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PGX Daily Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

PGX Daily is a weight loss pill featuring a patented fiber blend meant to decrease hunger. The PGX formula has also been tested in double-blind tests that were funded by the company.

The intended benefits are not just stabilizing blood sugar, but also lowering cholesterol. It’s made without the use of stimulants, and the company claims it’s very safe and all natural. Another specific benefit is the claim that all meals glycemic index is reduced up to 60%. Is this formula safe to use? What kind of an effect does it really have? This PGX Daily review provides everything you need to know.

PGX Daily Ingredients

Konjac-mannan Root Sodium Alginate Xanthan Gum Medium Chain Triglycerides from Purified Coconut Oil Gelatin
Glycerin Purified Water Annato Carob Yellow Beeswax
Soy Lecithin


Konjac-mannan Root: A plant often used in Asian cooking. In supplement form its key active ingredient is Glucomannan, a type of thickener. This soluble fiber is used to improve digestion and reduce weight by satisfying hunger.

Health Canada mentions that taking water is important to avoid blockage and choking in the throat, intestine, and esophagus.  The company also suggests taking this ingredient with water in order to avoid potential side effects.

The FDA has also had to send warning letters to companies who claim weight loss is possible with this ingredient.  Many companies have reported about the health benefits that are possible, but according to the FDA, this has not been proven.

The Peninsula Medical School in the UK performed a study which showed this ingredient:

“did not… generates statistically significant weight loss”

Side effect may also include:

  • Gas
  • Loose stools.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Indigestion. 

Live also adds that this ingredient may negatively interact with diabetic medication.  This is due to its blood sugar lowering affect which may result in side effects.

Sodium Alginate: Extract taken from the cell walls of brown seaweed. This gum is used to thicken and create a gel in the stomach. It’s been known to lead to side effects that include:

  • Bloating.
  • Nausea.
  • Diarrhea.

Xanthan Gum: Thickener made from the fermented sugar of bacteria. It’s used as a laxative and as a cheap gelling agent.  Side effects may include:

  • Bloating.
  • Gas.
  • Diarrhea.

A standard dose for Xanthan Gum varies as for some people tiny amounts can cause laxative effects. It’s also often extracted from common allergens such as dairy, wheat, soy, or corn.

Manufacturers are not required to list where they source their Xanthan Gum. This has been shown to cause allergic reactions that include difficulty breathing, rash, hives, and other symptoms.

Medium Chain Triglycerides: Man-made extract taken from coconut oil.  This form of fat is considered by some to be beneficial for burning calories.  A study featured in Pub Med was done on whether or not this can help treat obesity. According to the review:

results are inconclusive”

It can also produce side effects in people that include:

  • Stomach discomfort.
  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Gas.
  • Essential fatty acid lost.
  • Irritability.

This ingredient has become recently popular for its claimed health benefits. However, the science behind it has been limited. Some studies have shown an effect while others show no change at all.

PGX Daily Quality of Ingredients

This fiber blend can potentially lead to similar side effects including flatulence, stomach pain, and diarrhea.

Konjac-mannan has also been criticized for leading to choking and blocking in the intestines and esophagus. It’s also been the subject of FDA disapproval since companies will often claim it’s useful for weight loss.

Overall, many of these ingredients have been shown to be ineffective, potentially harmful, or cheap and available elsewhere for a reduced price.

The Price and Quality of PGX Daily

The company offers an interactive map which shows the closest locations which sell this brand.

This brand is sold on average for $39.95 for a 120 capsule bottle which provides 40 servings. This equals a daily price of:

$39.95/40= 0.99 cents per daily amount.

Though fiber can be useful for weight loss, this brand has 2 cheap thickeners in Sodium Alginate and Xanthan Gum. The added konjac-mannan is also potentially harmful and its weight loss potential has yet to be proven.

Overall, this formula is a meant to provide a source of fiber that’s made from inexpensive ingredients.

Business of PGX Daily

InovoBiologic Inc. owns this brand and they are known for having patented ingredients. They can be reached via the following:

Phone Number: (800) 916-1650


Finding information about this company is difficult, and nowhere on the official site is there mention of an address.

They have repeatedly tried to get their proprietary formula that’s featured in PGX Daily approved as being GRAS, or generally recognized as safe. The FDA responded back with a letter that reads how it:

has not, however, made its own determination regarding the GRAS status”

Therefore, it’s not yet been approved as being safe according to FDA standards.  There’s several letters dating back to 2011 where the company has petitioned without passing.

Potential Laxative Effects

Not only have customers reported experiencing laxative issues, but the ingredients added are often used for that very reason.

Both Konjac and Xanthan Gum are sometimes prescribed for producing laxative effects.

This can not only cause a disturbance through an increase in bathroom usage, but it’s also been shown to reduce the amount of vitamins and minerals the body can absorb.

Live adds that the loss comes through a:

combination of water, electrolytes, fiber and minerals”

This can require some to have to reintroduce these important nutrients or else face potential side effects.  Dehydration and nutritional imbalances are some of the side effects which may result. The potential requirement of more vitamins and minerals can increase the overall cost of supplementation.

