New Whey Liquid Protein Review: Does it work?

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Intro: What is it?

New Whey Liquid Protein is a protein formula made to be used on the go since it’s offered in a portable stick.  It claims to provide a complete protein source with an ease of use, and it’s offered in 7 different fruity flavors.

It doesn’t require any refrigeration, and the container it comes in is supposed to be virtually indestructible. It claims to add the “appropriate” amount of amino acids as well. There’s 42 grams of protein offered per serving, and this comes without any added sugars, carbohydrates, or fat, according to the official website. So how useful is this liquid protein formula? Is there any benefit over other protein sources? To find out the answer to these questions and more, you can read this thorough review.

New Whey Liquid Protein Ingredients

Here are the full Watermelon ingredients:

Water Collagen Protein Isolate Whey Protein Isolate Casein Protein Isolate
Phosphoric Acid Natural Flavor Artificial Flavor Sucralose
Sodium Hexametaphosphate Acesulfame Potassium Sodium Benzoate Potassium Sorbate
Yellow 5 Yellow 6 Calcium Disodium Salt

 Some ingredients to look out for:

Artificial Flavor: Man made artificial ingredient that can be extracted from many ingredients, including common allergens including GMO soy, wheat, dairy, and corn. In some people this can lead to hives and difficulty breathing.

Sodium Benzoate:  Food preservative that the UK version of the FDA called the Food Standards Agency or FSA claims may lead to hyperactivity in certain people. The Mayo Clinic also confirmed it can:

exacerbate symptoms or episodes of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder”

Yellow 5: Food coloring known as tartrazine, it’s used to make a product look more appetizing. It’s considered the most allergies causing out of all food colorings. In asthmatic people it can cause severe damage, and it’s known to produce hives in certain people.

Yellow 6: Actually more orange than yellow, this food coloring was cited by Benjamin Feingold as producing ADHD and allergies in children. The US has set an acceptable limit for this ingredient, due to its potential for causing side effects.

Potassium Sorbate: White salt used as a food preservative. It’s known as an eye, respiratory and skin irritant. Science Direct also showed it could be:

genotoxic to the human peripheral blood”

Other issues include DNA damage and long term damage to health.

Calcium Disodium Salt: Water soluble acid used to provide antioxidants. The International Journal of Toxicology showed this ingredient could:

cause a toxic effect”

This includes kidney failure, seizures, dangerously low blood sugar, and reduced blood calcium.

Macronutrients and Calories

Calories 180 Total Carbohydrate 2g, 1% Protein 42g, 84% Sodium 100mg, 4% Potassium 50mg, 1%


This brand is considerably higher in calories than even full meal replacements.  This is odd considering this brand is not intended to replace any meals.

Keep in mind that it’s estimated that a one hour gym session burns about 300 calories. 2 of these drinks will surpass that limit at 360 calories. 60 more than you would burn in one hour of gym workouts.


Only 2 grams of 1% of the daily value is provided in carbohydrates.

This contradicts the official website which claims:

Zero carbs”

It’s unknown why the official website lies about the amount of carbohydrates added. Though small, it makes you want to watch out for any other claims they make which may be untruthful.


There’s no added sugar, however there is an artificial sweetener added:

Acesulfame Potassium: Discovered by accident, this artificial ingredient is around 200 times sweeter than sucrose.  When it’s added to food, it can degrade into acetoacetamide, which can be toxic.  A study published by PLOS One also showed it lead to:

altering neuro-metabolic functions”

This includes raising insulin and affecting leptin. So it can potentially make one more hungry.

The Quality of New Whey Liquid Protein’s Protein

There’s a ton of protein added at 43 grams per serving, and it comes from the following:

Collagen Protein Isolate: Form of protein taken from the connective tissue of animal bodies. It fails to provide one essential amino acid in tryptophan, and its low in methionine, isoleucine, and threonine.

According to the FDA, certain collagen protein can lead to a:

potential risk of transmission of TSE”

This means it can promote a disease which damages the brain and the nervous system.

Whey Protein Isolate: High protein source which has all the essential amino acids. It’s at least 90% protein by weight. It’s an extract found in the cheese making process.

Casein Protein Isolate: Protein found in cow’s milk. It’s a slow acting protein able to provide a long lasting satiating effect. It’s not as beneficial post workout, since it doesn’t provide the immediate surge of protein.

Most of this brand contains Collagen Protein; this can be seen through it being the first mentioned protein. The FDA requires companies to list the most common ingredients in a formula first.

Collagen protein is low in three amino acids, and it’s deficient in one essential amino acid.

Also, the company lists their amino acid score and it’s incredibly low for certain aminos.

They even mix 4 different aminos together to inflate the overall value, even though it’s still low.

For example, they add Methionine and Cystine together for 268 mg, it’s recommended to get around 3 grams of Methionine a day, so you won’t know if this brand will provide that since it’s mixed with another amino. Still, even when mixed it’s remarkably low.

This means the overall amino acid profile to this blend is severely low, and the 42 grams of protein seem impressive, but it’s made up of low amino acid mixtures.

