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Hydroxycut Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

Hydroxycut is a weight loss brand featuring certain products that are backed by clinical studies. The average Hydroxycut supplement features similar ingredients, which are made to reduce weight up to 10.95 pounds per 60 days, and 3.7 pounds in 8 weeks alongside diet and exercise.

There are more stimulant heavy products as well as reduced to no stimulant brands with several other proprietary ingredients. The company also claims that it’s the number one weight loss brand in America, with million of people already experiencing weight loss. How true are all these claims? Are results common and safe? Featured n this Hydroxycut review is all the details you need to know to make an informed decision.

Hydroxycut Ingredients

  Listed are some of the most common ingredients featured in their brands:

Papaya Saffron Extract Caffeine Anhydrous Amla Extract Blackberry
Maqui Green Coffee Bean Extract Yohimbe Extract


Papaya: Fruit that’s high in vitamin A and C, though the company does not mention whether or not its nutrients are still active. It’s often added due to its unique enzyme called papain, which breaks down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Saffron Extract: A plant that’s one of the most expensive spices. Supplement brands will often add it due to its claimed effects on improving athletic performance. Web MD mentions that:

“Thee isn’t enough information to know how saffron might work”

It’s also been shown to produce multiple side effects such as:

  • Vomiting, nausea, and changes in appetite.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Yellowing of the skin, nails, eyes, and mucous membranes.
  • Bleeding from the eyelids, nose, and lips.
  • Numbness.
  • Death.

Caffeine Anhydrous: Dehydrated form of caffeine often added in weight loss supplements due to its effects on raising metabolism and energy. Each Hydroxycut brand that uses this additive will add it in amounts ranging from 270 mg or less. This stimulant can produce several unwanted side effects such as:

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia.
  • Mood swings, depression, and irritability.
  • Rapid heart rate, tremors, and muscle twitching.

Amla Extract: Also known as Indian Gooseberry, this herb is used to regulate glucose and improve overall cardiovascular health. has added that this ingredient:

“very limited human evidence”

“not enough evidence to recommend Amla”

Some studies have also shown that it may have caused liver damage in some people.

Maqui: A berry used due to its high antioxidant profile. Reviews into its effectiveness have been mixed, and Web MD has mentioned how:

“not enough information to know if maqui is safe”

Green Coffee Bean Extract: Unroasted coffee beans, which are high in chlorogenic acid, an ingredient that is used to increase metabolism. Studies into its effects have shown it to be weak according to, they mention:

“degree of weight reduction seems quite unreliable”

It’s believed that this ingredient is only effective due to its added caffeine, which may product unwanted side effects such as rapid heart rate, anxiety, and insomnia.

Yohimbe Extract: Tree bark that’s often used as an aphrodisiac and fat burner. Its claimed far burning properties are only shown during a fast, and still, it’s known for producing intense anxiety. Other possible side effects include:

  • Rapid heart rate, tremors, muscle twitching, and cardiovascular damage.
  • Mood swings and anxiety.
  • Insomnia and restlessness.
  • Seizure, kidney failure, and death.

These effects are often increased when mixed with other stimulants, which Hydroxycut formulas do tend to mix this additive.

Hydroxycut Quality of Ingredients

The stimulant ingredients are all known to potentially cause unwanted side effects.

Other additives such as maqui, blackberry, amla, and saffron haven’t been proven to be effective for weight loss. All recent research shows them to be their understudied, or side effect causing.

Papaya extract may produce easier metabolize macronutrients, but it can’t be the only solution to weight loss sine on its own it’s unreliable.

The Price and Quality of Hydroxycut

The company does not do direct sells, but they offer a list of online retailers such as, Wal-Mart, and Walgreens.

Prices can change online and it’s unknown what the makers of Hydroxycut consider a standard price, if there is one.

Currently their most popular Pro Clinical brand sells for $30.48, and this is for a 72 capsule formula at 6 a day, this averages to a daily price of:

$30.48/12=  $2.54 for a daily serving of Pro Clinical.

The problem with not having an established price is that 3rd party retailers can sell for whatever price they consider fair. This makes it impossible to know if you’re overpaying, or if you’re getting a fresh batch.

Clinical Studies

One often cited clinical study is featured on green coffee bean extract.

In this, groups added diet and exercise in 2 different trials. The 8-week study saw a 3.7-drop in weight, and the 60-day saw 10.95 pounds lost.

The clinical study was performed on 200 mg of a patented from of green coffee bean extract called Svetol.

The problem with this study is that the company who made it funded it, and they also used an amount that Hydroxycut does not add for all their products. Hydroxycut also never lists how much of it is used in brands that do contain this ingredient, so it’s unknown if they add a sufficient amount.

Another analysis into Hydroxycut showed that it lead to Rhabdomyolysis, or a breakdown of muscle tissue that causes dangerous protein that makes its way into the blood. This study by the University of Utah showed that it was:

“possibly associated with the ingestion of Hydroxycut”

This person had no further medical conditions that could have promoted this effect.

