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LeptiLean Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

LeptiLean is a weight loss pill made with 2-patented ingredients for stimulant free results. The claimed benefits are ease of use with any diet plans, and all day use.

It’s clamed to have ingredients that support regular blood sugar levels, overall wellbeing, well functioning cardiovascular health, and increased metabolism.  It’s suggested that regular supplementation will allow one to look and feel at their best. Are all these claims actually possible? What have other customers experienced, and are results safe? This full LeptiLean review has all the necessary information you need to know.

LeptiLean Ingredients

Vitamin A, Beta-carotene 30% Biotin 333% Gum Arabic Guar Gum Locust Bean Gum
Pomegranate Extract Blue Green Algae Extract Naringin Extract PhosphoLean, N-Oleoyl-PE and EGCG (NOPE + EGCG) Cat’s Claw Extract
Gelatin Tricalcium Phosphate Silicon Dioxide Magnesium Stearate


LeptiCore: This patented ingredient features many additives from gum arabic, blue green algae extract, beta-carotene, pomegranate extract, and locust bean gum.  Since it’s a proprietary formula with 300 mg, some of these ingredients come in unknown dosages, which for some of these additives can be potentially dangerous.

Gum arabic: Thickener made from the hardened tree sap of the acacia tree. A review by the Sultran Qaboos University showed that this ingredient could:

“an adverse effect on electrolyte balance and vitamin d”

“hypersensitivity in humans”

Side effects can include:

  • Bloating and nausea.
  • Loose stools and diarrhea.
  • Gas.

A clinical study by Khartoum University showed that it gave off a:

“unfavorable viscous sensation in the mouth”

Early morning nausea was also a common symptom.

Naringin: Flavonoid found in grapefruit that gives it a bitter flavor. It’s often not advised to take this ingredient with other drugs, as it can cause them to activate at either a higher or lower level.  Whole Health MD adds:

“few human studies have been reported”

A standard human dosage is also not known, so it’s impossible to judge what a potential effect might be.

There’s no warning on this bottle of the potential interactive effects that it might have on other medications or supplements.

Blue Green Algae Extract: A form of simple bacteria that’s used due to its high nutrient and protein, as well as its claimed anti-inflammatory effects.

It’s known to potentially take up contaminants depending on where it’s sourced. This includes heavy metals like lead, and other toxins.  This can lead to side effects such as:

  • Rapid heart rate.
  • Vomiting.
  • Shock.
  • Death.

There have also been numerous cases of people reporting serious illnesses.  There’s no information from this company on how they source this ingredient. Therefore, it’s impossible to judge the overall quality, or if will produce safe results.

Cats Claw: Plant that’s used to treat inflammation and fatigue. Due to a lack of reliable human studies, it’s unknown if this is safe or useful. Possible side effects may include:

  • Headaches.
  • Dizziness.
  • Nausea.

PhosphLean: A combination of the antioxidant EGCG that is often found in tea, and n-oleyl-phosphatidylethanolamine, a naturally occurring fat molecule. The makers of this patented ingredient have listed their own studies into this ingredient, which they claim is beneficial for losing weight.

A study by the university of Central Florida showed that after 8 weeks it lost all its positive effects. It did show changes in weight within the first few weeks, but this effect did not last.

LeptiLean Quality Of Ingredients

Only one of the patented ingredients has been studied and shown to be somewhat effective for weight loss, though the results weren’t very impressive.

Another ingredient, which hasn’t been proven, include cat’s claw, not enough human studies have shown it to be safe or effective.

The added vitamin A and biotin is a nice addition, but at 1 microgram per serving of biotin it’s a really low amount, since the Mayo Clinic mentions the average is usually around 30 micrograms.  Often extra biotin supplementation isn’t required as many foods contain enough of it.

Side effects are also possible from some of these ingredients, due to the added blue green algae extract, and gum arabic. Other understudied additives may also produce unwanted symptoms.

The Price and Quality of LeptiLean

When purchased directly from the manufacturer, a 60 capsule bottle sells for $45.95, though they do offer reduced prices for people who sell their products. The maximum allowed amount is 2 capsules, which means one bottle lasts a month, and the daily price is:

$45.95/30= $1.53 per daily serving.

The lack of unbiased clinical studies on most of the ingredients prevents one from knowing if it’s safe or effective. Many of these ingredients have not been shown to be effective for weight loss.

Clinical Studies

The official website has a science section which claims that the company uses the:

“latest scientific knowledge and highest quality ingredients”

Though trying to find this research on their own website is impossible, as they fail to list any of their clinical studies. It’s unknown what kind of research went into the making of their patented formulas.

There’s a section where ingredients are described in detail as to what they do in the body, but no proof of this is available to show if results are safe, consistent, or long term.

There are 2-patented ingredients in LeptiLean, the first one being PhosphoLean that is made by CHEMI Nutra. This unbiased study showed that it had:

“no significant effect on weight loss”

“benefits were not maintained by week 8”

So after a short period this patented ingredient failed to provide positive effects.

