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Calotren Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

Calotren is a weight loss brand available in both liquid or pill form that’s made to burn fat and sugars at an effective rate. It’s intended to work by boosting metabolism for fat loss, while still allowing for lean muscle to be preserved.

Lists of benefits include that it’s safe when used alongside medications, and even for most people with health conditions. Although no special diet is needed, the company mentions that supplementation should be used for 90 days. Timing is also important as the company suggests taking this product at night to help provide sustained protein during sleep. Are all these clamed health benefits actually true? What can Calotren do as far as weight loss results? The answer to this question and more is solved in this full review.

Calotren Ingredients

Their weight loss pill contains the following according to their product website:

Collagen Complex, 3,000 mg ProHydrolase, 40 mg

Collagen Complex: Protein found in tissue that helps with the stretching of and look of skin. It’s often taken as a supplement to improve skin and joint health.  It’s sometimes used as a protein source for muscle gain and fat reduction; however, due to its weak amino acid profile it’s suggested not to take this in place of other protein blends.

Due to it often being extracted from the skin, bones, and connective tissue of animals, there is a warning by the FDA to watch out for intake. It’s also unknown if treating it will reduce the potentially toxic effects, the FDA states that processing it to make it safe has been limited, according to them:

“scientific evidence is insufficient”

So it’s unknown if treating it will remove the risk for contamination. The company does claim their collagen is free of mad cow disease, but it’s unknown how strict their standards are.

ProHydrolase: Patented ingredient made by Deerland Enzymes. It’s a combination of enzymes used to make protein more effective, which in turn leads to increased muscle growth and recovery.  The intended effect is increasing the amino acids found in protein to be easier digested, and more readily available for use.

Though the company claims to have clinical studies, they mention that this test:

“is available on request”

It’s unknown why they don’t just publish the results. Often companies will use flawed clinical studies, which required extra things like special diets, calorie counting, or it could be that only a few people were used for the study.

Without knowing more information, it’s unknown if this ingredient will have any effect. It’s also only been studied in vitro, which means it has not been tested on humans yet, only on cells used in laboratory settings.

Calotren Quality Of Ingredients

The 2 active ingredients are added to help provide a potent form of protein. However, the patented ProHydrolase isn’t yet proven to be effective at improving the amino acid digestibility.

The collagen complex isn’t explained in detail on whether it’s treated to get rid of all potential contaminants, nor is it known what the full amino acid profile is. Collagen is considered an inferior and much more costly source of protein. There’s no need to use this form of protein as other cheaper and more effective sources are available.

There’s also no full ingredient listing showing a legitimate supplements facts list, so it’s unknown if there’s any inactive ingredients added. Due to all these concerns, there’s not enough reason to justify purchase.

The Price and Quality of Calotren

One 120 capsule bottle which provided a month’s supply costs $69.95, this averages out to a daily price of:

$69.95/30= $2.33 for one daily serving.

You have to take 4 capsules a day on an empty stomach, which is a heavy dose. The overall lack of reliable studies into the weight loss properties of these ingredients makes it an overpriced and unnecessary supplement. No evidence is provided by the company to show whether or not it’s truly effective.

Possible Contamination with Collagen

The manufactures state that their collagen is:

“derived from two sources; beef or marine”

“The beef is safe and has no health risks”

They claim it’s BSE safe, which means their cows don’t have mad cow disease.  However, they never mention who has sanctioned this supposed cleanliness standard.

It’s unknown if this was lab tested by an unbiased 3rd party or not. It’s troubling to see that some people have experienced odd side effects that safe collagen is not meant to provide, such as jitters.

One important thing to consider is that on the Calotren product description it’s mentioned that there are just 2 ingredients, collagen complex and ProHydrolase. However, on their FAQ section they claim there are collagen complex, aloe vera, and vegetable glycerin. They never mention ProHydrolase as an ingredient.

Since no supplements facts label is provided, it’s unknown what truly is inside. This lack of accountability for ingredients is not a good sign, as it’s important to know where these kinds of ingredients come from. Usually a supplements facts label is standard in any supplement, as it’s the only way to know ingredient strength.

Without an accurate label it’s unknown what this product can offer people, or it it’s truly available in safe and effective amounts.

Limited Effects of Calotren

The official FAQ section details how limited this brand is. It states:

“Calotren is not the answer for everything”

In this explanation, they list all the failings that this product has that it cannot help in terms of weight loss.

They mention the following limitations:

  • Lack of appetite suppression: For this the company suggests another one of their supplements.
  • No metabolism boosting: They also suggest another one of their supplements to help with metabolism. They do mention that lean muscle mass helps build a stronger metabolism, however, it’s not a direct result from collagen.
  • Not nutrient dense: A broken website link to a multivitamin supplement is offered.
  • Doesn’t target stored fat in tricky areas: They advise to take a CLA fatty acid booster that they make.

