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PhenTabz Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

PhenTabz is a weight loss pill featuring patented ingredients made to burn fat and reduce appetite. It claims to do this with a pharmaceutical formula available without a prescription.

There’s even mention of this supplement leading to weight loss every day, while getting rid of body fat and not just water weight.  While it’s made to suppress appetite, another intended benefit is to help provide motivation and control over one’s diet choices. It’s also claimed to be a replacement for the prescription only drug Phentermine. Is PhenTabz an effective weight loss supplement? What kind f results do customers report? The answer to all this and more is featured in this review.

PhenTabz Ingredients

Instead of listing the ingredients, the company mentions that their formula is made up of FDA approved ingredients, which they claim are safe.

Their official website gives no clue into what kind of additives are found inside.  Customers did upload their own images of the supplements facts list, but it’s unknown if this mixture is still up to date:

7-methyltheophylline Methyl Synephrine HCL Octopamine


7-methltheophylline:  The chemical name for caffeine. It’s never explained how much caffeine is in this formula. Since the 3 ingredients make up a proprietary blend of 145 g, it’s possible for they’re to be at least a cups worth of caffeine pr serving.

Taking unknown amounts of caffeine is dangerous since the other added stimulants can promote side effects. Also, it’s often advised not to take caffeine late in the day as it can lead to insomnia. Other possible side effects may include:

  • Headaches.
  • Nausea.
  • Restlessness.
  • Muscle twitching and jitters.
  • Rapid heart rate and irregular heart rhythm.

Methyl Synephrine HCL: A specially processed form of Synephrine, which is changed chemically to make it much stronger.  Studies into Synephrine are more common than Methyl Synephrine, and it’s unknown how well it performs in long-term studies.

It’s been shown to increase diastolic blood pressure and heart rate. In some people this can lead to unwanted effects, and it’s often advised to avoid use if one has any heart conditions.

This stimulant has been criticized due to clinical studies showing major side effects. According to a report by Health Canada, there were 16 reports of this ingredient being:

associated with cardiovascular ARs (adverse events), including tachycardia (rapid heart beat), cardiac arrest, ventricular fibrillation, transient collapse and blackout”

One case exists of a previously healthy woman who suffered a serious heart attack from Synephrine. Other listed side effects may include:

  • Anxiety and feelings of paranoia.
  • Insomnia and restlessness.
  • Sweating and flush skin.
  • Muscle twitching, jitters, and muscle spasms.
  • Headaches, mood swings, and irritability.

Particularly when this ingredient is mixed with caffeine, its been shown to increase the overall rate of side effects.

Octopamine: Stimulant extracted from Synephrine. It’s often used as a fat burner, though mentions hat:

“direct fat burning claims may not be relevant and are effectively untested in humans”

The World-Anti Doping Agency has banned this ingredient from use.

Increased blood pressure is one of the most common side effects.  It’s not been proven to be an effective weight loss ingredient.

PhenTabz Quality Of Ingredients

When reviewing the ingredients for this formula it’s impossible to know if the ingredients some customers mentioned are actually used.

The official company website does not list the ingredients, and customers have reported images of different ingredient blends.  Each one is significantly different and some include the now banned ingredient DMAA. This additive has been linked to serious health risks including heart attacks, stroke, and cardiovascular damage.

Some formulas offer 145 mg; others include 250 mg per serving. Some have extra-added ingredients as well. Listed in the ingredients section on this review are 3 additives, which come from the most recent customer upload images.

If these ingredients are used, then PhenTabz has 3 stimulants, unknown levels of caffeine and the potentially dangerous Methyl Synephrine HCL with the understudied Octopamine.

It’s important to take stimulants with caution as side effects can include cardiovascular damage. Too much is unknown about this blend to be able to take it with a full safety assurance.

The Price and Quality of PhenTabz

A one-month supply sells for $69. This means the daily price is:

$69/30= $2.30 for a daily serving.

This comes without money back guarantee for opened products. Any returned unopened products are with added shipping and handling, as well as a 20% restocking fee.

Without an assurance of ingredients, it’s unknown exactly what you’re getting with this product. It’s also a blend of 3 stimulants, which may all cause similar side effects.  With no guarantee of safety or quality there’s not enough proof to suggest his would be a wise purchase.

Safety Concerns over PhenTabz

WADA or the World-Anti Doping Agency has banned this ingredient from use. This means that major athletic organizations have made this ingredient illegal to use during competition. Any positive drug test can result in a fine or ban. This standard is often not jut for major sporting organizations, but also other competitions.

The Australian Government’s Department of Health also issued a warning claiming that PhenTabz:

“poses a serious risk to your health”

“should not be taken”

“if found… they will be seized and destroyed”

They also recommend stopping taking these products due to their potential for side effects. They claim it has undisclosed and unsafe ingredients, some of which are toxic. It’s unknown what kind of an effect was reported to have such a serious ban set by the Australian government.

The company claims to have FDA approved ingredients, but they never cite sources to prove this. Caffeine has been cleared, but the other 2 ingredients are uncertain.

