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Relacore Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

Relacore is a weight loss pill claiming to be America’s number one belly fat reduction supplement. It also mentions that it reduces fatigue, anxiety, stress, and it’s meant to improve mood.

Other claims made are that  these pills will improve any diet you’re on.  They also add that they’ve sold over 12.7 million bottles across the globe. It’s made to help people lose stubborn pounds that dieting alone can’t get rid of. There’s even mention that that by random luck it’s also useful for anti-aging. So are these claims true? What can you gain from this Relacore? The answer to this and more is solved in this full review.

Relacore Ingredients

Here are their most popular Relacore Extra ingredients. :

Ascorbic Acid( Vitamin C), 1670% Calcium Carbonate and d-Pantothenate 10% Thiamin B1, 1000% Riboflavin B2, 880% Pyridoxine HCI B6, 500%
Folic Acid(Folate), 100% Cyanocobalamin B12, 170% Biotin 230% Calcium d-Pantothenate) Pantothenic Acid, 230% Magnesium Oxide(Magnesium), 25%
Zinc Oxide(Zinc),70% Passionflower (aerial parts) Powder Magnolia Bark Powder Chinese Skullcap root Powder Asian Ginseng Root Extract
Poria Sclerotium Extract Jujube Fruit Extract Perilla Leaf Extract Phosphatidylserine

For unknown reasons, they fail to provide a list of their ingredients on the company website. A seller on listed the ingredient label for viewing. Some of the ingredients require more information:

Perilla Leaf: Also known as stinging nettle, this herb is a part of the mint family. When it makes skin contact it’s common for it to cause rashes and skin inflammation.  It’s been shown to lead to lung toxicity in animals.

Portia Scletorium Extract: A fungus that eats wood. Though it’s been used in Chinese medicine as a diuretic and as a way to calm the mind, there aren’t enough studies done to figure out what it really does. According to Web MD it:

hasn’t been well researched by scientists”

It may also produce side effects.

Magnolia Bark: Used as a medicine, this has claimed weight loss benefits though no studies have proven this effect.  It has not been tested for longer than 6 weeks. Possible side effects may include heartburn, fatigue, headaches and thyroid issues.  Damage to the thyroid may lead to mood changes and an increased risk for obesity.

Passionflower: A plant used to provide calm and to ensure sleep. It may be harmful in large amounts. Possible side effects can include rapid heart rate, abnormal heart rate, irregular muscle function, widened blood vessels, and an altered state of consciousness.

Chinese Skullcap: A plant used as a traditional medicine. It’s meant to reduce tumors and to prevent inflammation. According to Web MD, it may cause:

“fever and lung inflammation”

It may also cause hypoglycemia or low blood sugar and bleeding disorders.

Phosphatidylserine: Found in high amounts naturally in the brain, this amino acid extract is used to improve memory and to reduce cortisol, the stress hormone.  Though it’s not needed in most healthy people and it has only been shown to benefit the elderly.

The company also mentions that the following “may” be included, but it’s unknown if the truly are:

Microcrystalline Cellulose Stearic Acid Silicon Dioxide Croscarmellose Sodium
Polyvinyl Alcohol Talc Polyethylene Glycol
Titanium Dioxide Polysorbate 80 Yellow 5 Red 40 Lake
Blue 1 Lake Blue 2 Lake

The Quality of Relacores Ingredients

There are many potential allergens such as food coloring added. Though it’s unknown if they are actually included, since the company mentions it may have these additives but that it’s not guaranteed.

There’s also the addition of many ingredients mixed into a proprietary blend in unknown amounts. Clinical studies have shown that many of these ingredients need to be taken in specific doses in order to avoid side effects.

There’s also ingredients such as Chinese Skullcap, Magnolia Bark, and Portia Scletorium have not been proven to work.

So there are potentially harmful additives,  some which may not work at all. Overall, the quality is lacking in this brand.  You aren’t even guaranteed of exactly what ingredients are added. According to Live, when taking Relacore:

“One common side effect is weight gain”

“Many side effects have been reported with Relacore.”

There’s no evidence provided by the company to suggest Relacore is useful for getting rid of weight, stress, or that it will prevent aging.

The Price and Quality of Relacore

One bottle with 72 pills costs $29.99. The company recommends 2 pills a day which equals 6 full tablets. This means the overall daily cost is:

$29.99/12= $2.49 a day for 2 full recommended servings.

Due to the use of unscientifically proven ingredients,  some of which may cause side effects, there’s no proof this brand actually produces results.  The company does not provide any clinical studies to prove this brand is safe or effective.

Unknown Ingredients

On the back of Relacore Extra’s ingredients is a list which reads:

So a mixture of these ingredients or perhaps none of them at all are included.

By not knowing what might be going into your body there’s a potential for risk, especially since the specific strength isn’t listed. Especially since some of the additives are known to produce potential symptoms:

Polysorbate 80: Emulsifier which in one study showed it could cause pregnancy issues. One study showed it lead to:

degenerative follicles sic(in the ovaries)”

Another study showed it lead to:

low-grade inflammation and obesity/metabolic syndrome”

Red 40: Red food coloring that’s banned in France, Switzerland, Denmark, and Belgium due to health concerns. The Center for Science in the Public Interest specifically wanted to ban this food coloring since they claimed it lead to behavioral changes.