A case report by the Department of Medicine at the Griffin Hospital also confirmed that:

“Hydroxycut…has previously been linked to hepatoxicity

This means it leads to liver damage, of which there have been numerous cases including one death.

Business of Hydroxycut

Hydroxycut has been around since 2002 and the Iovate Health Sciences Inc company owns them. They can be reached via the following:

Phone Number: (888) 334-4448

Address: 381 North Service Road

Oakville, Ontario L6M 2R7 Canada


The company and Hydroxycut has had several; controversies:

  • The manufacturers were cited by the FTC form making false health claims on 5 of their brands. This $5.5 million dollar settlement was due to the unproven suggestions that their brands could cure and treat illnesses. 2 of these brands also had many weight loss claims, which were unproven. Customers of these products wee owed a check according to this lawsuit, which the company had to pay.
  • The FDA sent a nationwide warning on all Hydroxycut brands in 2009. This was issued after there were several complaints of liver damage, including 23 verified cases. One person also died due to liver failure caused by the products. This recall was cited for all of the company’s brands except 2.
  • Old batches of these supplements had the now banned ingredient Ephedra. This additive was linked to seizures and deaths. There were a total of 155 confirmed deaths attributed to this additive. This led to a banning by the FDA. It’s unknown why the company added this ingredient in the first place. It could mean there’s a lack of studies performed on their ingredients.
  • Clinical studies which focus in on the lack of regulation for these kinds of supplements will often cite Hydroxycut as an example. This is due to their numerous complaints, which have resulted due to a lack of ingredient safety.

Customer Opinions of Hydroxycut

Several reviews are available online, and although there’s currently several products, there are a few common reviews available from customers:

“mostly a glorified caffeine pill”

“All I want to do is sleep”

“I lost more weight without these”

“Don’t waste your money”

Side effects are one of the most common reviews from customers who used their stimulant formulas.

Their non-caffeinated products also have negative reviews, with customers claiming they failed to see any changes in weight even with diet and exercise.


The Hydroxycut brand is note worthy for the following:

  • Many of the customer reviews are negative: All brands of Hydroxycut have numerous negative reviews. This is due to many customers who not only failed to see weight loss, but some were actually hospitalized due to side effects. Some of the common side effects people list are bloating, headaches, tremors, insomnia, mood swings, difficulty breathing, rapid heart rate, anxiety, and increased feelings of paranoia. These are all possible due to the caffeine added to their supplements. The non-caffeinated products are often negatively reviewed due to their overall lack of effects. A consensus of these products is that they’re either ineffective, or full of side effects. Returns are also not possible since all sales go through 3rd party manufactures, all of which have their own policies.
  • The company has been cited for serious issues with the FTC and FDA: Not only have they been cited for making false health and weight loss claims, but their brands have been struck with 2 recalls. The first was for adding the potentially dangerous Ephedra, and another recall for having ingredients, which can promote liver damage. There were even 23 reported cases of people experiencing liver isues, and one person actually died. So far it’s known the company has been successfully sued for $5.5 million, and they also have pending class action lawsuits. Their serious mistakes have caused them to be the subject of clinical studies, which say that there’s a serious lack of responsibility from the manufacturers. No information has been published by the company showing why they’ve released supplements, which caused serious side effects. They also only add one study on green coffee bean which isn’t featured in all their supplements, so it’s unknown if the rest of the ingredients are safe to use in combination.
  • Their Hydroxycut Weight Loss-Plus Matrix isn’t proven to work: The ingredients in this formula include papaya, blackberry, and saffron. There’s not enough information about saffron’s and blackberries weight loss effects. Papaya is also used as a digestive enzyme, but it’s not an all-encompassing weight loss additive. It simply breaks down macronutrients easier. Although it’s the company’s matrix that they often use, they fail to cite any clinical studies into these ingredients.
  • The clinical studies used are flawed: The manufacturers claim that Hydroxycut has clinical studies showing how effective it is. This was done with a green coffee bean extract alongside a diet and exercise plan. The placebo group saw more weight loss than the one’s who supplemented with this one ingredient. The problem with this study is that it was performed on 200 mg of a patented form of green coffee bean which might be different from the one used in Hydroxycut, though it’s unknown since they often add it into a proprietary formula. The company who patented this form of green coffee bean funded the study, so there’s a potential for bias. Furthermore, clinical studies were only done on just one additive, none of the other ingredients used by Hydroxycut have been tested as a whole formula, so it’s unknown what kind of an effect it may have all together.
  • There’s no standard price listing: Sales of this brand are only offered via 3rd party manufacturers. It’s also never mentioned exactly what the manufacturers consider to be a fair sales price. This allows for a potential price gouging, with retailers selling these supplements for an increased price. Without being able to see what the standard pricing is, it’s unknown if one can purchase consistently without there being a raise in prices.

 Not only have there been multiple lawsuits against the company, but also they’ve been forced to recall their product after reports of liver injuries. In one case a person died from liver complications.

Their new formulas are either high in stimulants, or customers mention there are no weight loss benefits according to users. There’s also no guarantee of a dedicated price, as 3rd party retailers only sell these products at the price of their choosing.

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