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Memotenz is a natural nootropic supplement created with herbs and amino acids for the improvement of overall brain function. Its formula has well-studied ingredients which when combined have the ability to improve reaction time, reduce age related memory decline, aid energy, and boost focus.

It was rated as being the very best nootropic supplement by our experts because of its use of wholesome natural ingredients that can deliver benefits, rave user reviews, reputable business profile, and reliability. Testimonials are available as well as multiple 3rd party reviews of the active ingredients. Learn about what Memotenz has been able to do for others by visiting their official website here.

Memotenz Ingredients

The active ingredients within Memotenz include:

Gingko Biloba Bacopa Monnieri St. John’s Wort Acetyl-L-Carnitine
L-Glutamine HCI Phosphatidylserine Complex Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate

Added is a very well-rounded formula which is free of any cheap or artificial additives and fillers of any kind. The benefit of each of these ingredients is that they all have multiple studies performed on them to help showcase what they can do. The creators have decided to include proper dosage strength as well to help deliver potent results. Memotenz is made available when you click on this link here.

Quality of Memotenz

With many unique ingredients used, here is a breakdown of what they can offer:

Gingko Biloba: A tree extract which has a long history of use in Chinese medicine. This is used to help support thinking and memory as well as support blood circulation. It is also beneficial towards nerve function and it is often used in nootropics for its historical use and benefits.

Bacopa Monnieri: Plant that contains natural chemicals used to support learning, thinking, and memory. It is also used to help protect brain cells from degrading, as well as help reduce anxiety.
St. John’s Wort: Traditionally used herb for the improvement of mood and reduction of inflammation. This has been well-studied and showcased as a way to help alleviate depression.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine: Amino acid used to help support energy production as well as brain function. It has been used to help those dealing from age related memory decline and depression. This can be sourced from different foods including meat, nuts, dairy, and much more.

L-Glutamine HCI: Found in high amounts within the body, this amino acid has been used to help aid mood and support healthy brain function.

Phosphatidylserine Complex: A chemical that can be found in food and which is used to reduce memory decline, aid thinking, and support the body during stress caused by exercise.

Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate: Known also commonly as DMAE, this choline molecule has been used to support cognition. It is used to help nerves communicate with each other better, which can help with brain function.

When examining the full formula it’s clear that this can lead to great benefits. These ingredients are well-regarded and well-studied and each one has a benefit towards overall mental function.

The link here will take you to the Memotenz website which will explain deeper what this brand can do.

The Price and Quality of Memotenz

Sales price vary depending on the amount purchased from the official website:

  • 5 month supply sells for a total of $39.99 per bottle.
  • 3 months’ worth sells for $44.43 per bottle.
  • 1 month is sold for $66.65

For the kind of ingredients used this formula is very well-priced. The amount of each ingredient as well as the fact each has been well-regarded in 3rd party studies shows how effective it can truly be when supplemented with.

Many other brands may contain some of these ingredients in sparing amounts, but Memotenz offers the entire formula at this dosage strength from a reputable company and with glowing user reviews to support its use.

Memotenz can be purchase direct from the official website by clicking on this provided link.

Memotenz Intended Benefits

The official website outlines some of the mental boosting effects as being:

  • Ability to better recall information.
  • Increase of energy.
  • A notable improvement of focus.
  • Long and short term brain boosting effects.

All the claimed benefits are no doubt possible when you examine all the 3rd party clinical studies performed on the ingredients.

Their formula is also intended to target all aspects of mental function as opposed to simply being one dimensional. The increase energy is also a possibility without the use of any unneeded and potentially dangerous stimulants; instead it can work with the body to help promote this benefit.

Furthermore the company website offers a very descriptive detail of how this is meant to work, which showcases that they did their research in combining this formula. They help breakdown what could be difficult to understand scientific information and they simplify it for anyone to understand. In examining 3rd party clinical studies one gets to see that the company does get how nootropics work.

For a closer inspection of all the benefits Memotenz can provide and to analyze their customer testimonials, click this link.

The Memotenz Business

Their official company name is Health Research Institute and their full contact details are provided as such:

Phone number: (310) 256-2605

Address: 8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045


Their hours of operation are provided as well as an order estimate. In their terms and conditions they also provide a descriptive explanation as to their company policies.

International shipping, shipping insurance and a returns policy is outlined within.

They have not had any negative customer opinions of their policies, and instead there are glowing reviews of the product and company itself. Testimonials are featured on their official website from Memotenz users who noticed great nootropic support. You can now purchase Memotenz direct from the official website by clicking this link.

Customer Opinions

The following are some user reviews found online:

“my brain was able to pull on memory when needed”
“owe it to yourself to give this stuff a shot!”
“ability to focus and ponder on complicated tasks”
“DEFINETEKY noticed incased memory and alertness!”

Overwhelmingly there were great user reviews from customers who added that they experienced all the benefits outlined by the company’s official website.

There were also no complaints of any side effects or of it taking a long time for it to be effective. People added how they were able to notice a difference in brain function when supplementing with this.

The amino acids added to this have shown great benefits towards cognition, and they also add many herbs which have had a long history of use as natural ways to enhance brain function. This is likely the reason why there were glowing reviews.

Inspect Memotenz for yourself and access it direct from the source by clicking here.


Memotenz has shown the ability to truly cater to those searching for a well-rounded nootropic supplement. User reviews and studied into its formula showcase how it can help:

  • Ingredients are well-regarded: This supplement is defined by its ability to deliver benefits from a blend of studied ingredients. You can find unbiased clinical studies for each ingredient which showcases that the company is offering claimed benefits which are possible. This includes aiding all aspects of mental function and when used as directed, it can be used safely.
  • Testimonials are offered with rave reviews: Not only can you read studies from every single ingredient online, but users also supported this supplements use with glowing reviews. People added how they were able to noticeably gain support from this. Their focus, ability to recall information, and overall mood and energy were improved. Every benefit outlined by the official website was experienced from notable customer opinions found online.
  • Made with natural ingredients: They use a wholesome formula that is free of any unneeded and cheap additives which can degrade the overall quality. No ingredients are used which can lead to tolerance or a potential side effect laden experience. Some supplements can contain additives which have to be cycled or which can lead to dangerous symptoms if taken repeatedly, instead the creators focused on making this blend easy to use and which can taken daily.
  • The company is reputable: Not only are there no negative opinions against the company, but they have not had any issues with recalls or contaminations. There are no pending lawsuits, FDA, FTC, or any sort of issues from any agencies. The creators make it clear what this supplement is meant to provide, and they also produce it in a certified GMP facility. This certification ensures that there is no fear of there being a lack of quality control. It also means that there are routine inspections in that it’s made in a facility approved by the FDA. The creators also provide a full outline of highlights which are easy to understand.

The reason why Memotenz was rated so highly is because of all the above listed reasons. It was rated as the number 1 nootropic supplement by our review experts. Memotenz can be purchased for a discounted price when you visit the link here.

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