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Liposinol Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

Liposinol is a weight loss tablet made with just one patented ingredient meant to reduce fats that are eaten in a meal. The clinical studies provided mention that it can help reduce up to 27.4% of fat, which is helpful for those who eat fatty meals.

They also claims there’s no known side effects, and that its been shown to help people manage weight.  Appetite reduction is one of the intended benefits, and their own studies show a loss of appetite by up to 80%. Can this one-patented ingredient really promote all the claimed weight loss benefits that have been claimed? How effective is it and does it produce safe results? To get the real insight into Liposinol, this review has all the necessary details to form an opinion.

Liposinol Ingredients


 Litramine: Patented form of fiber made from Opuntia ficus-indica which is also known as prickly pear. did a study on this ingredient and mentioned that there are:

“limited studies”

It’s most often used to control diabetes and high blood pressure, though in terms of these effects it’s seen that it:

“may have therapeutic, but not preventative, potential”

The effects are usually not seen in healthy people, only in diabetics. Liposinol is administered in milligram strengths, though it’s advised by to take it at around 200 grams or so. However, they also mention that as far as research into what’s an appropriate amount, it’s still:

“unsure what dosage of prickly pear supplements should be”

One possible side effect may be dermatitis, which is an inflammation of the skin.

There were also no clinical studies that showed that prickly pear was useful or weight loss, only bad LDL cholesterol treatment.

The clinical studies provided by the company show that it does lead to a loss of fat-soluble vitamins. That’s why they add:

“it is recommend to take a multivitamin”

This is due to a loss of important nutrients.

The makers of Liposinol funded the only clinical study that showed weight loss, so there’s a potential for bias. It’s also not been proven to be any more effective than any other insoluble fiber source such as much cheaper ingredients that include whole wheat, carrots, brown rice, barley, and much more.

Liposinol Quality Of Ingredients

Studies on the full cactus of which Liposinol is extracted from show that it has not been proven to promote weight loss. Also, a possible side effect may be skin inflammation.

One major issue with this product is that it only reduces fats in a meal; it does nothing to help reduce carbohydrates, sugars, or other calories.

It does reduce fat-soluble vitamins as well such as vitamins A, D, E, and K. That’s why the company suggests a multi vitamin.

Since it works by relieving fat through one’s stool, much like other fat binders it’s possible for it to lead to irregular bowel movements. Though the sole active ingredient is all natural, it’s unknown if it’s truly anymore effective than other cheaper insoluble fiber sources which can be found in many supermarkets.

The Price and Quality of Liposinol

There’s a online store that redirects depending on what country you live in. The US store currently has no Liposinol, and it’s unknown what they consider a average or fair price.

One 3rd party retailer sells a 60-tablet portion for $48.  A maximum of 9 tablets can be taken a day. This means the daily price at the full-recommended serving is:

$48/6.66= $7.20 for a daily serving.

It’s quite expensive and you’d be forced to buy several packages of this brand in order to get a months supply.  It’s approximately $225 for a full month’s supply of product. This also does not come with a money back guarantee.

Since it’s essentially a fiber extract, one can eat insoluble fiber foods for much cheaper to achieve the same kinds of effects. There’s no proven unique characteristics of this ingredient that can’t already be gained by other fibers.

Loss of Fat Soluble Vitamins

It’s admitted that clinical studies funded by the company show people have lost fat-soluble vitamins while taking this supplement. This is because it’s impossible for the fiber in this to bind to just bad fats; it also reduces the intake of healthy vitamins.

The company recommends a daily multivitamin, and they add that you shouldn’t take it with this product as it can diminish its effects as well. This also raises the price and amount of pills one must take. Keep in mind it’s advised to take up to a maximum of 9 Liposinol tablets in order to experience effects, with 3 at every meal with water to aid proper digestion. This is not including the price and overall intake of multivitamins.

Reduced fat-soluble vitamins can potentially lead to the following:

  • Vitamin A: Increased risk for blindness, worsened and potentially dangerous infections, night blindness, impaired cell growth, dry skin and nails, and chronic sickness.
  • Vitamin D: Increased risk for a cardiovascular related disease, cancer, increased asthma symptoms, loss of overall brain function, misshapen and brittle bones.
  • Vitamin E: Muscle weakness, loss of proper nerve function, blindness, anemia, fat metabolism disorders, liver and kidney problems, and damaged metabolism.
  • Vitamin K: Increased risk for bruising and bleeding increased loss of bone strength, and improper blood clotting.

When put together a loss of these nutrients can lead to several serious and potentially damaging symptoms. Supplemented with a multivitamin may be necessary, and one has to take it in an unknown time period before or after you take Liposinol.

Business of Liposinol

InQpharm group owns this brand and they only leave an address as contact information.

