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Phenocal Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

Phenocal is a weight loss pill made without stimulants that claims to offer an all-natural formula for maximum fat loss. They even provide a short video explaining how it can increase energy, promote fast weight loss, and help burn fat with pharmaceutical strength ingredients.

There’s also the claim that it’s safe to use, and able to help support a diet and exercise plan which is required in order to experience results. It’s made up of herbs and patented ingredients, which are used to help suppress appetite, and provide a thermokinetic response. This is a way of saying it raises internal body temperature to help burn calories. Are any of these claims actually true? What can you expect if you were to supplement with Phenocal? Featured in this comprehensive review are all the details you need to know.

Phenocal Ingredients

Vitamin D, Cholecalciferol 250% Vitamin B3, Niacinamide 125% Vitamin B1, Thiamine HCL, 666.6% Vitamin b5, Calcium Pantothenate 100% Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine HCL 300%
Vitamin B2, Riboflavin 294.1% Vitamin B12, Hydroxocobalamin 833.3% Biotin 83.3% Chromium Picolinate 16.6% Folic Acid 12.5%
Fucoxanthin Bioperine Green Tea Leaf Powder Glucomannan L-Tyrosine
Cacao Extract Phenylethylamine Hoodia Gordonii Green Tea Leaf Extract 80% Catechins, 60% EGCG Garcinia CAMBOGIA
Yerba Mate Coleus Forskohlii Evodiamine L-Tryptophan CLA

 Fucoxanthin: A brown seaweed extract used as a fat burner. Only one study has been performed which shows this effect, in this analysis it ended with:

“More extensive… well-controlled clinical trials are suggested”

Therefore, there needs to be more proof to show whether it is safe or effective.

Phenocal provides no proof either, though they do list potential benefits.

Glucomannan: Fiber taken from the konjac plant that’s used to lower cholesterol and weight. It’s highly advised to take it with water to reduce choking and intestinal blockages. A major study by Universities in Chicago did a review on its claimed weight loss benefits. They add:

“did not promote weight loss”

Side effects have also been reported:

  • Bloating.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Loose stools.
  • Asthma.
  • Gas.

The FTC has also sued supplement companies for making false weight loss claims about this ingredient.

Hoodia Gordonii: A shrub used to suppress appetite by producing a chemical in the brain. However, this effect is often limited since it isn’t well metabolized. has said that there’s been:

“failures of Hoodia to suppress appetite and it may also be mildly toxic”

Due to its lack of effects and potential negative toxic buildup, it’s advised not to supplement with this ingredient.

Green Tea Leaf Extract & Green Tea Leaf Powder: Antioxidant rich tea that also contains levels of caffeine. It’s used to increase immune system function and to promote weight loss. In terms of weight reduction, an analysis by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health says:

“not enough reliable data to determine (if it can) aid in weight loss”

Also, there have been reports of people experiencing serious liver problems from green tea extracts that were added to weight loss supplements.

Evodiamine: Plant that’s been traditionally used in Chinese medicine as a way to increase fat loss. has reviewed it and added that in terms of promoting weight reduction:

“no significantly promising evidence has been shown”

Coleus Forskohlii: Herb used to fight inflammation and cancer, as well as increasing testosterone and fat loss. It’s been understudied and not enough proof is provided to show it’s truly effective. A clinical study confirmed this; the Exercise & Sport Nutrition Laboratory in Baylor University showed that it:

“does not appear to promote weight loss”

Furthermore, the potential testosterone boosting effects may produce unwanted side effects in both men and women. Increased levels of testosterone can lead to:

  • Premature baldness.
  • Increased aggression.
  • Increased body hair.
  • Ovarian syndrome such as PCOS

CLA: Conjugated linoic acid is a fatty acid used to promote fat reduction. adds that:

“too weakly affects PPAR receptors to really induce fat loss”

Studies have also been unreliable, and its claimed benefits are often exaggerated.

5-HTP: Also known as 5 hydroxytryptophan, this chemical creates serotonin, which is used to increase mood. Increased levels of this can be either positive or negative, depending on how much one person can handle.  When it’s too high it can promote inflammation and feelings of depression. Other possible side effects may include:

  • Muscle problems.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Vomiting and ill feelings.
  • Stomach pain and nausea.
  • Drowsiness.

Studies have shown it can lead to EMS, which is a serious condition that leads to blood issues and muscle problems.

Phenocal Quality Of Ingredients

Many of the ingredients added to the proprietary blend can be potentially dangerous in high levels. This includes 5-HTP, Hoodia Gordonii, and Glucomannan. They can potentially cause side effects such as mood swings, toxic buildup, and digestive issues.

There’s also unproven additives such as Glucomannan, CLA, Evodiamine, Fucoxanthin, and Green Tea. None of these have been proven to promote weight loss.

Overall, the lack of clinical studies and potential side effects may be too much to handle for some.

The Price and Quality of Phenocal

Purchases are possible directly from the manufacturers website. One 120 capsule bottle costs $39.85. A daily serving is 6 capsules and shipping is $7.95, therefore the daily price for supplementing is:

$47.80/25= $1.91 for a daily serving.

