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Blood Type Diet Review

What is it?

The Blood Type Diet is a diet plan for people who are looking for a science based approach to dieting. It takes into account your unique blood type, which then gives you the ability to know what foods are right for you.

This diet is based around the idea that depending on your blood, certain foods may actually be harmful and cause unwanted health issues. There are also other claims such as:

  • Full range of benefits: Not only will you be able to lose weight more effectively, but also you’ll avoid experiencing a buildup of side effects. This is because the body will properly respond to lectins, which are carbohydrates that find to proteins.

By using the food list provided, you’ll be able to properly digest food, have increased energy, and even prevent diseases.           

  • Lists of food: Depending on if you’re type O, A, B, or AB, there’s certain foods which are better for each type. You’ll know which foods are most helpful once you determine your blood type. Certain books also provide a full weeks worth or more of recipes. So you’re given the full layout of what should be eaten and in what way.           
  • Specific exercises: Even your blood type will determine what are the exercises your body needs. Type O people need strenuous aerobic exercises like biking or jogging. For tor type A, it’s advised to do simple exercises like yoga or tai chi.
  • Claims of being science based: The type of diet you use is said to be backed by real evidence. There are many books from different authors about this diet, and some in the medical community have also shown support.

Though there are slightly different styles to approaching this diet, the overall consensus from those who support this idea do suggest one thing. You can only eat foods that your blood type is best suited for.

For certain blood types this might meant a strictly vegetarian diet. Therefore, you won’t know how to start this diet until you know your blood type.

Foods Allowed by the Diet 

What you can choose to eat depends on the type of blood you have:

Type A: Only fruit, vegetables, grains, beans, and legumes that is preferably fresh and or organic. No meats are allowed.

This blood type has the most sensitive immune system; therefore you have to be aware of what you eat even more. 

Type B Lots of green vegetables, eggs, low-fat dairy, and certain meats are allowed. You can’t eat corn, buckwheat, wheat, lentils, peanuts, tomatoes, peanuts, sesame seeds or chicken. 

Type O: This focuses highly on large amounts of protein from lean meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables. Not much beans, grains, or dairy is allowed. Many supplements are also suggested in order to avoid stomach issues, which this blood type is susceptible to. 

Type AB: Green vegetables, tofu, and dairy are allowed. People with this blood type have low levels of stomach acids, so caffeine, alcohol, and cured meats should be avoided.

Even the types of exercise that you should do depend on blood type.  You also aren’t given the option of personal taste.

For example, if you’re type 0 and are vegetarian or don’t like eating lots of protein, you’ll be forced to do so.

Personal preferences whether because of taste or ideologies are not supported. You are forced to eat only particular foods, otherwise you’ll experience weight gain and health issues. 

How Does the Diet Work? 

Certain forms of bacteria have a preference over certain blood types. Also, microorganisms also favor specific blood types as well. According to the Blood Type Diet, this choice can either help or hurt overall health.

The issue is that many scientific studies have shown that this diet does not work. The Belgian Red Cross ran a study that showed:

“Blood type diets lack supporting evidence”

 “No evidence currently exists to validate the purported health benefits of blood type diets”

 Plos ONE also ran a study that showed:

“findings do not support the ‘Blood-Type’ diet”

 Another review by Web MD also confirmed:

“no evidence exists to support benefits of blood type diets”

 The overwhelming consensus is that this diet does not work. Not only is there a lack of evidence, but also it can be extremely limiting and potentially harmful. Having to eat just certain kinds of food groups can deny you from getting a well rounded nutritional profile.

One major website advocating this diet is called According to them:

“If, after three to six months of eating right for your type, you are not healthier or losing weight, there are several options t explore”

 This is a long time to have to have to continue eating only select foods. Since it’s in the FAQ section, it’s likely that many people on this diet have wondered why they’ve failed to experience change.

Spending this much time eating potentially harmful foods can be a possible danger to our health.  It’s also admitted by this same site that there’s:

 “little data currently available”

 So it’s still unclear whether or not your blood type is actually a factor, or why some people don’t experience any changes. Often claims like these are made when a diet has not been proven to work. It’s a way for the makers to escape liability, making it seem like this is a rare case.


  • Several books are available which explain this diet in detail.
  • A full list of foods are provided to help you determine what you can eat.
  • Free information is also provided by several websites that support this diet.
  • Certain sites offer cheap at home blood type kits.
  • For people who like the foods listed for each blood type, you’ll be able to keep eating much of the same foods. 


  • Several clinical studies have disproven the idea that your diet preferences can be made via blood type.
  • Certain diets force you to eat much of the same foods. This can be hard to uphold, as certain blood types can only eat limited foods. 
  • You might experience nutritional deficiencies with certain blood types.
  • Some of the diets are only for people who are comfortable with high protein, or no protein.
  • If you eat foods not allowed by your blood type, this diet claims that you’ll experience side effects and weight gain. So it’s very retrieve on what’s allowed. 

Better Alternatives to the Diet

 Due to the studies that show the Blood Type Diet isn’t useful, it’s important to seek out better alternatives.

This plan has not been proven to work, and the science provided by those who push this diet is not credible.

This is good however, as for those with certain chronic diseases, eating just a limited amount of food can be harmful. Web MD mentions:

“Blood Type Diet also fails to address other conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, or cholesterol.”

 “Science is stacked behind traditional recommendations… not restrictions based on the type of your blood” 

The possibility for major issues is high if your body can’t handle high protein, or limited protein. Depending on your blood type, there’s no way of being able to make changes. You’d be forced to eat just a limited kinds of foods.

Due to the fact that certain blood types require you to eat more plant based foods, it’s possible to lose weight this way since eating many calories this way can be hard. Also, it can be healthy to eat more foods like this.

However, it’s no indication that the blood type makes a difference. That’s why Authority Nutrition has concluded:

“evidence supporting the blood type diet is particularly underwhelming”

 So there’s really no reason to believe this diet would work. The science shows that any benefit is likely due to the addition of only natural whole foods, instead of relying on processed or heavily caloric foods.

Another issue to contend with is the lack of weight loss. According to the main Blood Type Diet book:

“During these periods, it’s common not to lose weight”

 “Patience and 100% avoidance of all avoid foods is called for during this healing period… can last a year or more”

 So it’s possible to not lose weigh even if you diet for a full year or even more. This makes it hard to file a complaint against this diet, since if you were to not lose weight, the makers will claim that’s natural and your body’s doing what it needs to.

This makes it a diet plan that’s not certified to work, and unfortunately you wouldn’t be able to complain and get a return of money. You’d have to stick with this diet and assume the lack of weight loss is natural.


 The idea that your blood type can determine what foods you should eat seems convenient. However, the kinds of foods you’re allowed to eat are incredibly limited. For type O people, they’re limited to eating high amounts of animal protein.

It can be hard and may possibly lead to nutritional deficiencies. You’re also forced to keep eating the same kinds of foods. Luckily, this diet has not been proven to be effective.

Multiple studies have confirmed that no science is available to prove this diet is safe or effective. Your blood type has no effect on the dietary choices you can make. It’s because of this important reason that the Blood Type Diet would not be a good choice. There are much better options that offer more variety and that are based off of real science.

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