Potential side effects of laxatives have been listed by the Mayo Clinic as:

 “abnormal heart rhythms, weakness, confusion and seizures”

People have different reactions to these ingredients, and it’s often recommended to seek a physician’s advice before taking. Other side effects have also been reported and it depends on how well one’s body can react to these effects. For some it caused nutritional imbalances which can promote long term negative health changes.

Clinical Studies

The company has published their own funded clinical studies on the PGX Daily proprietary formula.

Even their studies showed that it only lead to:

“Beneficial modest effects”

a decrease in body weight of approximately 3.5 lbs.”

This was the final result in 3 months’ time.  This means that in roughly a full 90 days, the expected rate of weight loss is 0.38 pounds a month.  With such a small amount of weight loss expected, much more money can be saved by simply eating more fibrous foods, or by introducing small diet changes.

The study also mentioned that:

Adverse effects were generally mild”

It’s not revealed exactly what kind of effects were felt or for how long. It’s possible they mean flatulence, bloating, and digestive issues as being considered mild.  Though it’s unknown if these kinds of side effects are long lasting, or if they can be prevented.

Customer Opinions of PGX Daily

Several opinions are available about the overall experience with PGX Daily:

“It really doesn’t work as a weight loss product”

“Worst stomach ache of my life”

“Did not notice any difference”


Major concern was expressed over the incredibly large capsules. For some it was too much to swallow and in the FAQ section people often ask if they can cut a capsule in half. The company does mention that this is not advised as it destroys the added Medium Chain Triglycerides.

Some people did report appetite suppression which is possible through any fiber source, but there was a lack of weight loss. There were customers who didn’t feel much of a change at all in terms of appetite suppression.


After reviewing PGD Daily it became clear that there are several things to consider:

  • Customers have complained about the overall intake and size: The recommended intake is 3 to 6 capsules per meal, and customers have not only complained about the quantity, but also the overall size. Many felt it was much too large and that this made it difficult to swallow. A possible side effect of this is choking and blocking in the throat due to the added konjac. Though the actual pill itself has caused choking in some customers. It’s not explained why this pill is so large, but the company does mention that it’s not recommended to split it in half as it destroys much of the benefits.
  • The clinical studies showed very little weight loss: The company’s own studies only showed a maximum of 3.5 pounds of weight loss in a 3 month period. This is an incredibly small amount of weight loss in comparison to other options. These same studies also showed there to be mild side effects, though it’s never explained exactly what people felt. Since this brand is essentially a mixture of fiber sources and a fatty acid which studies show isn’t beneficial, the overall effects come from cheap thickeners. Xanthan Gum is often included in processed foods, and konjac hasn’t been proven to produce reliable weight loss as clinical studies have shown mixed results. With only a few pounds of weight loss shown in their own studies, it’s unknown what kind of an effect this brand would have if it were tested through an unbiased clinical study.
  • The same beneficial effects can be found safely via fiber rich foods: The mixture of ingredients is essentially 3 forms of fiber, a fatty acid from coconut oil, and several binders and coating for the pills. This brand offers a soluble fiber source that can also be gained naturally and cheaper through foods such as nuts, seeds, beans, oats, peas, and lentils. The added benefit is that these founds don’t have the same potential side effects. These ingredients are often included in processed foods and they’re available for much cheaper when purchased separately. Still, the added Xanthan Gum is often included in processed foods as a very inexpensive thickener.
  • Side effects have been reported in studies and through customers: The potential side effects that have been reported are varied. A PGX proprietary formula study revealed that it could lead to mild side effects. Other studies have shown a possibility for blocking in the intestines throat, and esophagus, nausea, loose stools, digestive issues, gas, bloating, diarrhea, and frequent stools. Certain people can have more problematic reactions to this fiber blend. Fiber is also something that can produce unwanted side effects depending on what kinds of foods you eat. It’s advised to drink lots of water in order to avoid indigestion or choking. However, for certain people it may be difficult to get enough water as the fiber formula can expand much greater than its original size. Making sure one is hydrated enough is highly suggested both by the company and the FDA.
  • There’s no money back guarantee offered: Since the manufacturers don’t do direct sales, all purchases must be made by 3rd party sellers. This doesn’t allow for money back return even if one were to experience a lack of benefits. All purchases are final and it’s not a guarantee that one will experience any benefits. This lack of a guarantee extends to those who may experience side effects. Without being able to be verified of a guarantee, it’s unknown if this brand is lacking protection due to a lack of results.

There’s not enough certainty that this brand will produce effective results, and clinical studies have shown it can lead to side effects.

Even the companies own clinical studies showed very limited results, and for the price you’re paying it’s not worth the investment. Fiber is something that can be gained elsewhere for much cheaper.

Some customers have criticized the lack of benefits as well as the hard to swallow pills. Many of these ingredients can also be substituted with cheaper options. 

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