5 of the ingredients have not been proven to help one lose weight, and 3 of them are potentially dangerous. Not enough proof is added to show that this formula is actually effective for weight loss.

Unproven Claims

There are many benefits the manufacturers claim are possible such as:

“independent studies (show it can) boost energy, suppress appetite, and promote fat burning”

“purest most potent”

Also, it’s suggested that it will:

“We’ve included several patented ingredients”

The problems with these claims are that they aren’t backed up any evidence. The claim that it contains many patented ingredients isn’t true; only one ingredient has been patented.

They also never provide any of the independent studies, which are supposed to show how effective this product really is. There are also cited benefits of their Glucomannan and Fucoxanthin.

 Specifically they mention that Fucoxanthin lead to:

“14.5 pounds over 16 weeks”

“metabolic rate of women…increased by nearly 18%”

They never actually cite any of these studies, so it’s unknown if there was more to taking this ingredient. Studies can often be limited by using only a few people, or by requiring caloric deprivations and exercise regimens.

Some studies end by adding how there needs to be more of an analysis, since they self admit they didn’t have enough proof to show the ingredient in question was useful.

All these claims of Phenocal being safe and effective are made without any sort of proof. Without being able to see where they came up with their claims, it’s unknown if they are exaggerating or possibly lying about the intended benefits.

Business of Phenocal

The owners of this brand are Pharmaxa Labs, they only provide a phone number as contact information:

Phone Number: (888) 675-0241

They do follow GMP standards, which means they produce their supplements in an FDA approved facility. However, not much information exists about the company outside of their own website.

I couldn’t find one customer who mentioned they’ve dealt with the companies return policy.

The bottles label mentions an address that according to Google is owned by ihealth fulfillment. According to the Better Business Bureau, this company has an F rating due to numerous customer complaints Customers have mentioned:

“never received them (pills)”

“always have trouble getting my product in time”

“I didn’t’ get a refund and no compensation”

It appears that this company not only deals with customer care, but they also ship and distribute products. The problem with this is that even if the makers of Phenocal truly offer a 60-day money back guarantee, there’s no guarantee of one receiving a product on time, or being helped for a refund.

Customers have complained that the representatives meant to help aren’t good at their jobs, and some say they failed to provide them a refund. Working through a 3rd party can lead to issues, which customers have reported.

Customer Opinions of Phenocal

There’s only a handful of reviews available online. Here’s some of the most prominent one’s:

“Just doesn’t work”

“I do not feel decreasing in appetite”

“didn’t help me at all”

“I would not recommend purchasing this”

The average negative consensus is that this product does nothing.  For several customers there was a total lack of appetite suppression, and a few mentioned they felt sleepy.


After reviewing Phenocal it became clear that it offered the following:

  • The company has a highly criticized shipping and customer service program: The manufacturers use a 3rd party system which currently has an F rating on the Better Business Bureau website. This is due to numerous complaints from people who’ve failed to receive their supplements in a timely manner, and for being unable to schedule a refund due to a lack of customer service quality. This F rating makes it hard to know whether or not one can truly trust their system. Since the company offers a 60-day money back guarantee, it’s important to be able to properly schedule a refund. According to a few customers, this is made impossible.
  • There’s no evidence that several of the ingredients are either safe or effective: There are several additives in this formula, which have been sown to lead to side effects such as toxic buildup, nausea, headaches, insomnia, irritability, mood swing’s depression, gas, bloating, and vomiting. The manufactures of Phenocal claim that this product is safe to use long term, though they never provide any proof. Without being able to look at any evidence, its unknown if the makers of Phenocal are being truthful. Recent clinical studies have shown that ingredients like Glucomannan, Hoodia Gordonii and CLA just aren’t effective for helping people lose weight. The most up to date research shows them to be ineffective and some of these ingredients are potentially dangerous. This is why health websites such as Web MD will advise not to supplement with some of these additives.
  • Customers have complained about a lack of effects: Though there are very few reviews online, 20 people on have complained about how they failed to see any benefits. A few mentioned they felt sleepy, which is odd considering the product is meant to increase energy. There’s also been complaints from people who also included diet and exercise, yet still failed to see any weight loss benefits. A few people also mentioned a lack of appetite suppression and that they didn’t lose a single pound.
  • No clinical trials are provided: Many bold claims are made such as supposed benefits of it being safe, useful long term, and that it can create many beneficial weight loss changes. They do offer a description as to what several of their ingredients are meant to do, but without proof there’s no good reason to believe what they’re saying. Written testimonials are offered, but no clinical studies. This is a problem since both Glucomannan and Fucoxanthin are have specific results the company claims are possible, though without them citing the study it’s unknown what else went into this. Sometimes clinical studies are only performed short term, on a few people, or by using a caloric deprivation and exercise. Without the full clinical study it’s unknown if the company is presenting all the important details.
  • The website contradicts itself: They mention that this formula has several patented ingredients. However, only one ingredient in Bioperine is patented. It’s unknown why they’ve failed to correct this mistake.

 There’s never any proof provided by the manufacturers, and customers have widely agreed that there’s no weight loss, appetite suppression, or increased energy.

Some of these ingredients need to be dosed in measured amounts since they can potentially cause side effects. Also, the customer service has been criticized as well.

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