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Acxion Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

Acxion is a prescription weight loss pill featuring the FDA approved ingredient phentermine. It’s made to work as an appetite suppressant, but only certain people are allowed to use it.

It’s considered only a short-term solution to weight loss, due to its potential for causing dependence. Use of this drug is intended to help change eating habits. Once a person is accustomed to eating fewer calories, gradual and steady weight loss in the future is expected. Does Acxion have any use as a weight loss pill? What can you expect in terms of effects? This full review has all the important information you need to know.

Acxion Ingredients

Phentermine 15 to 37.5 mg


Phentermine: Stimulant drug that has similar effects to amphetamine. It’s made specifically to be used alongside a diet and exercise plan. This is largely due to its ability to cause physical dependence that is often seen in amphetamine drugs.

It affects the central nervous system directly and raises blood pressure.

It also influences adrenaline receptors in the brain, which leads to a reduction of fat cells.

In the US it’s considered a schedule 4 drug, which means it can lead to substance abuse and it can cause both physical and psychological addiction. This is why it’s often only prescribed for a short period, and only to people who are obese enough. Several possible side effects have been shown in clinical studies and they include:

  • Vomiting, nausea, and an unpleasant taste.
  • Headaches and changes in mood.
  • Hypertension, agitation, and feelings of irritability.
  • Rash and hives.
  • Reduced libido and impotence.
  • Diarrhea and digestive issues.
  • Problematic mental changes including rage and depression.
  • Irregular heart rate and rapid pounding.
  • Trembling and shaking in the legs and arms.
  • Feeling sensations that aren’t there, and seeing things, which aren’t possible.

People have also died from using this ingredient. A once healthy 29-year-old woman suffered a severe stroke that occurred within 23 days of using this ingredient.

It’s highly advised to seek a physician recommendation in order to prevent the possibility for side effects. Although, even with strict medical supervision it’s still possible to experience unwanted symptoms.

Acxion Quality Of Ingredients

The key active ingredient has been shown to reduce hunger, however, the long list of possible side effects are too much for unguaranteed weight loss.

A lot of effort has to go into making lifestyle changes, since this brand is only useful for short-term appetite suppression. In some people it also failed to produce much of a change.

There are case studies of once healthy people experiencing stroke, hypertension, and other serous stimulant related side effects. Many clinical studies have shown that certain side effects such as restlessness are common especially with in the first few weeks.

It’s unknown what kind of an effect his product may have from person to person, and since it’s only allowed for a limited amount of people, many may not qualify. The quality is hard to judge since results are often mixed. However, due to the overall potential risk, it’s too potentially dangerous to consider as a useful weight loss ingredient.

Much effort has to be placed on dieting and exercise. Though once one’s appetite is o longer suppressed, it may become easy to fall back into old eating habits, thus raising one’s risk for becoming obese. This drug relies heavily on willpower, which can be difficult to control.

The Price and Quality of Acxion

Prices for this brand range, and although it’s sold on certain websites online, technically this process is illegal since this pill is prescription only.

A 30 tab, 30 mg packet costs $76. At one tablet a day, this equals out to:

$76/30= $2.53 for one daily serving.

As mentioned, since this brand is prescription only, purchasing it via online retailers is technically illegal. In the US this brand is a schedule 4 drugs, meaning that having this brand without a prescription can lead to a fine or incarceration.

It’s apparently sold for much cheaper when purchased directly from a Mexican pharmacy, however, use is limited to just that state.

Possibility for dangerous effects

Many side effects have been shown via the use of the active ingredient. Since many studies have to go into the making of a prescription drug, all the possible symptoms have to be listed.

A study including 81 people saw major side effects according to They mention that there were:

“several CNS complains from patients”

This included common symptoms of sleeplessness, fatigue, depression, and sleeping issues.  These side effects were common within the first few weeks of use. For many people these issues did not go away until they stopped the trials.

Due to the potentially dangerous nature of this drug, it’s also advised to avoid if one has a history of:

  • Overactive thyroid.
  • Pulmonary hypertension.
  • History of heart disease.
  • History of drug or alcohol abuse.
  • In an agitated state.
  • High blood pressure.

Many other factors may prevent one fro safely using this product. This is due to its amphetamine like nature, which can cause a potentially severe stimulant effect.

The risk for side effects is also increased due o the active ingredient which is recommended to be taken alongside strict medical supervision. This is why only those with a BMI of 30 or over, or those with a 27 or more BMI with an obesity related illness are intended to take it.

Only a doctor’s prescription can ensure one is healthy enough to use this product. Also, effort has to go into dieting and exercise, since this drug is used to help create a lifestyle change; it’s not a long-term solution to weight loss. Determining how long one can safely use this product depends on an individuals needs, and only a dedicated physician can determine who qualifies.

