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Easy Forte Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

Easy Forte is a weight loss pill claiming to help flush out the digestive system, which then allows the body to burn stored fat. An intended benefit of this process is lowered cholesterol and triglycerides.

It’s also made to prevent fat and sugar from building up in the body. It does this with its 100% natural ingredients the company claims will get rid of constipation issues. It’s also warned however, that soreness and an achy body are normal for the cleansing process. Are all these claimed benefits true? What can Easy Forte really do? In this review you’ll figure out exactly what this product has to offer.

Easy Forte Ingredients

No supplements facts list is provided. It’s unknown if these are all the ingredients in this supplement. The official website does list a few ingredients, but they also don’t reveal how much of each is added:

Chia Wheat Linseed San Pedro Almond Endosperm

Chia: A seed that provides fiber and omega fatty acids.  It’s used to help suppress appetite and to help with weight loss. Though this is likely only due to the added fiber. adds to this by saying:

“currently no human evidence for weight loss”

“does not appear to reduce weight over longer trials”

Web MD also confirms the lack of weight loss effects by adding how:

“there’s little evidence for the weight loss benefits of chia”

This ingredient is healthy to use, but it’s just not enough to be considered a serious weight loss contender.

Wheat: Common cereal grain, it’s unknown what kind of grain is added to this supplement, as there’s many different varieties with their own unique nutritional profile.

Whole grains have been shown to be effective for promoting a healthy metabolism , but it’s not enough to be considered a truly effective weight loss ingredient.

Cheaper alternatives exist such as actually eating wheat.

Linseed: Seeds of the flax plant which are most commonly known as simply flax seeds. This fiber source has added omega fatty acids and it’s known as a safe to consume non-allergenic food.

Though the fatty acids and fiber are good for a healthy metabolism, it’s not unique enough to be a fully functional weight loss ingredient.

San Pedro Almond Endosperm: No information exists about this ingredient. The only mention of it online linked back to the Easy Forte website.

There’s a san pedro cactus that has fiber, but there’s no almond endosperm listed anywhere.

If the company is talking about the san pedro cactus, I couldn’t find any studies into the effects of this as a weight loss ingredient.

It’s often used as a way to make the illegal drug mescaline, but it’s unknown what kind of nutrients it has inside.

Easy Forte Quality Of Ingredients

This brand combines some uncommon ingredients that aren’t often included into weight loss supplements.

The added flaxseed and chia are both known to have similar properties. They have fatty acids as well as fiber that improves metabolism.

There’s also added wheat, which does have an effect on metabolism as well. Finally there’s san pedro almond endosperm which isn’t available anywhere else but in this supplement.

The same effects can be gained by simply introducing the 3 ingredients minus san pedro for a much cheaper cost. Also, without a supplements facts list, it’s impossible to determine what kind of an effect this might have.

The Price and Quality of Easy Forte

Sales are direct from the manufacturer, at a month long supply for $33.99. This averages to a daily cost of $1.13.

They also only offer a 30-day money back return on unused bottles.

Though these ingredients are all natural, they’re not strong enough to be considered an effective weight loss solution. There’s simply not enough unique properties added, and it’s unknown what the full ingredients list is.

Physical Pain

Unlike any other weight loss supplement on the market, Easy Forte admits that taking this supplement is normally painful. According to their own website:

Soreness and an achy body is a normal reaction”

They also mention how this is  a perfectly normal response:

a sign that it has started the process of cleaning the system

Suffering pain in order to lose weight is not needed. It’s unknown exactly what kind of process is happening. Though he company mentions this is a flushing out of the digestive system, they fail to mention what  inside the ingredients is causing this.

Is it due to stimulants? Excess fiber? What’s possible causing this is unknown.

As you’ll see in the “Customer Opinions of Easy Forte” section, there’s been numerous complains about the hard to deal with physical symptoms of pain.

The company mentions that these side effects should only last a week, but they offer no guarantee. The problem with their money back return policy is that it only extends for unopened bottles.

They also add that:

“Although diarrhea is not a common symptom… it is a possible reaction”

 It’s good that they admit outright that these effects are possible, but it’s not a sign of a good product that diarrhea and a sore and achy body are considered a normal thing.  Other supplements don’t require for the body to have to experience any painful symptoms. It’s unknown why this brand has to have this kind of an effect.

The science is never explained in detail, and it’s unknown if this would be safe to use in the long term.

Business of Easy Forte

The company is Espontaneamente Natural. I couldn’t find much information on their company website.  They do provide contact details however:

Phone Number: (619) 664-3560


They are based out of San Diego, California, but no information exists about exactly what their address is.

