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Meratrim Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

Meratrim is a patented weight loss ingredient made from a blend of plants added to reduce fat cells. There were 3 clinical studies performed, and it’s claimed to reduce more weight than just diet and exercise alone.

Results are said to often come within just 8 weeks. The clinical studies were performed on people who lost around 11.2 pounds, and 3.9 inches off their waist. This was also with added exercise and a reduced calorie diet of 2,000 calories. So is this patented formula useful for weight loss? What kinds of results are common, and is it safe to use?  This Meratrim has all the important details that will help you decide if it’s right for you.

Meratrim Ingredients

Sphaeranthus Indicus Flower Garcinia Mangostana Fruit Extracts


Sphaeranthus Indicus Flower: A plant native to India that’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine as a cure all from things like jaundice, seizures, diabetes, and much more. Recent studies have gone into the plant and its touted medical benefits have either been reported as false, or still not proven. has reviewed the studies and available and they conclude it’s:

“under researched”

“not having a wide usage in society”

It’s most commonly used today as a way to reduce blood sugar. A Department of Pharmacology in India reviewed this additive and they concluded:

“less information is available regarding the clinical, toxicity, and photoanaytical properties”

There is just one clinical study, which showed it was effective for weight loss, however, the same company who makes Meratrim funded this study so there’s a potential for bias.  Overall, the clinical evidence for weight loss is limited, with not enough information known about  the overall safety and long-term usage.

It’s still not known exactly what full dosage strength should be, or whether or not it’s safe to use in the long term.

Garcinia Mangostana Fruit Extracts:  Fruit native to Southeast Asia that has small amounts of nutrients. It’s often only in season for short periods.

There are claims of this fruit being able to treat cancer, but the American Cancer Society has concluded this isn’t true.  Web MD has also reviewed this ingredient and they add:

“no scientific information about whether mangosteen works for any medical condition”

It’s also not been proven to be safe in medical amounts.  This also means that neither short term nor long term studies have been able to conclude whether or not supplementation would be safe.

A clinical study by the Center for Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy at the University Of London also concluded that there is a:

“lack of clinical data”

The company behind Meratrim paid for the only cited source, which shows these ingredients were useful. Unbiased sources have not shown that either has any weight loss effects or that they’re safe.

Meratrim Quality of Ingredients

Not enough studies have been shown to know whether or no these 2 ingredients are safe or effective.

All the clinical studies not listed by the company behind Meratrim have confirmed that the information is limited. It’s often mentioned in respected medical journal and websites like Web MD that the information on these additives is inconclusive and insufficient.

There’s no reason to believe Garcinia Mangostana would be effective in weight loss since it has very few nutrients. Sphaeranthus Indicus Flower is also claimed to be beneficial, but not enough research has been done.  This also means that it’s unknown what kind of side effects may be possible. Certain ingredients can lose their potency with long-term use, and others can lead to a tolerance or increased risk for side effects.

Overall, it’s unknown what kind of a total effect these 2 ingredients may have in  terms of results or safety.

The Price and Quality of Meratrim

The company sells this patented ingredient to other companies, and after that point they’re allowed to sell it for a price they see fit.

One popular Meratrim brand sells a month’s supply for $39.99. This means the daily price would be:

$39.99/30= $1.33 for a daily serving.

However, the company that patents Meratrim cannot offer guarantees of quality or safety, so any other sellers have to be looked into to verify what kind of a guarantee is offered, if any.

Clinical Studies Offered

The only verified positive review comes from the makers of Meratrim who funded 3 clinical studies on the ingredients. Most of the research available says that the 2 added ingredients are not well studied enough to show whether they’re safe or effective for any medicinal use.

The makers of Meratrim did perform 3 short studies with the longest time frame being 16 weeks. This means that it’s unknown if further supplementation would be safe or effective.

The people who partook in the study had a BMI between 30 or 40, which is considered obese. They also ate only 3 meals that equal 2,000 calories and they walked for 30 minutes, 5 times a day. In 2 weeks this lead to a:

“weight loss of 3.8kg beyond the average weight loss of 1.5kg for the control group.

So on average the 100 test subjects lost 5.07 more pounds than the placebo group.

After the full 8 weeks was up, the people who supplemented with Meratrim lost 4.6% more body fat, and they also lost 11.72 pounds more.  However, it’s important to keep in mind that no other studies have shown any kinds of weight loss. So it’s unknown what’s happening in these studies that’s causing a change in weight.

The company never explains at all why these ingredients work together to suddenly promote weight loss.  Every other study into the use of these ingredients for anything has been reported as inconclusive, flawed, or insufficient. It’s also important to look for other sources not provided by the company in order to judge whether or not these kinds of results are expected.

So far there’s no other source, which proves that these ingredients can promote safe or effective weight loss results.

