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Ab Cuts Review: Does it work?

Intro: What is it?

Ab Cuts is a weight loss capsule made up of fats intended to help support metabolism, body fat loss, and to provide antioxidants. There are no added stimulants and it claims to provide a mixture of clinically studied oils.

The capsules are provided in a liquid gel formula that’s small and simple to swallow. You can find this brand via online retailers including GNC, Amazon, and directly through the manufacturer. The company offers a brief explanation as to the benefits of this brand; however, there are customer reviews and a full ingredient list which can be studied. So do these capsules truly work? What kind of an effect do they have, if any? The answer to that and more is available in this comprehensive review.

Ab Cuts Ingredients

Safflower Oil 80% CLA, 500 mg Omega 3 Fish Oil, 150 mg Borage Oil 20% GLA, 75 mg Flax Seed Oil 50% ALA, 50 mg
Sesame Seed Oil, 25 mg Vitamin E, 6.7 mg Gelatin Glycerin


Safflower Oil: Plant that’s high in mono or poly unsaturated fat depending on how it’s produced. The Department of Biological Chemistry at a Japanese university found that it could:

“accelerate renal injury”

Possible side effects include:

  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Allergic reactions.

Borage Seed Oil: Herb that’s one of the richest sources of GLA, which is a vegetable sourced fatty acid. Borage oil must be specially treated to get rid of potentially toxic chemicals. Even small amounts of this can lead to:

  • Liver damage.
  • Cancer.
  • Birth defects.

Typically products are labeled PA free to ensure they don’t have this potentially toxic ingredient. Ab Cuts does not mention whether or not they remove this. Even trace amounts have been shown to produce liver toxicity.

Flaxseed Oil: Processed seeds of the flax plant that have a high amount of ALA, a healthy fatty acid that must be provided via food.

This ingredient is known to oxidize quickly, and it becomes spoiled even when refrigerated in just a few weeks’ time.  There are studies that show it’s not readily bioavailable. This means that although it may be high in nutrients, the body does not process it well, which makes it unnecessary.  It has been shown to possibly produce side effects:

  • Diarrhea.
  • Increased risk for prostate cancer.
  • Loose stools.
  • Nausea and digestive issues.

Vitamin E: Vitamin found in many foods including vegetables, meat, fruits, and grains. It’s used to decrease damage to the cells, and it ensures organs function properly. High doses have been lined to prostate cancer in men as well as:

  • Stomach cramps and diarrhea.
  • Headaches.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Rash.
  • Fatigue and weakness.
  • Increased risk for ischemic stroke.

Due to it requiring an accurate dose according to one’s needs, the University of Maryland Medical Center advises to:

“check with your doctor before taking”

They also recommend to preferably receive this ingredient via whole foods, since it’s processed better this way. In supplement form it’s been shown to be less effective.

Ab Cuts Quality of Ingredients

Almost all the ingredients are known to potentially cause digestive issues, and some of the additives must be processed in a special way to reduce contaminants.

Flax seed and fish oil are both ingredients which can quickly degrade and become rancid. This is why they often have a short shelf life, and they often require refrigeration.

Borage seed oil must be specially treated in order to get rid of a potential toxin known as PA, and it’s unknown if Ab Cuts has removed this additive.

There’s also no clinical studies offered by the company, though they claim there are scientific reports available on some of the ingredients.

The Price and Quality of Ab Cuts

An 80 capsule bottle sells for $26.99, and 2 soft gels twice a day are recommended alongside a meal. So the price to supplement each day equals:

$26.99/20= $1.34 a day.

There’s never any mention as to the official DHA and EPA content of the fish oil, which is important for determining quality. Also, flax seed and vitamin E supplements have studies which shown they’re not properly metabolized by the body.

Without any information on exactly how these ingredients are formulated or how long they keep from being spoiled, it’s unknown if there’s any benefit to Ab Cuts.

Lack of Clinical Studies

The company includes this notice on their website:

Clinical studies have shown”

Nowhere in this brief explanation is there any cited proof as to what this brand can offer. There aren’t any lists of the results of these clinical studies, nor do they publish any links. It’s unknown what kind of change these results showed, and whether or not Ab Cuts has enough of these key ingredients to promote healthy changes.

There are clinical studies on the ingredients provided but they’re not all positive. The added ALA has been studied, and according to the Washington University in the Netherlands, it’s been shown to lead to an:

“Increased Prostate Cancer Risk”

Another study by the Department of Gastroenterology & Hepatology in Pennsylvania showed that:

CLA induced acute hepatitis”

This was seen in a clinical study performed on one 26 year old woman who was looking to lose weight with CLA.

These types of studies reveal that the ingredients provided in Ab Cuts can be potentially toxic depending on the dose.

Fish Oil Concerns

Fish oil is made up of two fats, DHA and EPA. Understanding how much of each is provided is important to determine the overall quality. It’s often advised to get a ratio of 2:1, where extra DHA is preferred over EPA.