Address: 170 Main Suite 1135

Salt lake City, Utah, 84101

They offer an online form where people can leave behind questions, but it’s unknown how quickly they respond.  However, there’s no direct customer service line.

No money back guarantee is offered either, which makes all sales final.

The company tried getting an ingredient passed as a weight loss tool, but the European Food Safety Authority denied their attempts, stating that there as insufficient evidence to show this benefit.

Customer Opinions of Liposinol

I couldn’t find a single review online from any customers. There were a few potential users who mentioned they wanted to know if it was effective on forums, but so far there haven’t been any online reviews.

This is not a good sign as the only information about the patented ingredient comes from the manufacturers who funded their own studies.

They have been denied from making weight loss claims for other ingredients, so it’s unknown if this brands effects are exaggerated, or if there’s potential side effects.

The reduced intake of fat-soluble vitamins might require people to further supplement with multivitamins in order to retain their day’s worth of nutrients.


While researching Liposinol it became clear that it offered the following:

  • There’s not a single review available from customers: There’s a lack of testimonials or customer reviews available on any other website, or through the manufacturers. Without being able to look at the experiences from other people you’re unable to see if results are typical, or if there’s any side effects. It’s important to understand what it might do, since sometimes customers mention they failed to see results even with diet and exercise. There’s a lot of lacking proof for this product, and reviews of its main ingredient have not been successful enough to be a proven weight loss ingredient. Since it costs a lot and there’s no money back guarantee, customer reviews would have been useful to understand if it’s truly worth its expensive price tag. The lacking reviews make it impossible to know exactly what Liposinol has to offer. It may be the case that other forms of fiber would be just as effective while being cheaper.
  • No money back guarantee is offered: Since all sales are only available through 3rd party sellers, you’re unable to secure a return from the manufacturers directly. This makes it hard to know if it’s even worth investing the high price tag of $48 for just around a 6-day supply. This high price tag is essentially for just one ingredient in an insoluble fiber source. There are other fiber sources that have an increased amount, and they’re sold for much cheaper. There’s also more information about the overall effects and quality. Without a secure money back guarantee one might have to spend a lot of money and still be unable to make a return in case of side effects. Or if there’s a lack of weight loss one still isn’t given the option to gain their money back. This lack of assurance does not speak well as to what this brand can really do. Usually brands offer a money back return when customers rarely want to make a return due to positive weight loss effects. It’s unknown why this standard isn’t applied to Liposinol.
  • The only proof for the patented ingredient is biased: the manufacturers funded the sole clinical studies on this patented ingredient. The clinical study in question even acknowledges that there might be a bias due to this fact. Other studies that were performed on the entire cactus extract show that it may have a effect on regulating blood sugar, but only in people who are diabetic. It did not show any positive effects at all for anything else in already healthy people. It’s also not been shown to lead to weight loss. Since it dos have fiber technically it can satiety hunger, but this effect can be found by purchasing other forms of cheap insoluble fiber. There’s no unique traits explained by the company to show why this cactus extract is anymore potent than other natural ingredients.
  • Using a multivitamin is recommended to avoid experiencing a loss of fat soluble vitamins: Since the loss of fat can also include fat soluble vitamins, the manufacturers suggest to take a multivitamin daily, but not alongside Liposinol. This is because the kind of fiber used does not discriminate between healthy and calorie dense fats. By limiting the absorption of these important nutrients, it makes it potentially dangerous. Many possible side effects can occur from a lack of these nutrients. This may include improper blood clotting, increased risk for cancer, blindness, increased bruising, metabolism disorders, and brittle weak bones. If one were to supplement with a multivitamin this would mean an increased cost, and you also can only supplement only after the body has digested Liposinol. This makes one have to adapt to a routine when taking this supplement.
  • You have to take a lot and rely on the loss of fats through one’s stool: All the fat loss has to be excreted through one’s stool. This can be an uncomfortable thought, and it’s unknown what happens in fat heavy meals. Other fat binders have the effect of causing diarrhea, loose stools, and increased bowel movements. Since there’s a lack of customer reviews and other studies not performed by the company, it’s unknown if eating lots of fats can causer this common effect seen in other similar supplements. One other issue is the amount you have to take. It’s advised to take up to 3 tablets a meal with water, so this means one has to take 9 a day. Not only does this increase the overall cost since there’s a 60-tablet portion sold for $48, but also it can be hard to always remember to take so many capsules with every meal. It’s not an easy solution and there’s no guarantee that it will actually work.

This brand lacks any unbiased clinical studies, and it’s incredibly pricy for what’s essentially a insoluble fiber. No proof is offered to show if it’s truly better than other cheap insoluble fibers.

Without being able to look at customer reviews, it’s unknown if results are truly safe and effective. It’s also expensive and not backed by any sort of safety or money back guarantee. 

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