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Leptiburn Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

Leptiburn is a weight loss supplement boasting a stimulant free, clinically studied ingredient mixture for fat loss. It claims to work deep in the brain, allowing for a change to almost all the hormones related to weight loss.

The way this is intended to happen is by influencing leptin. Leptin is the hormone that signals to the body that it’s no longer hungry. The way Leptiburn is said to work is by introducing 4 all natural ingredients. They claim that the addition of these 4 additives can make weight loss easy. So is there any benefit to using this brand? What kind of effect does it really have? To figure out the truth behind Leptiburn, you can now read this full review.

Leptiburn Ingredients

A 2 capsule serving has the following:

Green Tea Leaf Extract (Leaf) standardized to 98% polyphenols, 45% EGCG, 500mg Irvingia Gabonensis Seed Extract. IGOB131, 150mg 5-Hydroxytryptophan from Griffonia Simplicifolia Seed Extract, 100mg Aframomum Melegueta Seed standardized to 12.5% 6-paradol, 40mg
Rice Flour Gelatin Magnesium Stearate Silicon Dioxide

The Quality of Leptiburns Ingredients

The 4 active ingredients are:

Green Tea Leaf Extract: A minimally treated form of tea that is native to Asia. Depending on how it’s processed, it can have high levels of caffeine.

Possible side effects from this ingredient include nausea, heartburn, increased blood pressure, constipation, and more. According to a study by the Cochrane Library:

loss in weight in adults who had taken a green tea preparation was statistically not significant”

Therefore weight loss cannot be expected, since the few test subjects who did lose weight lost it likely through natural causes.

The green tea has been standardized o include a certain amount of EGCG and polyphenols.  When a product is standardized, this means certain additives in it have been preserved, and it stays consistent from batch to batch.


This is the most common extract found in green tea. The FDA has sent warning letters to companies who claim EGCG has any health benefits.  According to the FDA and the European version of the FDA, the European Food Safety Authority, there’s:

no approved health claims”


This is another extract in green tea which the International Journal of Molecular Science has concluded:

“definitive conclusions on bioavailability of most polyphenols are difficult to obtain”

Not enough clinical studies have shown a positive effect.  It’s also known to be poorly absorbed according to this group. This means that although it may be beneficial in theory, the human body does not process this ingredient well. So any possible health claims cannot be replicated in an actual human study.

Irvingia Gabonensis: Seeds of an African mango. It’s used to provide fat burning benefits. Its seeds are known to have high amounts of fatty acids and fiber. It’s also used for appetite suppression, and as a way to reduce cholesterol.

5-Hydroxytryptophan from Griffonia Simplicifolia: Extract of a shrub found in parts of Africa. 5-Hydroxytryptohan is used in order to create the good feeling hormone Serotonin. This is known to influence mood, and it’s also used to regulate appetite.

It has been used to prevent anxiety and to reduce hunger in clinical studies. Seeds from this plant have yet to be proven to be as beneficial as other forms of 5-HTP. According to a summary by Examine:

Additional studies are needed”

Therefore, it can’t be considered a reliable source of 5-HTP until more studies are performed. Also, in some people this ingredient can lead to EMS, a dangerous condition causing blood issues and muscle tenderness.

Other symptoms may include vomiting, diarrhea, muscle issues, fatigue, stomach pain, heart burn, and much more. Studies have not been performed enough to suggest any positive effect will be gained.

Aframomum Melegueta Seed: Spice related to ginger which is native to West Africa. It’s claimed to promote healthy blood sugar as well as a decrease in weight. According to, any positive reported benefits aren’t from full studies:

most of it is preliminary and a full compositional analysis does not appear to exist”

Although considered promising, it has yet to be proven for effective weight loss.  Examine mentions that this additive has not been studied enough, and that any and all benefits are not yet proven.

Only one of the ingredients in Leptiburn has been proven to work. The rest may be potential filler which some studies show can lead to unwanted side effects.

The Price and Quality of Leptiburn

One bottle sold through the company website sells for $69, and they claim this is for when you’re looking to lose less than 10 pounds.

They also recommended taking 2 capsules for breakfast and 2 with lunch. Since each bottle has 60 servings, this means the total cost is:

$69/30= $2.30 cents for a daily full sized serving.  Total $69 for less than 10 pounds of weight loss.

If you’re looking to lose 30 pounds or more, the company suggests 6 bottles, which costs $354 without shipping and handling.

Only one of the ingredients has been proven to be effective for weight loss, and it’s Irvingia Gabonsensis which can be found elsewhere.

The company also adds that Leptiburn is made to make a:

“solid weight loss nutrition program more effective”

Therefore, you have to include dieting in order to experience claimed results which aren’t backed by clinical studies. The company mentions that you can’t get lazy when you supplement, it’s essential to introduce dieting techniques in order to experience results.

Medical Opinions

On the Web MD website there’s a question from a potential customer of whether or not Leptiburn is useful for weight loss.