Yellow 5 Lake: A food coloring which is known to be the most allergen causing of all food dyes.  This is banned in Austria and Norway. According to the UK Food guide it’s:

“Not recommended for consumption by children.”

This is due to concerns of it leading to hyperactivity.

It can potentially lead to headaches, migraines, itching, and purple skin blotches.

Blue Lake 1 and 2: Food coloring that has been mixed with metals. According to the EWG, Blue 1 can lead to organ toxicity. High amounts of Blue 2 have been linked to:

significant increases in brain cancers and other abnormal cell development”

The Center for Science in the Public Interest also mentions that Blue 2 is not safe at all for human consumption.

Though it’s unknown if these ingredients are added and it’s not explained exactly how much of each is found. Still, due to the potential for serious side effects, it’s important to watch out for the intake of these additives.

Anti-Aging Claims

The company website mentions that men and women around the world are using Relacore t0:

help reduce the signs of aging”

The way this is intended to happen is by the decrease of the stress hormone cortisol. By reducing stress the company mentions that telomeres which protect DNA aren’t damaged by stress. This leads to the body growing old and weaker.

Though the body does age due to stress, there’s no proof provided to suggest Relacore helps relieve cortisol. They fail to provide any proof at all.

The way the company markets itself also raises a red flag. They mention that other people have listed Relacore as an anti-aging pill.  So instead of saying Relacore is effective for this purpose, they add others say this. This makes it so they can escape liability by instead suggesting others use it for this purpose.

In 2004, a warning letter was sent to the company for making claims about Relacore reducing cortisol. There’s no new evidence provided to suggest that Relacore has found a solution for stress reduction.


The manufacturers go by the name of the Carter Reed Company. They can be found below:

Phone Number: (800) 898-5153

Address: 5742 Harold Gatty Drive

Salt Lake City, Utah 84116

The company has had issues due to class action lawsuits:

  • They lost a class action lawsuit for each of their Relacore brands. If customers of the product submitted a claim they would be reimbursed for what they paid for, this is due to them making false weight loss claims.
  • By purchasing through the website, you give up your right to take the company to court. On the terms and conditions of Relacore it’s stated that customer will:

waive any ability to maintain any class action”

Therefore, any and all issues have to be settled with the company only in an “individual basis”.

Customer Opinions

There have been many opinions available on this brand on sites like

“I don’t think it did anything”

“I had no good results”

“Not impressed with this product at all”

“No loss of body fat, no loss in appetite”

There are many complaints about a lack of any type of change. Some customers also added that they experienced heartburn, hair loss, and insomnia. These types of effects are possible from the ingredients mixed in the proprietary blend.


There are many important points to consider about Relacore:

  • The company has gone to court for lying about the effects of Relacore: 2 class action lawsuits have been filed against the company. In one landmark case they were forced to repay any customers who purchased any brands under the Relacore name. The company lost due to the evidence which showed they had no proof for the health claims made about Relacore. Due to this giant lawsuit the company now makes it impossible to sue them. Anyone conducting business with them is locked into a contract which prevents any class action lawsuits against them. This is hidden in the terms and conditions. Therefore, instead of changing the type of claims they make, they decided to prevent people from suing them if they were to lie again.
  • Customers have complained about side effects and no positive effects: Hundreds of reviews are available online which are all negative against the effects felt by Relacore. Some mention symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, heartburn, and loss of hair. There are also many disgruntled customers who mentioned they failed to see any positive change at all. The majority of people who posted their opinions added how there was nothing to be gained even when taken at the full recommended dose, and with a full bottles worth.
  • The brand has many unproven and potentially harmful ingredients: Many of the ingredients added to the proprietary blend have the potential for increased heart rate, improper blood clotting, indigestion, sensory changes, and several other harmful side effects. There’s also mixed ingredients into a proprietary blend which are important to take in specific doses to prevent the risk for side effects. Some customers have mentioned experiencing ill effects; therefore it’s important to watch out for intake of these additives. Many of the have yet to be proven as always safe or effective.
  • It’s unknown what the ingredients really are: The Company lists 13 different additives which it may have, but it’s not verified. These are all meant to either provide color, texture, or to make the pills easier to swallow. There’s no nutritional value at all to these ingredients. Though some of them are known to be potentially harmful. The food colorings added are known to possibly cause allergic reactions and hyperactivity.
  • There’s many unproven claims made: There’s mention that anti-aging benefits are possible, and that this brand will help remove stress. They claim to add any clinical study or form of proof to suggest this is at all possible. Due to the class action lawsuits in the past which proved the company lied about results, it’s important to hold them accountable to ensure Relacore does what is promised. Without any evidence there’s no reason provided to suggest you’ll be able to experience results.

There’s not enough provided by the company to suggest Relacore is useful. Hundreds of customers have reported no effects and some have also listed potential side effects. Also, the company has a history about lying about the positive effects of Relacore.

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