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Asenlix Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

Asenlix is a prescription weight loss pill used as a stimulant to help reduce appetite. It’s also made for increasing energy, providing mental focus, and improving stamina.

This drug is now only available in Mexico, where it’s limited to people who can get a prescription. This brand was once popular in the 1970’s in the US, but due to certain issues it was banned. Is this drug truly effective for weight loss? Just how safe is it? This Asenlix review has all the details needed to make an informed opinion.

Asenlix Ingredients

Clobenzorex (Usually provided at 30 mg per serving)

 Clobenzorex: Stimulant drug that is converted to amphetamine when it’s processed by the body. Use of it will cause a positive drug test for amphetamine. It’s often recommended at a 30 mg serving dose, as high amounts may cause side effects that include:

  • Jitters, muscle tremors, and shakes.
  • Rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular problems.
  • Insomnia and restlessness.
  • Headaches and difficulty concentrating.
  • Feelings of anxiety and paranoia.
  • Inability to calm down.
  • Dry mouth, excitation, and agitation.

Live also mentions that use of this drug has lead to serious side effects. According to them it can cause pulmonary hypertension, which then:

“can lead to congestive heart failure and death.

It’s only available for use in Mexico, where it’s notoriously easy to get a prescription for. There’s online forums of people who sell and discuss this brand, though they often talk about having to smuggle it into different countries.

This drug can suppress appetite and improve metabolism, but since it’s only legal in Mexico, possession elsewhere can lead to incarceration.

Also, amphetamine use for the long term is potentially dangerous. That’s why mentions that it should be:

“Short-term… in a weight reduction regimen based on caloric restriction”

This short-term use is advised under the strict observance of a healthcare professional. This is because amphetamines are known to cause addictions. also has this to say:

“should be individualized according to the needs and responses of the patient”

“drug administration should be interrupted occasionally to determine if continued therapy is required”

This means that unless you have the guidance of a Mexican doctor, it’s not recommended to use this drug on one’s own.

The potential side effects are far too much for one to handle on their own.

Asenlix Quality Of Ingredients

Clobenzorex will likely cause an increase in metabolism, energy, and a reduction in appetite. The problem with this drug is that it’s an amphetamine that can cause addiction and dangerous side effects.

It’s important to take this drug only under a prescription, and only with the observance of a legitimate healthcare provider.

Due to possible addictive qualities and the fact it’s banned in many countries, there are several red flags. The overall quality is not as wholesome as other alternatives that don’t rely on a heavy stimulant like effect.

The Price and Quality of Asenlix

Since you can only purchase it through a Mexican pharmacy, the costs depend on the specific business you purchase it from.

There was an online site that claims to sell this product, but this is not recommended, as it’s illegal to get this drug outside a Mexican prescription.

They sell 60, 30 mg pills for $120.

Since prescriptions are needed to figure out how many you would need a day, it’s impossible to determine what the daily cost is.

This brand is incredibly expensive for what’s technically an illegal substance. It’s not recommended to purchase from websites like this that promise full anonymous sales.

This can lead to the following:

  • Confiscation: Authorities outside of Mexico can take the drug away.
  • Incarceration: In one forum a person talked about having their Asenlix taken away, and since they had a higher amount than what’s prescribed, they were also sent to jail.
  • Contamination: The website isn’t secure and they can’t promise that their batches are fresh, or not mixed with other unknown ingredients. You just won’t know if you’re getting a safe and real batch of Asenlix.

Sales of Asenlix

One website that sells this brand claims to offer:

“100% Anonymity and Privacy”

They also claim that the packages in where they send their products from are:

“tugston and carbon papers to skip through customs x-ray machines at airports”

This company is essentially conspiring to let people purchase illegal substances without a prescription. Not only can this result in jail time, but also it’s unknown if the company actually sells real batches of this ingredient.

It’s important to consider the US ban on this ingredient. This is why many websites, which claim to offer this brand, operate using hidden operations.  Though if you have this sent to your house, it’s possible for it to be taken away or for one to be incarcerated.

The reason why this drug was banned was because its weight loss effects aren’t strong or safe enough.  Though because you can still find batches of this drug, it’s widely available on the internet.

Studies Into the Main Ingredient

One study on Clobenzorex, the key active ingredient ,showed that when taking this drug it leads to amphetamine in the urine.

This means that if you take this drug and are drug tested, you will likely test positive for amphetamine.

The Oxford Journals ran a study confirming this fact:

“amphetamine was detected at relatively high concentrations”

“clobenzorex was detected at very low concentrations”

This means that the key active ingredient is largely filtered out. This may make a failed drug test even worse, as it appears that this drug is largely turned into amphetamine once it’s processed in the body.

This can effect athletic participation as well as work. Many groups such as USADA ban this drug from use in athletes.

