.

At 2 shakes a day for a month’s supply the cost is:

$59.90 divided by 2= $1.99 a day.

This seems like a cheap price, but considering the label mentions that this shake is:

“an occasional meal replacement”

They never specify what this means exactly, no mention is offered as to how many shakes a day are allowed or if there’s a limit on how long you can take it for.

There are also unnecessary Artificial Flavors added as well as artificial sweeteners which aren’t as wholesome as other ingredients.

Cheap Substitutes

Although the product has GMO free soy protein, there are ingredients such as Artificial Flavors and artificial sweeteners added.

These ingredients are often used to substitute for pricier, yet more natural alternatives. There’s prolems in taking large amounts of these ingredients as they’re somewhat new, and it’s unknown what the long term consequences are.

There’s about 700 ways an Artificial Flavor can be processed from, however, according to the EWG, a group who gives out information about health, Artificial Flavors can come from:

2000 other chemicals not directly regulated by FDA”

So what you might expeirnce is unknown as the labeling of an ingredient does not have to list the exact origin if it’s an Artificial Flavor. According to the same group, this can cause food allergies in some people and:

“this can be a serious concern”

8 common food allergens can be used to make these additives, and you won’t know until you try it if you’re allergic.

Acesulfame potassium and Sucralose are another of the cheap ingredients added to this list. They’re meant to be low calorie substitutes for sugar, but they’re also known to cause their own set of problems.

Studies show that they’ve both caused serious health concerns in lab rats such as leukemia, tumors, birth defects, and obesity.

Hunger Suppression

Fiber and protein are both nutrients which are helpful in preventing hunger. This brand contains 2 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein. So about 14% of your daily protein and 8% of the daily fiber per serving.

The fiber comes from the following:

Maltodextrin: Fast absorbed starch that also acts as a cheap sweetener. It has a high score on the glycemic index up to 100, which is considered bad as it rapidly increase blood sugar levels.  This also means it isn’t very helpful in keeping people from wanting to eat more. Better sources are found through digestive resistant Maltodextrin.

Another problem is the use of fructose. According to the Journal of American Medical Association or JAMA, adding fructose to your diet can prevent your brain from knowing when it’s no longer hungry. The study showed it didn’t effect:

 specific brain regions that regulate appetite and reward processing”

Furthermore, only 7 grams of protein are added. Also, since its all soy, this can affect the thyroid which also directly affects the rate of obesity. The overall hunger suppressing properties are limited in Secure Meal Replacement.


Made by Procraps Laboratories, a Nevada company that sells what it claims to be the “world’s most advanced vitamins”.  They never attempt to prove or explain exactly what this means. You can reach their customer service department below:

Phone Number: (800)800-1200

Address: 430 Parkson Rd.

Henderson, Nevada 89011

They offer an auto ship program that has been criticized by customers who don’t feel secure being charged each month automatically. This practice is sometimes abused by companies who lock people into contracts.

Customer Opinions

There aren’t many customer reviews available, however, from the few that are out there, there’s a concensus on the quality and overall business:

shipping is crazy fast”

“very little clumping”

“too expensive”

“there are noticeable spikes in blood sugar when the sweeteners are used”

Most people appreciated the quick communication and fast shipping, however there were mixed reports on the overall quality. None of the reviews I saw ever mentioned fat loss or hunger suppression, both important qualities in a meal replacement.


While low on calories, it also has very little fiber and it uses soy protein as well as cheap sweeteners. Included in Secure Meal Replacement are the following:

  • All of the protein comes from soy: 7 grams of soy protein are added, and unfortunetly this source can lead to problems. It’s known to cause probems through its phytoestrogens which can lead to increases in estrogen. This can reduce testosterone in men and it can cause problems with healthy development. Other compoiunds in soy can also lead to compliciations in processing protein, as well as long term health effects.
  • Some of the sweeteners are artificial and known to cause potential health problems: Acesulfame potsassium is carcinogenic and it can lead to birth defects. One study published in a scientific journal showed it leads to neurological problems. Sucralose is another artificial sweetener which has been documented as causing lower healthy gut bacteria in mice. Another study showed it could lead to leukemia in mice. The sugar in this shake amounts to 5 grams per serving, there are less sugar grams in other meal repalcements.
  • It’s considered a high fat food according to the FDA: There’s 23% fat per serving, which anything above 20% is considered high fat. Most of this might be from the vegetarian creamer added, but it’s unknown exactly what it might come from. High fat diets have been linked to an increase in obesity; also fat has more calories per gram than other macronutrients, so you’re getting a lot of fat which is uncommon from meal replacements which have isolates like the on featured in this brand. It’s not mentioned where the fat content comes from.
  • Most of the sugar comes from fructose, which can lead to obesity: It’s common for brands to use fructose since it’s a cheap and tasty sugar. Unfortunately this additive can lead to an increase in obesity, as well as other related illnesses. It’s also hard to control your intake of this sweetener since it does not produce the appetite suppressing hormone ghrelin. Fructose is safe when it comes via fruits, but extracted there are multiple written reports on the potential side effects.
  • The hunger suppression is likely low: Since there’s only 2 grams of fiber that comes from cheap regular Maltodextrin, it’s unlikely to suppress appetite. The protein added comes in at 7 grams which is also low. The reason for this might be because these shakes being only meant to be occasional meal replacements. This means you shouldn’t rely on them too much. According to the makers, it should be an occasional thing you add to your diet.

There isn’t much offered in this shake since it’s full of artificial and potentially harmful sweeteners, low amounts of protein and fiber, it’s full of soy protein which can cause potential problems, and very few customer reviews are avaialble. Alternative options would be better suited to help you lose weight safely.

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