There have been cases of people having severe side effects, and death is possible as well. This is why supplementation has to be closely monitored.

Purchasing Acxion

Since this brand is a prescription pill made in Mexico, obtaining it can be difficult.

There are websites that allow shipping to the US; however, this practice is illegal as only a doctor can prescribe it.

Only one website sells this brand and they are called Medicines Mexico. They only allow for sales using money orders and customers online have mentioned how this site is operating a scam.

After further review, it’s revealed that this website is highly rated by customers on Facebook. However, these same customers are all friends so it’s possible for it to be forged reviews.

Even if one were to purchase this brand outside of Mexico, ownership of these pills is considered a violation of US laws, as only doctor recommended prescriptions are allowed.

Business of Acxion

IFA Celtics produces this brand, and they are a Mexican pharmaceutical company that can be found below:

Phone Number: (777) 329-9800

Address: Calle 13, No. 5, Civac

62500 Jiutepec, Mexico

Talking to their customer service representatives might be difficult to non-Spanish speaking people; it appears the company only caters to the Spanish speaking market.

Since this product is a prescription drug, there are no returns allowed. Due to lax laws in Mexico, one can find it in regular pharmacies over the counter.

Not much information is available about the manufacturers IFA Celtics, though they are self-proclaimed to be one of the largest drug providers in Mexico.

Customer Opinions of Acxion

Reviews online are scattered due to the prescription only availability. Here is some of the common customer reviews found on online forums:

“doesn’t seem like it is good”

“didn’t work for me”

“side effects such as jitteriness”

“had some full blown panic attacks”

Many customers mention how this brand wasn’t as useful as regular Phentermine, which is often prescribed at a higher dose than what Acxion provides.

The most common side effects people experienced was a sudden increase in jitters and rapid heart rate. These side effects are common in other brands that feature he key active ingredient.


Acxion has a lot of important points to consider:

  • This drug can only be used via a prescription, though it’s sold illegally: All brands of phentermine can only be prescribed and never sold directly. This product is available online via a Mexican website which also sells other illegal drugs. It’s unknown if this website is secure as there were some people who mentioned how sales are only allowed via money order, which prevents someone from filing a complaint. Since it’s a schedule four drug, one isn’t allowed to use it without a proper recommendation fro ma physician. It’s unknown what kind of problems may occur from using this brand outside a doctor’s recommendation.
  • It’s been shown to potentially cause extreme side effects: The key active ingredient has been shown to cause unwanted side effects in previously healthy people. This has been shown in extreme cases of hypertension in people who had no history of this issue. There are also many clinical studies which show this product can lead to extreme anxiety, jitters, rapid heart rate, insomnia, restlessness, feelings and visual sights which aren’t there, and even heart attack and stroke. One clinical study showed there to be a high rate of anxiety and feelings if unease. This is why use of this drug is advised only with a physicians recommendation, in order to track overall progress and to ensure one is healthy enough to take it without experiencing fatal side effects.
  • Many customers felt it was too much: The most common review customers have left for this brand is that it produces difficult side effects. This included symptoms of rapid heart rate, jitters, and insomnia. One customer who was used to phentermine, the key active ingredient, did mention that this product is a weaker version of other brands of this drug. I couldn’t find one positive review from any customers who actually experienced weight loss. The only reviews available on forums and other online review sites are that this product either did nothing, or it caused uncomfortable side effects that took hours to stop. This includes rapid heart rate and insomnia.
  • There’s no money back or safety guarantee: Since this drug is only available via a Mexican pharmacy or online, neither option allows for a guarantee of any kind. Any and all symptoms have to be dealt with by the customer with no assurance of a money back safety. This is common for all prescription drugs; however, a dedicated physician in particular won’t help this one, since outside Mexico this product is illegal. Without any sort of guarantee all sales are final and you won’t be able to sue or file for damages if you experience any issues.
  • Purchasing this drug is illegal: This schedule 4 drug is available online, but it’s not sold legally. It’s only sold on the black market, or in Mexico where you’re not allowed to transport it anywhere outside the state. Any and all possible legal issues have to be dealt with strictly by the customers. This is largely due to a safety concern, since a physician’s assistance is the only true way to properly use this product. Its psychostimulant effects are seen as too potentially dangerous to have regular customers use this product. It’s also unknown what will happen to people who get caught using this drug without a prescription. Not only is it possible to be incarcerated, but it can lead to a fine as well.

Acxion’s active ingredient is used as an appetite suppressant, but much of the effort has to fall on customers who add diet and exercise. Of this drug is not intended without a serious lifestyle change that depends more on a customer’s willpower.

Since you can only purchase this brand in Mexico, use of it anywhere else is illegal. Without a doctors prescription it’s unknown what kind of an effect it may have. 

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