The Price and Quality of New Whey Liquid Protein

Out of the 15 added ingredients, 9 of them can cause potentially harmful side effects.

There’s also added water which doesn’t really count, and of course the low quality score of the amino acids. The company also lies about not providing carbohydrates, and their 42 grams of protein is misleading. Looking at the available amino acid score shows just how low in amino acids this brand truly is.

A 12 pack for the manufacturer costs $34.99, at 2 a day this equals:

$34.99/6= $5.83 per 2 servings.

This is expensive for what you’re getting, which is artificial ingredients and a low quality protein.

Bioavailability of Protein

The main protein source this brand provides is Collagen Protein Isolate. Studies have gone into what this additive can truly do.

A study by Sci Flo Brazil showed that collagen protein:

interferes with protein efficiency of high-quality protein”

“decreases food efficiency”

This same study also revealed that overall body weight was the same, so this means that the positive effects of weight loss seen in protein is not offered through collagen.

A PHD also mentioned that it has a:

pathetic PDCAAS score of 0.08”

PDCAA is the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score, which regulates how well the amino acids are digested in the human body. O would be the lowest amount, and 1 would be the highest. Therefore this type of protein barely makes it past it being almost worthless.  Wheat gluten provides much more at 0.25; even fruits provide 0.76, which is significantly higher than this protein.

Low Amino Acid Score

Here’s a list of the most lacking amino acids in this formula:

Tryptophan 176 mg Methionine and Cystine 268 mg Alanine 0 mg Arginine 0 mg

This list provided by the company shows an incredibly small amount of aminos, some of which are nonexistent.

It’s recommended to take at least 3.5 mg per pound of body weight. This means that a 160 pound person would need around 280 mg of Tryptophan a day.

The individual Methionine and Cystine isn’t known since the company has failed to add them individually. This is essentially cheating, since when mixed together it inflates the overall amount, but it makes it impossible to track your daily intake.

Also, many amino acids are simply missing such as Alanine, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, Cysteine, Glutanic acid, Glycine, Proline, and Serine. You’d have to eat whole foods in order to make up for the lack of amino acids found in this formula.


New Whey Nutrition LLC owns this brand and they claim their brands are perfect for post bariatric surgery. They can be found below:

Phone Number: (407) 971-6011

Address: 5707 Dot Com CT # 1079

Oviedo, Florida 32765

I couldn’t find any information about money back return, although the company did have issues in the past over quality:

  • They were forced to recall several batches of this protein blend over possible contaminations. It’s not known exactly how this slipped past the manufacturing standards, and it’s also not been verified what the actual contamination source was.

Customer Opinions

Many reviews are available online, of which a large portion are negative:

“Avoid, this uses cheap protein”

“Not doctor recommended”

“Mostly cheap collagen protein”

“NASTY taste. Should come with a warning”

Anyone who researched the ingredients quickly realized that there’s a lack of quality protein added. There were also complaints about the drink being very chalky and hard to drink.


There were several key points which were found out about New Whey Liquid Protein:

  • The amino acid score is low: It’s confusing at first to see 42 grams of protein. This seems like a good amount, but it’s significantly low in the amount of amino acids. Amino acids are essential in determining whether or not a protein source is useful for the body. Without the proper amino acids, the body isn’t given what it needs to thrive and help retain lean muscle mass. For the amount of protein you’re getting it’s such a limited amount of protein. The main protein added also is low in 3 amino acids, and it fails to provide one essential amino you have to get through food.
  • The company makes false claims and is deceptive: They mention this brand is free of carbohydrates, yet they are included. They also claim it’s nutritious yet many of the ingredients are potentially dangerous. Also, it’s really not as nutritious as it claims to be, since the amino acid profile is incredibly low in comparison to the amount of protein you’re getting. They also mention it’s “exceptionally bioavailable”, this is not the case for the main protein added which is collagen. It’s one of the worst bioavailable protein sources, since it’s not fully properly digested by the body.
  • The majority of the ingredients is cheap and may cause side effects: 9 of the ingredients have been known to cause symptoms. They are also only added in order to substitute for more wholesome ingredients. This may drive the cost down, but this isn’t reflected in the price of this drink. 2 a day at $5.83 is incredibly expensive for what you’re getting.
  • It’s not a meal replacement, yet it’s incredibly high in calories: This drink will provide 360 calories for 2 servings. This is a lot considering it’s only a drink which has no added fiber, and it’s not meant to replace meals. Usually high calorie protein drinks are meant for bodybuilders or really athletic people. To burn off all these calories you’d have to do more work in the gym, which isn’t always the most convenient.
  • Customers have largely left negative reviews: Those who did their research realized that the majority of the ingredients are cheap. People also largely complained about the lack of total amino acids considering how expensive and how much protein is added. There’s also complaints about the taste, which some describe as gritty and artificial. Form the quality, taste, and overall nutritional variety, customers did not feel it was worth the price.

With so many negative customer reviews, and blatant lies by the company, there’s not much offered in this protein drink. It does have a large amount of protein, and one of the protein sources is Whey, but the majority of the ingredients have largely been criticized for their lack of nutritional value.

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