Ab Cuts provides a mixture of both at 600 mg per daily serving, though it’s unknown how much exactly is offered of each. The American Heart Association recommends around 1 gram a day of EPA and DHA, of which Ab Cuts is missing by 400 mg at a full daily dose.

It’s also important to watch out for intake as high amounts of fish oil:

can also increase cholesterol”

Another concern is determining how much mercury and potential toxins are in this fish oil blend. The company does not list any studies which reveal how much of this is included.

The Mayo Clinic reports:

fish may contain contaminants”

Usually fish oil supplements reveal how much if any of lead, mercury, or other PCB’s is added.  This is important in determining the overall quality, and the possibility of having toxic levels of these contaminants.  High amounts can promote dangerous side effects including death.

Many possible side effects have been listed with supplementing with fish oil according to the Mayo Clinic:

  • Increased risk for bleeding.
  • Vitamin A and D toxicity.
  • Abnormal heart rhythm.
  • Bad fish breathe.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Increased risk for stroke.
  • Nervous system damage.
  • Bloody urine.

Much more information is needed about the quality of Ab Cuts fish oil in order to determine what the overall quality is like.

Business of Ab Cuts

Corr-Jensen Labs owns this brand and they can be reached below:

Phone Number: (303) 468-4215

Address: 221 South Cherokee St.

Denver, Colorado 80223


Not much information exists about the company. They do offer a 90 day return on this product, but one has to contact the company first and confirm if one is eligible for a return.

It’s unknown if returns are allowed for opened products.  They fail to provide much information about the returns process.

Customer Opinions of Ab Cuts

Reviews on Ab Cuts are lukewarm to negative:

“didn’t work for me”

“it was a waste of money”

“I kept getting the worst kind of ulcers with these”

“One of the worst supplement that I took”

The average negative review is due to the lack of effects. Currently has 77 negative reviews.  There were a few people who also experienced stomach issues including nausea, ulcers, and indigestion.

Some of the users of this brand claim to have used an entire bottle with no change at all in weight loss.


Ab Cuts offers the following:

  • Some of the ingredients can be potentially harmful: Clinical studies have shown that high amounts of Linoleic Acid can lead to an increased risk for prostate cancer. Borage oil also has something called PA, which has been shown to damage the liver. It’s important for the company to release studies into whether or not their borage oil has this potentially dangerous additive. There have been complaints of stomach ulcers from customers, though it’s unknown which of these additives may have caused this issue.  No form of proof is ever provided, though the company claims there are studies available.
  • Customers have experienced negative results: Several users of Ab Cuts have complained about either a lack of effects, or of experiencing side effects. Some people add that they regret ever using this brand, since it caused them issues such as nausea, vomiting, and ulcers. Strangely enough some people even gained weight, even with diet and exercise. Currently 77 negative reviews are available on Since it’s unknown if the company allows for returns on opened brands, it’s unknown if one can safely use Ab Cuts without having to potentially lose money.
  • There’s a lack of important information: There’s never any mention as to how much EPA and DHA are included into the fish oil blend. It’s unknown if it has the proper mix needed to promote healthy results. Also, it’s never explained whether or not the borage oil is free of PA, a chemical which is known to cause liver toxicity. These important details are needed to determine the overall quality. Diet and exercise are 2 things required in order for this brand to work effectively. It’s unknown exactly how much is required, though the company offers a full list of strenuous exercises it recommends. There’s no explanation into exactly how much effort is required. All these important details are missing, which makes it hard to accurately judge what kind of an effect Ab Cuts may have.
  • No clinical studies are offered: The bottom of the website has a link to “Clinical Studies”. However, instead of listing any official science, they add that clinical studies show CLA is effective for reducing body fat percentage. They also have another related link which claims you can expect a reduction of thigh fat. Instead of providing any statistics to showcase how much of an effect it may have, they add a list of high intensity exercises. It’s unknown exactly what kind of results was seen in these clinical studies, and it’s clear that the studies were performed on select ingredients, not on Ab Cuts as a whole. They never mention whether or not these studies were performed by the company, or exactly what kind of results were seen. This makes it impossible to determine if the company provides a wholesome mixture of useful ingredients.
  • The return policy is confusing and unexplained: The official company policy is to allow returns within 90 days, but they never explain if this applies for opened products. They do mention that returns first have to be approved, but it’s unknown what it takes to gain approval. This might mean that you won’t be able to open this product and still expect a return of money. It’s all left to the discretion of the company. A customer service representative has to deem your order as being worth a return. It’s never explained what kind of criteria has to be applied, so it’s unknown if you can gain your money back.

Many customers failed to see any improvement of weight, and in fact many thought it was useless. There’s also been mention of side effects from a few customers. Some of these side effects were as extreme as ulcers.

The ingredients included aren’t explained in detail and there’s no clinical studies provided by the company, though they claim there’s studies available. Much more information is needed in order to determine the overall quality. There are too many important unanswered questions to truly understand what Ab Cuts has to offer.

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