Rockin’ Wellness shake Review: Does it work?

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Intro: What is it?

Rockin’ Wellness shake is a meal replacement available in Vanilla Mocha Swirl, and Chocolate Cacao.  The front of the package claims it provides: Energy, focus, and mood support. There’s also a claim that the world’s best super foods are added.

It’s made specifically as a pre or even post workout meal, and it’s recommended to use between one scoop to 4 scoops a day. Is there any benefit to drinking Rockin’ Wellness? Just how useful is it for weight loss? The answer to that question and more is featured in this review.

Rockin’ Wellness shake Ingredients

Here are the Vanilla Mocha Swirl ingredients:

Organic Non-GMO Hulled Hemp Seed Raw Organic Non-GMO Cacao Bean Non-GMO Coffee Bean Non-GMO Coconut Milk Powder Organic Non-GMO Vanilla Bean
Organic Non-GMO Goji Berry Soy Lecithin Organic Non-GMO Evaporated Cane Juice Organic Non-GMO Banana Fruit Chia Seed
Organic Non-GMO Maca Root Organic Non-GMO Brown Rice Protein Organic Non-GMO Cinnamon Bark Green Tea Leaf Extract Organic Non-GMO Yerba Mate Leaf
Guar Gum Organic Non-GMO Flaxseed Lactobacillus L.Acidophilus Stevia Extract

Some important things to note about the ingredients:

Organic Non-GMO Coffee Bean: Seeds from the coffee plant that are brewed to make coffee. It contains caffeine in unknown amounts; caffeine can lead to side effects and isn’t recommended before sleep since it can cause restlessness and insomnia.

Organic Non-GMO Goji Berry: Dehydrated red berry found in China that’s considered a super fruit. No studies are available to show if it’s effective for weight loss.  Medline Plus researched clinical reviews and said that all the supposed benefits had:

“Insufficient evidence to rate effectiveness”

Green Tea Leaf Extract: This commonly added ingredient has caffeine in it that the manufacturers don’t reveal. Though caffeine has short term benefits, it’s known to cause a tolerance in the body.

Organic Non-GMO Yerba Mate Leaf: A tea found in South America that is used due to its stimulant effects. Studies on its weight loss benefits have not been very supporting. A study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed there was no:

“evidence beyond a reasonable doubt”

It’s also considerably higher in caffeine than many other tea sources. Once again, the company has failed to list the actual amounts of caffeine. Without knowing the specific amount, it’s unknown what a safe dosage would be.

Macronutrients and Calories

Calories 110


Calories From Fat 45 Total Fat 5g. 8% Saturated Fat 2.5g, 13% Total Carbohydrate 12g, 4%
Dietary Fiber 1g. 3% Sugars 7g Protein 3g Iron 8% Calcium 2%
Magnesium 46%


Low in calories at 110 per serving, but a lot of it comes from fat. To calculate the percentage of fat per serving:

45/110= 0.409 times 100= 40% fat per serving.

The FDA says that any food with 20% or above fat qualifies as being high fat. Limiting fat is important since high amounts of it can contribute to obesity.


Only one gram of fiber is provided from one source:

Guar Gum: Extract of guar beans which is a thickener often found in processed foods.  The FDA forced a recall of weight loss supplements that used this ingredient after there were cases of people choking, as well as them having their esophagus’s blocked.

According to WebMD, the possible side effects include diarrhea, loose stools, and blocking in the intestines.

Since there’s only one gram added of fiber, appetite suppression has to come from the protein.

The Quality of Rockin’ Wellness protein

Organic Non-GMO Brown Rice Protein: Provides complex carbohydrates and is rapidly absorbed by the body. It’s low in the amino acid Lysine.  Due to its rapid absorption, it can lead to nausea, stomach cramps, and diarrhea if overeaten.  Rice protein is also a cheap protein source which can be found through real rice for much cheaper.

Organic Non-GMO Hulled Hemp Seed: Seeds from the hemp plant which are high in fats and omega fatty acids. It’s low in the amino acid Leucine and Lysine, and requires more supplementation with other amino acid sources.

7 grams of protein are added, and since the company mentions you can take up to 4 scoops a day, the maximum amount of protein you’ll get a day is 28 grams.

Lack of Amino Acids

More importantly is the lack of certain essential amino acids such as Leucine and Lysine. Leucine is the main BCAA which is needed for keeping lean muscle, and for promoting other benefits such as blood sugar control.

Since you don’t have the full range of amino acids, you have to make sure you supplement with whole foods to make up for the lacking protein sources.

This adds to the cost of the overall product, and it prevents it from being an optimal source of nutrition. High protein is one thing to look for, but another important factor is where the protein is sourced from. Usually vegetable protein is mixed into a large blend to make up for the amino acids; this brand fails to do that.

The Price and Quality of Rockin’ Wellness

A 30 scoop bag costs $59.97, so at the maximum 4 scoops a day the daily cost is:

$59.97/30= $7.49 a day for 4 shakes.

One major problems with this shake is that even if you get the full amount of 4 scoops a day, you still have to make up for the lack of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and the low nutrients. Therefore, this brand does not quality as a proper meal replacement.