Only one short 8-week study was performed on LeptiCore, which isn’t enough to ensure this formula is effective for long-term weight loss.

Scheduling a Return

Representatives of the company can only handle returns. Though it’s technically allowed for unopened products to be returned within 30 days of receiving a supplement, some customers had to fight for this right.

On the Better Business Bureau website there are 25 different complains, and many of them have to do about he lack of a money back guarantee. Here’s a sampling of the customer complains:

“they interrogated me and told ne I didn’t do it right”

“I was reprimanded for eating a banana one day”

“would not refund the products I returned”

“received no contact from representative”

Many have fought to try and get a return, but often they would be argued with and criticized for not taking the product as directed. Though this opinion does not matter, as the company claims returns are on a no questions asked policy. The only demand is to return unopened bottles with a RMA number.

Customers who tried to get a return had to resort to complaints online, of which not all their requests were met. The company did respond to some people, but others were left without a return.

Business of LeptiLean

The company is AdvoCare International, L.P. Their contact information is as follows:

Phone Number: (800) 542-4800

Address: 2801 Summit Ave

Plano, Texas 75074

The company operates a multilevel marketing business, which allows for anyone to sign up and sell the companies brands for a commission.  They’ve been the subjects of many controversies, and some customers allege they’re operating a scam:

  • A sponsor for the company failed a drug test. After they claimed it was due to an AdvoCare product, the company sued her for defamation. Independent studies showed that the supplement she was given was tainted.
  • The company was fined $1.9 million for deceptive trade practices.
  • They began making supplements fro children, which contained potentially dangerous amounts of caffeine. They quickly recalled this product after realizing their mistake.

Customer Opinions of LeptiLean

Due to the multilevel marketing business strategy, many of the reviews online aren’t real. Sellers will often leave good reviews and then try to convince people to purchase products using their affiliate link. Thee are some reviews available however, which show what LeptiLean can do:

“Absolutely did not feel any difference”

“it’s making no difference”

“product did nothing for me and was a total waste of money”

“felt no different”

The majority of real reviews is negative; with the average customer mentioned they failed to see any benefit at all. This comes also from people who made sure to take the maximum amount.

Some customers have labeled this product a placebo, that’s unable to reduce weight in any amount. There were a few people who listed side effects, but overall the major concern was due to a lack of weight loss benefits. There were a few customers who also added diet and exercise with still no results.


There’s many features to LeptiLean that were discovered after researching it:

  • Many of the ingredients have yet to be proven effective: Cat’s claw is one ingredient, which hasn’t had enough clinical studies performed on it. There’s no reliable information that shows it to be safe or effective. PhosphoLean has also been criticized for its lack of effects. Studies have shown it to fail at producing weight loss at the 8-week mark. LepciCore has ingredients such as gum arabic which require large amounts in order for it to produce effects One clinical study showed a 30 gram dosage in order for there to be weight loss, this brand has this additive in a mixture of ingredients equaling 300 mg, which is much smaller than what can produce a noticeable effect.
  • Most customer opinions are negative: The average real review for this product is extremely negative. People failed to see any change at all even with the maximum dosage. Though no major side effects were reported, the consensus is that this product fails to reduce appetite, weight, or provide energy. Since the return process can be extremely difficult, once a purchase is made it’s unknown if one can truly get a return of money.
  • Several fake reviews are available online: Many online distributors looking to earn a commission off sales will often add their own biased reviews on this brand. Often you can spot these people by their affiliate links, which are usually added at the end of their reviews. However, review sites will often have opinions from unverified customers, who didn’t actually make a direct purchase. This makes it so it can seem at first glance that the product is well reviewed. However after doing some minor investigation you can often tell which of these are forged by distributors.
  • It’s possible to experience damaging side effects: Due to the lack of knowledge about the exact amounts and where the ingredients are sourced from, it’s unknown if the additives are actually made through wholesome means. The blue green algae extract must be taken from clean water sources, as it may contain heavy metals and potentially damaging carcinogens. Cat’s claw is lacking in clinical studies, and it’s unknown if the makers of LeptiLean have done enough research on this additive. Another concern comes from naringin, which can block or excessively raise the effects that other supplements or medication might have. This has not been listed on the official website.
  • You have to deal with representatives of the brand: One concern about dong business with the company is that all issues have to be taken with the person who sold you these supplements. Regular people can become distributors, and although the company can essentially suspend the seller’s account, this can be a troublesome issue. On the Better Business Bureau website there are complaints from people who tried to get a refund but couldn’t. This can make getting a return on this brand difficult and maybe even impossible. Many customers have complained that instead of an easy to handle return, people have to ague with the distributors of these brands.

Though the patented ingredients have clinical studies, one of the additives hasn’t been shown to be effective for long-term use.

Many customers also add how they failed to see any change at all. Some of the ingredients can also interfere with medications, and others haven’t had reliable studies to show effectiveness or safety.

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