No reviews are available about the company themselves. It’s also unknown if they make their products in a FDA certified, GMP facility. This allows for there to be independent testing done on the products, and a safety standard for the facilities used.

Customer Opinions of Easy Forte

Not many reviews are available online. No customer testimonials are featured either on the company website. Random reviews are scattered on online forums, here’s what some users had to say:

“have numbing on the right side of my stomach”

“everything hurts so bad and my body is hard”

“it was very uncomfortable”

“I didn’t see a significant weight loss”

All users of this brand claim that they’ve experienced terrible sensations in their bodies. The company does mention that this is a possibility, they claim this is a part of the fat burning process.,

There’s really no way to figure out which of these ingredients is causing this effect. It could potentially be due the fiber found in chia and flax, which may make it uncomfortable. However, people mention that their bodies are hard, which isn’t a symptom of excess fiber.

The only ingredient which seems likely to cause this effect is the san pedro almond endosperm. This ingredient has psychedelic properties and it’s made to produce mescaline. However, it’s unknown exactly what’s causing this issue as the company claims this supplement flushes out he digestive system.


Easy Forte is a unique supplement but not for the right reasons. Here’s what was revealed in a full analysis of this supplement:

  • It’s unknown what the ingredients are: The company lists a few of their ingredients, but nowhere online is there any mention of a supplements facts list. So you’ll have no idea on how much of each ingredient is added. This makes it impossible to make a educated choice on whether or not this brand is right for you. This is especially important when taking in a supplement like this, which has very little information available.

Even a dedicated physician wouldn’t be able to determine if this is safe to use, since it’s important to know how much of something you’re taking in. It makes no sense that the company would sell this brand without letting customers know if these are the only ingredients. This greatly reduces the overall quality of this brand, you’re unable to determine what kind of an effect it may have.

  • Many customers mention how they felt extreme physical pain: The company mentions that a sore and achy body is normal, but customers failed to experience only that. For some the pain was too unbearable to continue taking. There are reviews from a few people who mention how they couldn’t stomach taking this product for a long period. Many expressed concerns online adding that they didn’t know it would be this painful. The company mentions that this is a natural part of the detoxification process. However, this is not proven. There are no known painful effects that are normal. This is a sign that the body is not processing whatever it is that you’re using.

It’s impossible to trust the company to believe this is actually safe. They don’t even offer a money back return policy on opened bottles. With so little information available about the makers, it’s unknown if what they have to say is true. It’s important to note that there’s no need for pain when taking a weight loss supplement. This is unique to this brand and stimulant heavy formulas.

  • There’s no reliable money back guarantee: A 30 day return is only offered on unopened bottles. So if you were looking to sample this product and couldn’t finish it due to the pain that is considered normal, then you still wouldn’t be offered a return. This is concerning as most of the reviews online are extremely negative. They come from people who couldn’t function normally, as the pain was too much to carry on.

Especially since this company is unknown, it’s far too risky to trust they are actually producing a safe brand. They offer no GMP certification or a solid guarantee to make this product seem like a safe choice.

  • The company is remarkably limited on the information they unveil: The official company website has information about what their delivery process is like. They also offer contact information such as an email and phone, but they don’t give a specific address. There’s no other information about them anywhere else beyond a Facebook page.

It’s unknown what kind of safety standards if any they uphold. Also, you’re unable to determine whether or not this supplement would be safe to use in the long term. There are far too many unanswered questions that should be answered since the manufacturers are not well known.

They have no supplements facts list, GMP certification, ingredient strength notice, or any sort of valuable information to help determine how they operate.

  • It’s not known what the ingredients are meant to do: Though the company explains the process of how this helps get rid of fats and sugars, they don’t give any information on what the ingredients are meant to do individually.

There’s even an added ingredient in san pedro almond endosperm which apparently does not exist anywhere but in this supplement. It’s important to figure out why the company mentions that physical pain is a normal part of this supplement. Without any further information, it’s impossible to determine whether or not this is safe to use. One has to know exactly why this supplement does what is claimed, and what kind of research went into the making of it. As it stands, there’s no proof that this supplement is safe or effective.

Easy Forte has a lot of ingredients not often found in other supplements. It’s unknown exactly how they work as a weight loss tool, as the company only gives loose interpretations of what’s possible.

Most of the reviews are from concerned customers who felt extreme physical pain and a uncomfortable sensation. Though oddly enough, the manufactures claim this is a normal part of the detoxification process. Due to the lack of information and because there’s no useful money back return policy, this brand isn’t a good choice for weight loss. 

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