Dr. Pamela M. Peeke from Michigan State University who specializes in human medicine says:

“Save your money”

“This product (sic) is another scam”

She also adds that one should especially avoid Leptiburn, since what it claims to do is impossible according to her.

Dated Clinical Studies

The company uses studies from the 90’s to help support the use of their additives. Also, some of the studies are actually flawed.

For example, the study on 5-HTP was not on the extract provided in this formula, which comes from Griffonia Simplicifolia. It was performed on 5-HTP found through other sources.  The 2002 study also mentioned that high levels of serotonin:

may help”

It still isn’t guaranteed. A more up to date study showed that this ingredient needs further proof. According to all the available studies on this additive, it hasn’t been proven to be as effective as other 5-HTP sources.

Another 2 studies provided on the effects of green tea were done with exercise and diet.  One specific study was done with:

“65% carbohydrates, 15% protein, and 20% fat.”

This is a very specific diet which changes how a person eats. This sudden change alone can be enough to explain weight loss. Also, these studies never reveal whether or not these people had introduced exercise as a new change. Each of these clinical studies was performed on people who added diet and exercise. It could be that this change was the sole reason for weight loss.

However, looking at more recent studies show how ineffective this additive may be. Since the FDA and European equivalent mentioned there was no proven health benefit to the key extract EGCG. Other studies have shown that insufficient evidence has gone into the use of green tea or the 5-HTP extract.


BioTRUST Nutrition also sells other supplements for health and wellness. They are found below:

Phone Number: (800) 766-5086

Address: 111 Congress Ave, Suite 400     

Austin, Texas 78701


7 different customers have left negative reviews on the Better Business Bureau website related to a lack of a money back return. The company claims to offer up to a one year satisfaction money back return. However, according to these 7 customers, they failed to honor this claim.

One customer mentioned that they were in the process of a return they received:

“another sales ad for different product which I didn’t want”

The company lists on their returns section that they will gladly replace any bottles with another product. This same customer mentioned they weren’t allowed a return, only an exchange for another BioTRUST Nutrition product.

Customer Opinions

There are a few reviews available online on sites like

“Has absolutely no effect”

“Didn’t work for me”

“Jitters, and anxiety attacks”

“did not work, saw no results”

The few positive reviews were oddly enough from people who said they haven’t decided whether it works or not. Others add that they failed to see any change in weight, and there were reports of side effects commonly seen in stimulants.


Some important findings to consider about Leptiburn:

  • Many customers have not experienced any changes in weight: Not only did some people report experiencing side effects, but there’s also the opinion that Leptiburn doesn’t work. Customers have mentioned they’re still as hungry and that they haven’t lost weight. Of these reviews there has been mention that the people took the brand as directed, and that they finished the entire bottles purchased. Still, there was no change whatsoever for these people. There are reports of negative experiences such as anxiety, jitters, and rapid heart rate .It’s unknown what may have caused this since the company claims no caffeine is added.
  • The clinical studies provided are dated; recent studies show a lack of benefits: The company does list some studies to support the use of the individual ingredients. Still, there’s no known study for all the additives mixed together. Also, they use old studies which aren’t useful for proof due to new scientific studies which have been updated. Some of these studies show many differences from what the old claims showed. For example, the new studies on green tea show there’s no effect provided from either polyphenols or EGCG.
  • It’s incredibly pricy: The company offers 3 different ways to purchase this brand, and according to them, in order to lose 30 pounds or more you have to spend $354. They never cite any evidence that this specific amount of weight can be lost. So it’s unknown where they received these very specific numbers. If they can produce an actual figure for weight loss then it means they either have evidence but don’t want to show it, or they are lying about the benefits.  The company does mention that a money back guarantee is available, but customers have mentioned this isn’t reliable.
  • Customers have complained about a lack of a money back return: There are several complaints on the Better Business Bureau from disgruntled customers. Though the makers of Leptiburn claim there’s a 1 year money back guarantee, customers mentioned they weren’t allowed a refund. There are also complaints from people claiming they were charged for products they didn’t order. Since the company sells their brand via their own website, it’s unknown why these customers haven’t received proper customer service.
  • There are flaws in the claims: The company provides a study which showed supplementing with 5-HTP is effective for increasing serotonin. While this is true, the clinical study didn’t have anything to say about Griffonia Simplicifolia, where the 5-HTP is extracted from. Clinical studies have not shown that this specific extract is beneficial for producing 5-HTP. Therefore, the company listed a clinical study that doesn’t support their brand. Also, the most up to date research has not shown green tea or EGCG and polyphenols to be effective for weight loss. The FDA has concluded that no proven health benefits have been shown for some of these extracts.

There aren’t any useful clinical studies provided by the company. Many of the up to date standards have shown that 3 out of the 4 ingredients added need more studies, and some have even been shown to be non-effective.

Customers have complained about a lack of weight loss as well as no available money back return. Though one of the ingredients added is useful, overall this product is too expensive.

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