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Lipozene Review: Does it work? Learn More

Rating: 2,8/5

Lipozene Review: Does it work?

Weight management is a comprehensive process comprising versatile activities, tools, and solutions. Unfortunately, a significant share of the population suffers from excess weight. At this time, the problem remains topical regardless of the number of extra pounds.

In addition to accustomed ways of shedding weight, diet pills are deemed a decent additive to boost the overall performance. Still, it is quite easy to get lost in the ocean of promises and claims made by versatile brands to attract customers. Lipozene is a drop in this ocean. Still, can it be considered a reputable supplement for losing weight? We will try to find the answer in the following text.

Lipozene overview

What it is

In order to be a one-of-a-kind product on the market of weight loss supplements, it is necessary to have a special active ingredient. For Lipozene, it is Amorphophallus Konjac also known as Konjac root. Still, the first information available for consumers usually comprises boastful claims and declarations. The principal character of the present article is marketed as a natural supplement designed for cutting excess weight without a necessity to change a daily menu. Moreover, it is not water but fat will be removed from the body using Lipozene.

Other trump cards provided by the manufacturer include stimulant-free ingredients, the absence of harmful components, and the availability of the Award of Excellence seal. In fact, the product promotion works great since a total amount of sold bottles exceeds 25 million.

How it works

Despite the tremendous claims, you can’t just swallow pills every single moment and enjoy how your mirror image is getting slim at a rate of knots. There is a certain procedure to follow in order to achieve the performance and avoid possible adverse reactions. Do you think that no side effects are entailed? Have a little patience.

So, one or two capsules are to be taken with a cup of water before each eating occasion. Thirty minutes is enough. The essence of the potency looks as follows:

  • The capsule gets in the stomach and creates a fiber gel inside.
  • The gel reduces the free space of the stomach (around 25% remains for food). As a result, your food cravings decrease entailing the decrease in kcal intake.

The theory of Lipozene work is rather interesting. You can see a simple weight loss formula in action – eating less means getting thin. Still, to define the practical potency of Lipozene, it is better to start with the content.

Lipozene ingredients

Key ingredients

On the bottle label, right beneath the Lipozene name, a consumer can see the name of the key component and its amount. It should be noted that this value is specified for one serving, which consists of two capsules. Otherwise speaking, one pill has 750mg of Amorphophallus Konjac. Do not be scared of such pompous name because you might have been familiar with its another title – glucomannan. Regardless of the name you like, it denotes a purple-colored plant growing in versatile areas of Asia.

The first association elicited by this plant is a sponge. Add some liquid and you will see how it expands in size. The essence of the plant is a water-soluble fiber, which realizes the above-mentioned ability to slow stomach emptying. As a result, glucomannan makes a person feel full for a long period.

Other ingredients

Beneath the phrase “No known allergens in this product”, there is a list of other ingredients consisting of the following components:

Gelatin. It is a rich-in-collagen protein that originates from animals. Gelatin is useful for treating bone-related issues and muscle tissues. It is also beneficial for cutting weight.

Microcrystalline Cellulose. The body cannot absorb thus additive, i.e., it is rather safe. It is known for detoxication potency and curbing food cravings.

Magnesium Silicate. This compound is used to prevent clumping of other components. A small dosage of this ingredient is not hazardous but beneficial for the body.

Stearic Acid. Another name of the ingredient is Octadecanoic Acid. It does not belong to lipids that are rather harmful. This fatty acid can be of animal or plant origin. It is used to hold together powdery components due to its lubricating properties.

Titanium Dioxide. Similar to Magnesium Silicate, Titanium Dioxide prevents clumping of other components. It is an absolutely safe ingredient (GRAS by FDA) despite all possible rumors.

FD&C Blue #1. The final ingredient bears a decorative function since it is a blue colorant.

As you can see, the list of ingredients is free of dangerous substances that are prohibited by any medical authorities.

Quality of the components

Though the safety of Lipozene content is rather important, users in desperate need to conquer obesity are more interested in quality and potency of ingredients. Otherwise speaking, who cares that a product is safe if it is useless. So, let’s dive into the essence of the supplement.