Lack of Nutrients

On the back of this label there’s a brief outline of only 3 micronutrients in 8% Iron, 2% Calcium, and 46% Magnesium.

Even if you drink 4 shakes a day you still need to get 92% of your calcium elsewhere, as well as all the other nutrients such as B vitamins, Vitamin A, C, D, E, and other minerals. This lack of quality will force you to have to eat whole foods which you may not be hungry enough to eat enough of.

According to WebMD, a proper meal replacement is:

“Fortified with a third of daily vitamins and minerals”

 This brand lacks many of the essential nutrients required to satisfy a full meal replacement even with the 4 shakes a day that can be drank. The company never outright claims that weight loss is possible, but they suggest it by using testimonials of people who have lost weight.

 Added Sugar

Each scoop provides 7 grams of sugar, so at the recommended 4 scoops a day you’re getting 28 grams of sugar. There’s added Stevia which is good since it has a limited reaction in elevating blood sugar, but there’s still a another sweetener added.

It all comes from one source:

Organic Non-GMO Evaporated Cane Juice: Another name for dried cane syrup, the FDA has actually said that the term “juice” is not factual, since it’s actually syrup. A study published by the Dietary Guidelines for American showed that that white sugar and Evaporated Cane Juice is essentially the same, it’s also mentioned that both of  these:

 offer no nutritional value, only calories”

There’s a recommended daily limit to sugar as well according to National Health Service. According to them, the limit should be 30 grams a day for most people.

The American Heart Association also recommends the following for men and women:

Men: 9 tablespoons maximum a day

Women: 6 tablespoons maximum daily.

4 grams of sugar equals 1 tablespoon, therefore 28 grams provided in this shake equals 7 tablespoons; this passes the daily limit recommended for women.  This can lead to obesity as well as many problems with metabolism.


Rockin’ Wellness makes these shakes as well as energy and greens drink. They are based out of New York and can be reached below:

Phone Number: (855) 876-2593


The company also offers what they call a VIP program, which is an auto enrollment plant that charges people per month automatically. Many have criticized it and there are 23 negative reviews on Pissed

The makers responded back by admitting fault:

 there were some issues in the past with our VIP program”

This forced many to be automatically charged for large quantities of Rockin’ Wellness shakes for months. The company did offer an apology, but it’s unknown if they also offered a refund.  It’s also unknown if this practice continues.

Customer Opinions

You can read multiple reviews on their page from many customers:

“Don’t waste your money!!”

“Unauthorized Charges”

“no miraculous weight loss”

“Not bad”

Many customers have complained about the automatic billing practice as well as the price. Reports on the taste have been mixed, some found the consistency was chalky, and other’s added how it tasted decent.

Overall, the main complaints are about the price.


The most telling of what was uncovered about Rockin’ Wellness includes:

  • The company admits they had a problem with auto-billing: On Pissed, the company responded to a few of the customer complaints about being billed automatically each month without consent. They responded back with admittance that they had a flawed system. This means people for a long time were being automatically charged each month for packages of products they didn’t order. Not only is this the companies fault, but it speaks to the companies policies that they would allow this to happen. They also did not reveal whether or not this issue has been fixed.  Many negative reviews are available from people on, and other online retailers.
  • Quality of protein suffers from a lack of amino acids: Even at 28 grams of protein a day from the recommend 4 scoops maximum, you’re still going to miss out on essential amino acids needed by the body. These amino acids have to supplement in some form, or it’ll prevent the body from properly functioning. This means less lean muscle will be retained if you were to lose weight. This is because of the lacing quality if of protein from hemp seed and brown rice protein. Neither of these offers high amounts of all the essential amino acids.
  • Many nutrients are lacking: There’s only a little bit of Iron, Calcium, and a good amount of Magnesium. No other vitamins and minerals are added at all. This means that you have to supplement all the lacking nutrition through whole meals. A quality meal replacement offers a wide array of nutrients so you your body have what it needs to support itself. Without these key nutrients, it’s possible to experience issues such as fatigue and mood problems. It’s also not recommended to take meal replacements with this lack of nutrients according to WebMD.
  • It’s not specified how much caffeine is offered: There’s caffeine provided through the coffee bean, cacao bean, green tea leaf, and yerba mate leaf. The company fails to mention exactly how many milligrams of caffeine are provided. This is important since caffeine can cause symptoms in people. It’s also known to create a tolerance in the body, meaning you have to take more in order to experience benefits. Without knowing the full amount of caffeine, it’s unknown what can be expected in this product. The side effects that may be experienced include headaches, nausea, vomiting, irritability, mood swings, and rapid heartbeat.
  • It’s costly for what you’re getting: One bag provides only around 7 days’ worth of shake if you take the recorded 4 scoops a day. The ingredient added is also not anymore useful for weight loss than other ingredients. Many of the additives are caffeine based so they might have a slight impact on metabolism, but the ingredients such as Goji, Guar Gum, Probiotics, and more have potential side effects. Many of the ingredients here don’t provide the full spectrum of nutrients needed in a meal replacement as well.


Rockin’ Wellness shake has been criticized for their auto-enrollment plan, and for the high price tag that doesn’t reflect the quality. There are also many issues with the ingredients, since it fails to provide all the essential amino acids in high amounts.


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