Femmetrinol Review: Does This Supplement Really Work?

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Femmetrinol is a menopause relief supplement that is designed treat and prevent common symptoms of menopause. The product states that in addition to relieving uncomfortable and painful symptoms, it can also help to balance hormones, increase sex drive, and even help with weight loss.

It features a fully natural formula that blends amino acids and herbs that provide all-day support or the user. It was recently rated as the top menopause support pill on the market. You can visit the official Femmetrinol website and receive 50% off the product now.

Femmetrinol Ingredients

Here are all the ingredients that are included in the supplement:

Wild Yam Damiana Chasteberry Black Cohosh
Motherwort GABA Melatonin L-Theanine
Magnolia Valerian Turmeric Quercetin

The product website makes all their ingredients readily available for viewing by the consumer, and even offers an explanation of the function of many of the main ingredients that are used in the formula.

As you can see, the formula offers a well-rounded, potent group of ingredients that will not only address menopause symptoms, but can also help to improve the user’s overall health.

Only natural ingredients are used, as the product is free of any synthetic or cheap additives.

Quality of Femmetrinol’s Ingredients

We know the formula for Femmetrinol, but we can also take a closer look at some of the ingredients that are used:

Black Cohosh: An herb that has been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. It is most often used to treat the symptoms of menopause, PMS, acne, osteoporosis, and menstruation. The root contains several chemicals that improve the body’s immune system, reduce inflammation, and help the brain to product for serotonin. Additionally, it can have similar effects to estrogen, which helps balance out the hormones in the body.

Damiana: A shrub that grows in Mexico and Central America, the leaf and stems of which are used to make medicine. It has been used as an aphrodisiac, and can also treat depression, constipation, and increase stamina both mentally and physically. It is valuable in reducing mood swings during menstruation, as well.

Wild Yam Root: A plant that is seen often as a natural alternative to estrogen therapy, and is used for vaginal dryness, PMS, menstrual cramps, weak bones, and increasing the sex drive of both men and women. It contains chemicals that can mirror the activity of estrogen within the body without actually being converted to estrogen. Additionally, it can reduce muscle spasms in the uterus and fallopian tubes.

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The Price of Femmetrinol

Femmetrinol is currently being offered with deep discounts available. Right now, the manufacturer is selling product for $39.99 per bottle, which is a 50% discount off the regular price. Each of the bottles contains 30 capsules and it is advised that the user take two per day, so each bottle will last roughly 15 days.

There are no misleading auto-renewal programs that charge you automatically each month offered, so you know that you can trust that you are not being taken advantage of. Additionally, the company offers a 100% money back guarantee for customers that are not satisfied, which shows a high level of confidence within their product.

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Femmetrinol Intended Benefits

Some of the benefits that the product promotes are:

  • Prevention of hot flashes and night sweats
  • Increased focus
  • Higher quality sleep
  • An increase in sex drive
  • Balanced hormones

These are only some of the possible benefits that Femmetrinol says it can provide. The ingredients of the well-rounded formula work within the brain to stabilize the user’s mood, which prevents mood swings. The product does not contain any cheap additives, fillers, or preservatives that can potentially disrupt the hormones of the user.

In addition to hot flashes, some of the other symptoms the product can help treat and prevent include fatigue, sleeplessness, skin redness, and a difficulty focusing.

Furthermore, by balancing the consumer’s hormones the product also makes benefits such as more energy and weight loss possible. Essentially, the formula works to stabilize the user in a variety of ways that allows them to go about their lives as normal and re-focus on their general well-being. The consistency with which the product is able to provide these benefits are a big reason why they are the top menopause supplement on the market.

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The Femmetrinol Business

The product comes from a manufacturer by the name of the Health Research Institute. They offer clear contact information and company policies through their website.

Address: 600 W 9th Street, Suite 611, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Phone Number: (310) 256-2605

Email:  support@health-research-instutue.info

The company does not appear to have had any legal issues or have been linked to any scams or untrustworthy activity.

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Customer Opinions

Consumers have reacted positively to Femmetrinol, both as a product and a company. Here are some of the things they had to say:

“Femmetrinol worked quickly and helped me sleep a lot more comfortably.”

“I’ve been using this product for a couple of months and they have gotten my hot flashes under control.”

“My hormonal levels have been balanced and I sleep a lot better at night without suffering from hot flashes or mood swings.”


Femmetrinol has shown that they utilize a potent, safe formula that has produced results in many satisfied consumers so far. These are only a couple of the reasons that it is the top-rated menopause supplement on the market. Some of the other benefits include:

It can help increase sex drive: Many of the ingredients that are included within the formula are natural aphrodisiacs. Ingredients such as Damiana and Wild Yams have shown an ability to increase sexual desire in users.

It can lead to weight loss: By returning the body to a more natural hormonal balance, and providing the user with more energy via better sleep, the user will find themselves not having to deal with fatigue that can lead to weight gain and poor metabolism.

The product only contains natural ingredients: There are no cheap additives, preservatives, or stimulants that are included. The formula is all-natural and produced in a GMP approved facility.

Company has a very solid reputation: Health Research Institutes has a reputation for producing quality products and providing excellent customer service. They are trustworthy and will not simply try to take advantage of a consumer to make money.

It can make sleep more comfortable: One of the worst parts of menopause are the hot flashes that can make sleep very uncomfortable and unrestful. But Femmetrinol can provide relief from hot flashes and night sweats and return you to getting energizing, restful sleep.

The reasons that Femmetrinol was rated as the best menopause supplement on the market are clear, as the formula speaks for itself, and the results have been consistent and positive. Learn more about how Femmetrinol can help you and how you can take advantage of the current sale.

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