Dosing Requirements

Though no strict safe dose has been established for Sphaeranthus Indicus Flower, according to rat studies the average amount according to would be:

  • 3,600 mg for a 250-pound person.
  • 2,200 mg for a 150-pound person.

Though they also add:

“no human evidence…for an optimal dose”

The nutritional value of Mangosteen has also been limited since a 100-gram serving only provides trace amounts of nutrients.  It offers a maximum of 5% for most nutrients, and it only has less than 2 grams of fiber per serving.

Though the official website for Meratrim claims that these ingredients are used to help:

“fat cell formation and breakdown”

They never mention exactly how this is meant to work. This would make it easier to identify what the actual process is like, since other clinical studies have shown there to be no positive effects from these  ingredients in any form.

These 2 ingredients were mixed into their proprietary formula for a reason, and without knowing why, it’s impossible to know what kind of an effect it may have. There’s a total lack of unbiased studies, which show how these 2 ingredients come together to form a weight loss solution.

All the supplement providers of Meratrim provide a 400 mg amount, which according to studies on Sphaeranthus Indicus, is not enough to provide any change. The standard dose that’s often tested on this ingredient ranges, but a 150-pound person is meant to take 2,200 mg. This is significantly lower than the unknown amount offered in 400 mg of Meratrim.

Business of Meratrim

InterHealth Nutraceuticals Inc makes this ingredient and they also patent other formulas. The can be reached through the following:

Phone number: (800) 783-4636

Address: 5451 Industrial Way

Benicia, California 94510


Information on the company is limited to what they have to offer on the official website. They do manufacturer their ingredients in a GMP certified facility, which ensures a consistent product from batch to batch.

Customer Opinions of Meratrim

Though different companies offer their own version of this patented ingredient, the reviews were identical:

“feel hungrier, and have a mild stomachache”

“I did not see any weight loss”

“no real increase in weight loss”

“haven’t seen any results to date”

There were very few reports of side effects, however, the most common experience that customers had was of a lack of weight loss. This was also seen in people who followed the advised 30 minutes of walking for 5 days and a 2,000-calorie restriction.

Many customers were dissatisfied due to the lack of benefits.


Meratrim offers all the following:

  • The clinical studies performed on the ingredients have been inconclusive: Most research into the individual ingredients Mangosteen and Sphaeranthus Indicus show that there’s no good evidence to suggest they have any kind of positive effect. It’s also not known what kind of a long-term impact this may have with supplementation lasting longer than 16 weeks. Without these key facts it’s impossible to judge how it might affect individual people, and no physician can suggest what an optimal dose would be. The company fails to mention why adding these 2 ingredients in particular, would lead to noticeable weight loss. Without a full explanation one can only rely on the studies that the company has funded. These biased studies are insufficient and aren’t replicated anywhere else.
  • Most customers’ mention they’ve failed to experience a lack of weight loss: All the brands that provide Meratrim have a majority consensus of negative customer reviews. There’s very few side effects listed, however, most people did not lose weight. The people who didn’t lose weight also mention that they followed the strategy that the clinical studies for Meratrim closely. This includes walking for 30 minutes 5 days a week, and eating only 2,000 calories a day. Still, even with this applied, people failed to see any change in weight.
  • Purchases of Meratrim come from unaffiliated companies: This patented ingredient is offered via supplements that sell and market their own brands. Some companies add additional ingredients, and others simply add 400 mg of Meratrim within a capsule. The issue with this is that this means money back return isn’t guaranteed. It also means that the patenting process can be flawed, since other companies can potentially change how this ingredient supposed to be taken.
  • The clinical studies cited by the company are flawed: the company behind Meratrim funded the only positive clinical study offered. This makes it impossible to determine if results are typical. These studies were also only performed between 8 and 16 weeks. So it’s unknown if these kinds of results are possible with longer use. It’s also not certified to be safe for much longer than this period. Every other clinical study, which was performed on the individual ingredients, did not show any positive results. It’s also never explained why these two specific additives were blended into Meratrim. It’s possibly due to a synergistic effect, but since the company fails to offer any information about this, it’s unknown what they intended to do.
  • It’s unknown what kind of a long-term impact this may have: Dosage strengths for this ingredient can vary, and the makers of this brand are the only ones who’ve tested it. What is known is that the standard dose for Sphaeranthus Indicus is much higher than what’s offered here. Still, mangosteen might interact with this ingredient in a way that increases its overall power. It’s unknown what kind of an effect this produces since the company fails to mention the process. However, it’s still important to consider this fact as safety information on Meratrim is limited to what the manufacturers have chosen to offer.

Many customers who tried this patented ingredient in different formulas mentioned how they failed to lose any weight.

Though the company has clinical studies, these are potentially biased , and studies into the individual ingredients haven’t been positive. There’s too much uncertainty with this brand and no guarantee of either safety or weight loss.

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