Doctor Approval

YouTube has 3 videos posted by the company, which have doctors explaining why PhenTabz is an effective weight los supplement.

Dr. Julio Conrado recommends this brand but since he specializes in pulmonary health and not in diet or nutrition, its unknown if he can accurately judge the quality.

He claims that people who took pharmaceuticals didn’t experience the same safe results that PhenTabz has. Though it’s never cited anywhere to suggest whether or not this is actually true.

Another recommendation comes from Dr. Jim Bradley who is a chiropractor, not a specialist in weight loss.  He claims one of his clients saw significant weight loss, but it’s never revealed exactly how much, or if he included diet and exercise.

One final supporter is Dr. Francisco Torres; he is a specialist in rehabilitation and physical medicine. He currently deals with spine care.  He claims his clients use PhenTabz and that it produces safe and effective results.

All these people are based out of Florida where the company is from, and no one ever provides any proof to their claims. It’s not uncommon for supplement companies to pay off doctors unrelated to weight management in order to make their brands seem medically approved.

Without any form of evidence it’s unknown if PhenTabz has paid for these positive reviews.

Business of PhenTabz

Lexium International owns this product and their US offices can be found below:

Phone Number: (888) 666-1714

Address: 1591 Hayley Lane, Suite 203

Fort Myers, Florida 33907


There isn’t much information about the company, and no customer reviews on the return policy have been listed online.

It’s unknown how they handle their business, or if the company offers prompt service.  The company offers no clinical studies.

Customer Opinions of PhenTabz

Reviews are scattered online with only a few customer opinions. Here’s a sample of a few of them:

“caused me chest pains and pain in my left shoulder”

“didn’t sleep much at all”

“have not experienced weight loss”

“literally thought I was going to pass out”

There were 2 people who were hospitalized to an extreme increase in heart rate. There are also many who didn’t experience any different in weight loss.

All the side effects listed by customers are commonly found in these types of stimulant ingredients.  Quite a few people advised from using this brand. The only common positive effect reported was an increase in energy, but for many this was too extreme and uncomfortable.


After reviewing PhenTabz it was easy to see what were the most noticeable things it offers:

  • It’s unknown what kinds of ingredients are used: When researching this brand it became clear that there were not just different ingredients listed by customers, but 2 kinds of proprietary formula strengths. It’s unknown which of these are the real ingredients, since the company has failed to cite their own brands additives. Nowhere on the official website is there any explanation as to what’s inside, or in what amounts. These ingredients are all potentially harmful, and it’s unknown exactly how much caffeine is added. This also makes it impossible for a physician to give advice on what a proper dosage strength would be. Even proprietary blends weight loss supplements will often mention how much caffeine is added in order to provide a safe dosing experience.
  • No money back guarantee is offered for opened bottles: Any opened PhenTabz bottles cannot be retuned. Also, even with unopened bottles they must be returned in good condition and with a 20% restocking fee applied. This also comes without paid shipping and handling. This makes it impossible to supplement with this product without investing money first. Even if one were to experience side effects or a lack of weight loss, you wouldn’t be allowed a return. These types of business practices prevent customers from being able to experience this brand to determine what it can really do.
  • Many customers have experienced side effects and a lack of benefits: The most common complaint people have is that PhenTabz did not promote any weight loss. There were a few customers who mentioned they had increased energy, but this is common for stimulant formulas. There’s also a major complaint against how the increase of energy was too extreme. 2 people were sent to the hospital after they experienced a sudden increase in heart rate that was too much to handle. It’s unknown if there’s long-term health consequences from taking this formula. The added stimulants have been shown in clinical studies to lead to heart attacks and cardiovascular damage.
  • The stimulants added might promote dangerous side effects: A lot of research has gone into Synephrine and Caffeine. When mixed together this blend has been shown to potentially cause heart attacks, mood swings, rapid heart rate, and muscle twitching. Since this proprietary formula has unknown levels of each stimulant, it’s impossible to determine in advance if it might be too much for one’s own body. The standard dosing if 2 capsule a day can be approximately 2 cups worth of coffee alongside 2 stimulants. Certain people can have much less have a stimulant and still experience changes. It’s unknown what a proper dose of this brand would be since the ingredients are mixed.
  • Agencies have either banned or handed out warnings: The government of Australia and the World-Anti Doping Agency has banned this ingredient from use. According to the Australian government, this product has potentially harmful ingredients that will be destroyed if found. Research into the products ingredients showed that it contains a potentially harmful blend of ingredients. They also advise to immediately stop taking this brand, and to destroy it to prevent anyone from using what they consider to be a dangerous formula. According to them, this supplement poses a serious risk to one’s health.

Many customers have not only not lost weight, but also some have even been hospitalized with hard to deal with symptoms. The consensus on this brand is that it’s much too strong, and that side effects are common.

There’s also no money back guarantee for opened products, and government agencies have declared it to be a serious potential health risk Without knowing the exact kinds and quantity of ingredients, it’s impossible to supplement with this product with a assurance of safety or quality.

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