So, glucomannan. You already know the theoretical potency of this ingredient. Its practical value is defined by a clinical study. Actually, there are several studies that reveal the truth about Konjac root and feasibility to use it for losing weight.

Back in 1984, it was proven that users taking 1 gram of glucomannan with a cup of water one hour before eating had experienced a considerable weight reduction (6lbs within two months). Still, it would be unwise to consider the study, which was held more than 30 years ago.

Let’s return to the current century namely in 2007. In that year, 42 female and male users suffering from overweight had been taken 3g of the Lipozene active ingredient every day within two months. In addition to pills, they followed a diet and a training program. As a result, the weight loss effect was achieved.

Modern history is represented by the year 2015 when 83 experimental subjects have taken konjac supplements for 60 days. The amount of the ingredient was the same as in 2007. The efficiency was proven and people experienced the fat reduction.

Still, don’t jump to conclusions. According to the latest systematic review published in 2017, glucomannan has limited evidence to reduce body weight but not BMI. What’s the difference? Actually, it is. All the mentioned studies did show significant reductions in body weight but none found the BMI change. If you are aimed at the elimination of fat, the BMI should be your principal metric.

Sum up, Konjac root is not an absolutely ineffective ingredient. Numerous studies revealed its positive effect. Besides, users following a high fiber diet are encouraged to take rich-in-glucomannan supplements. Another question is whether this active ingredient can elicit its potential in Lipozene.

Side effects

The listed ingredients are safe by nature. However, certain circumstances may be the reason for versatile side effects even if the chosen diet supplement is absolutely organic. Lipozene is not the exception to the rules.

Main side effects

Stomach issues are the most commonly observed adverse reactions. These include constipation, gas, bloating, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. The mentioned reactions are associated with the active ingredient rich in fiber. In the case of bloating, 4.5g of that type of fiber on a daily basis may be too much for your body. The same amount of fiber found in natural foods will hardly cause the same reaction. Constipation is the result of the same problem. Flatulence and gas are the consequences of incomplete fiber digestion.

In general, those who experience the mentioned troubles should understand that excess fiber is the reason.

Other potential risks

Risk of chocking should be mentioned separately because it is placed on the warning label on the bottle. It says that an insufficient liquid intake may lead to blockage of your throat by the swollen product. Besides, if you experience troubles with swallowing, it is better to refuse of taking Lipozene. This is the official recommendation of the manufacturer.

Such health issues as dullness, weakness, and fatigue are also possible due to the reduction of daily kcal rate. The body needs some time to adjust biochemical processes to the new habit of eating. However, these side effects are short-term.

Scientific facts about Lipozene and its ingredients

Glucomannan has not said its final word in the present article yet. And here it is.

Versatile scientific studies proved the effectiveness of the said ingredient in other focus areas different from weight management. Thus, taking glucomannan per os is the solution to relieve constipation. Moreover, this ingredient is recommended for both adults and children.

Another benefit observed with the glucomannan potency is changing levels of cholesterol. High-density lipoprotein cholesterol raises while triglycerides, low-density lipoprotein, and blood cholesterol go down when using the said active component. Diabetics can also benefit from Konjac root by using it for controlling blood sugar levels.

Lipozene price/quality ratio

In some cases, the efficiency of a product may be shifted to second place if the price is exaggerated. Lipozene cannot boast of some unbelievable performance. Hence, it would be stupid to expect the corresponding price. But first things first.

In what form it is sold

It is impossible to say that the package of Lipozene is out-of-order. In fact, the supplement is available in a regular drug bottle containing 30 capsules. Considering the average recommended serving (two capsules before each meal), this amount is meant for 5 days. However, if you have less than three eating occasions per day, the supply will increase. Moreover, one can find MEGA Bottle for 120 capsules, as well as smaller versions for 90 and 60 capsules each.