So all together one has to buy an additional 4 other supplements to help gain the full well rounded benefits that other weight loss supplements might have.

This can make supplementing not only tiresome since you’re taking so many pills, but it’s also an expensive requirement. Calotren alone requires 4 pills a day. It’s unknown how much one has to take if one were to supplement with the other suggested brands.

The company does mention how Calotren is an advanced formula that is effective for weight loss, but it doesn’t seem so effective when you realize they suggest 4 other supplements to take alongside this one.

Business of Calotren

Top of The World Distributors owns this brand and they can be reached through the following:

Phone Number: (800) 325-4366

Address: 100 N. First St.

Union City, Tennessee 38261

The company offers returns but at a $10 restocking fee and a return for all items that were given for free.  They also suggest taking Calotren for a 90-day period for effects; however, their return only extends for up to 45 days. So this makes it impossible to truly use this supplement at the full-recommended dose with a guarantee.

Customer Opinions of Calotren

There’s only a few reviews available online, and almost all of them are very negative. Here’s a summary of what the average customer has experienced:

“kept me awake and feeling sick all night”

“I didn’t feel anything different health wise”

“not very happy about this product”

“HUGE waste of money”

Symptoms such as jitters and a lack of weight loss even with strict diet and exercise were some of the common complaints. There was one positive review for this brand on, but at just one review it’s unknown if this was a placebo effect.

Overall, almost all reviews have been extremely negative.


Calotren revealed a lot of interesting things after close review:

  • The formula has expensive additives that aren’t as good as other cheaper sources: The key active ingredient is a collagen complex that has no explanation as to where it’s sourced. Another final ingredient is a patented enzyme that makes the collagen easier to digest. However, collagen as a weight loss ingredient isn’t very well suited. This is because collagen is a weak protein that has very limited amino acids. It’s not as effective as other ingredients that have a better-rounded amino acid profile. Other protein sources are also much cheaper, and they’re more common. There’s no other reason other than weight loss that’s mentioned as a benefit. Therefore, relying on these ingredients for weight loss isn’t reliable or as cost effective as other proteins.
  • No evidence is provided by the company: The company fails to ever provide any insight into how this formula is meant to work. They claim their product is safe for use even with any medication, however, it’s unknown if this is true. They also add that this brand will help you get rid of “unwanted pounds and inches”, though they don’t give information as to what a common result is, or if it’s truly guaranteed. They also claim there’s strict health standards to ensure their collagen has no mad cow disease, but they also mention how their brand can contain either bovine or marine collagen. It’s never explained why it’s mixed, or exactly what goes into making sure this product is safe to use.
  • Most customer reviews are extremely negative: Though there aren’t many reviews available online, what is available is not positive. People have mentioned waking up out of bed with stimulant like side effects. There’s also many who failed to see any weight loss even with a month’s long supply and with diet and exercise. The stimulant effects are difficult to explain since I couldn’t find any clinical studies which show that as a side effect. Typically protein doesn’t have any stimulant effects unless there’s some sort of contamination. This is possible considering that collagen can come an animals which may be full of contaminating extracts. Without the proper insight into how they formula their collagen complex, it’s unknown if it’s a safe choice to supplement with.
  • The return policy doesn’t make sense: They do allow for returns within 45 days, but they also mention it should take around 90 days to experience the full effects. They also claim that 50% of people have results within the 1st month. This timeframe still doesn’t allow for the money back return policy to be as effective than if it were applied for the entire time it takes to supposedly see results. This can make a return troublesome, as the company is strict about not offering returns unless you follow their practices. They also mention that there’s a $10 restocking fee for all packages, so one has to invest money and still not be guaranteed of ever experiencing any weight loss benefits.
  • It’s unlikely to be beneficial: Collagen has not been shown to be an effective protein. Even with the added enzymes that are mean to make it more effective, there’s no true proof that shows that this formula has weight loss benefits. The company makes claims about how long it takes for customers to experience positive effects, but they never cite testimonials or any sort of proof to back up their claims. Much more information is needed to properly figure out if what they’re saying is true. Not only have most customer review been negative, but also the science on whether or not collagen is an effective protein has already been established. It’s greatly inferior to other cheaper and more readily available sources.

Due to the majority of negative customers reviews and lack of weight loss evidence, it’s unlikely for there to be any useful weight reduction benefits.

The lack of true money back return is also suspect, as the company issues a pricy restocking fee and an extremely limited time for returns. No evidence is provided by the manufacturers, and the outside clinical studies how it to be ineffective. 

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