The street name for this drug is called “greenies”,  and they are often sold to athletes looking for a competitive edge. However, if one were to take this for weight loss, there’s no guarantee that one won’t have amphetamine like compounds that will make one test positive.

Business of Asenlix

The makers of this brand were Aventis, but Sanofi now owns them. They can be contacted below:

Phone Number: 33 (0) 1 53 77 40 00

Address: 54, Rue La Boetie

75008 Paris, France.

The company has had many controversies:

  • The company held a voluntary recall over one of their drugs because it failed to work properly. The company admitted that this fault could potentially lead to death.
  • HIV contaminated blood products were sold to Iraqis who sued the company. This case is still ongoing.

Similar to other prescriptions, no money back return is offered.

Customer Opinions of Asenlix

Finding opinions for this brand can be hard as there are mixed reviews on online forums. Here’s what some users had to say:

“still hungry and have no energy”

“not really getting anywhere”

“sends my blood pressure soaring”

“don’t know if I will be able to go to sleep tonight”

It’s important to note that the people who left reviews are well aware that this brand is illegal to obtain outside Mexico. They often talk about getting secret suppliers to get this brand.

People did mention how they experienced appetite suppression and an increase in energy, but this can be done with any kind of amphetamine drug. For some they were unable to sleep or relax.


The Asenlix brand is unique and offers all the following:

  • It’s illegal outside of Mexico: This drug is only available via a prescription in Mexico. Due to lax laws on prescriptions, getting this drug is fairly easy. However, you’re not allowed to take this anywhere outside of Mexico, or you might face confiscation and or incarceration. One major flaw to this ease of access is that it’s highly recommended to take this drug only with the suggestion of a certified health care practitioner. This is so they can watch over any potential side effects.

Without the support of a dedicated physician, it’s possible to experience fatal side effects. This drug is also only recommended for short-term use alongside a modified diet plan. This is to help adjust the body to a new caloric deficit. With all these concerns in mind, it’s important to avoid taking substances like this, which may lead to addiction and cardiovascular damage.

  • It’s unknown if the company still makes fresh batches: Since the manufacturers don’t have a dedicated webpage for Asenlix, it’s unknown if they still make it. Many websites sell this brand that are not affiliated with the manufactures. They claim to offer this brand at a reduced rate, but they fail to mention an expiration date or money back guarantee. All sales are final for this product. It was officially banned back in the 1970’s after it was deemed too dangerous.

When using a prescription drug like this it’s very important to make sue you’re getting a real certified safe product. Otherwise, you might risk experience potentially fatal symptoms. This is why a doctor’s prescription is highly recommended, and why this brand is meant to be taken only for a short-term basis.

  • Many illegal operating websites sell this product: The companies that sell this product online are technically running an illegal business. The only way you’re supposed to purchase this brand is when a doctor decides you can handle its effects. The fact that the websites that sell it claim that all sales are confidential shows that they know it’s illegal to sell. Since this drug is illegal outside the US, you can be in trouble for using this product. Even if you were to buy it from a source online, it’s important to remember that you are liable for what gets sent to you.

One website that sells this is called AnonymousPharm, they mention how the packages they send are shipped in carbon paper to evade detection from x-rays. This process is illegal and not recommended as his might result in jail time.

  • This drug is a form of amphetamine: Amphetamine drugs have a potential addictive nature. This is why this brand in particular is advised only for a short term. The intended goal of amphetamines for weight loss is to allow one to temporarily reduce appetite. This then allows for one to make lifestyle changes that they’re mean to keep. It’s not like other weight loss supplements that you can take for a long time.

The problem with drugs like thee is that they don’t guarantee weight loss. All the effort has to be maintained by users.  This is why people often regain any of the weight they lost.

  • There’s many potential serious side effects: Not only do amphetamines potentially cause addiction, but also this drug in particular is known to cause pulmonary hypertension. This can lead to increased blood pressure that then leads to heart failure and even death. It’s important to take this drug very seriously, as it can promote several other side effects. Customers have experienced some of these. This includes dry mouth, fatigue, anxiety, rapid blood pressure rise, fear, rapid heart rate, and feelings of paranoia.

The major problem with these potential side effects is that you’re not allowed money back return. You also are advised to use this brand only if you have a doctor’s prescription, and they must supervise in case you have any issues. This is impossible unless you’re dealing with a legitimate Mexican doctor. Otherwise, there’s no other way to use this product in a safe manner.

Not only is this brand potentially fatal, but also it’s only available through illegal means if you’re not getting a prescription in Mexico.

You have to make sure you carefully introduce this brand, as it can lead to addiction and heart failure. The only place to buy this outside of Mexico are illegal websites, and it’s unknown if this is safe. Far better options exist for weight loss that doesn’t include this potentially fatal amphetamine drug. 

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