Where to buy and the return policy

Lipozene is available on versatile online retail shops including GNC, Amazon, Walmart etc. Other options where to buy the supplement include local stores and orders from commercials. The latter is a rather interesting offer since consumers are provided with a 30-day money back guarantee. Still, be attentive that this period begins from the day of order but the receipt day. Nevertheless, not all amount will be refunded. A processing fee of $1.35 will be deducted. For other questions, the customer service is available by the number 888-220-8907. Unfortunately, consumers state that it is a challenge to reach a human when calling the number. And a bunch of automated responses can drive crazy.

Servings: in total and per day and the costs

Let’s visit Amazon to learn current prices. A regular bottle of 30 capsules costs around $30. This package contains 15 servings. Having performed a simple mathematical operation, we obtained $2 per serving. The MEGA Bottle offers 60 servings for almost $40 with less than a dollar per serving. Such package is enough for 20 days. If you made up your mind to opt for Lipozene, it would be better to purchase large-scale packs since smaller ones would make you bankrupt.

Nutrition facts

Unlike meal replacements or protein shakes, the encapsulated dietary supplements are mostly free of some nutritional values. It means that you do not have to count calories or certain nutrients. The focus is made on proper intake of pills within according to recommendations.

About the manufacturer

All you need to know about the manufacturer is its name and contacts. However, in case of Lipozene, some historical facts about the company will be in use. So, the producer is called the Obesity Research Institute LLC. This name might be famous due to the enormous FTC fine of $1.5 million back in 2005. In that time, two other fiber-based dietary supplements called Fiberthin and Propolene were manufactured. Can the history repeat itself? Who knows? Anyhow, on the day of making this review, the BBB’s rating of Obesity Research Institute was “B”. You are free to verify its updated rating by entering the company name and choosing the one at address 4910 Longley Ln STE 101 Reno, NV 89502-7933.

Is Lipozene scam?

Making a verdict is always a heavy burden since a subjective opinion cannot be a decent indicator. It is impossible to claim that the Lipozene active ingredient is ineffective. Trial subjects of the mentioned studies did experience the reduction ow weight. On the other side, we have a tainted image of Obesity Research Council, which was fined for the manufacture of alike supplements, and the exaggerated price for a month supply. Konjac root is accessible much cheaper. At the same time, we should not ignore concerns related to stomachaches caused by a high fiber content, as well as shady customer service. The fact that consumers are provided with the money refund guarantee does not mean the actual refund of money paid.

So, it would be wrong to name Lipozene a scam. Still, it does not deserve to be called decent.

What customers think about it?

All the data mentioned above can lose color if consumers are satisfied with price and quality. Unfortunately, it is not about Lipozene. Frankly speaking, you can find positive feedbacks and praiseful words but their number is a few. The bulk of consumers express their resentment regarding the ruined hopes and wasted money. Besides, additional monthly charges are a common problem associated with the company.

At the same time, a couple of positive feedbacks break through the background of negative messages like sunlight in a cloudy weather. Users claim that they managed to shed a few pounds. Still, in most cases, the supplement intake was accompanied by exercising and/or dieting. So, it is unclear what was the real cause of weight reduction.


Some psychologists recommend comparing pros and cons when facing a problem of choice. It is not an ironclad guarantee to make a proper choice. However, such method can clear up the situation. Let’s compare benefits and drawbacks of Lipozene.

Pros summary

  • Decent appetite suppression.
  • Reduction of constipation.
  • The increase in metabolic rate.
  • Konjac root health benefits including the reduction of blood pressure, as well as fats and sugar in the blood.
  • Reduction of kcal intake.
  • Improvement of gut health.

Cons summary

  • Risk of digestive blockage.
  • The possibility of intestinal issues.
  • The spoiled reputation of the manufacturer.
  • No FDA approval.
  • Terrible customer service.

The bottom line

Having read the entire article, the readers might still have unanswered question “Buy or not?” Actually, you are the only one to decide. Certain controversial points should not puzzle you. Those who are in real need to get rid of excess weight will not rely upon magical pills and supplement but will act to achieve results. Lipozene is definitely not the solution to win success without efforts. Perhaps, a combination of dieting, exercising, and this supplement can bring fruit. Still, do you need this spare wheel on your way to the slim body?

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